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Rajju Porutham: A Complete Guide on its Importance in Marriage

Rajju Porutham: A Complete Guide on its Importance in Marriage

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There are a total of 10 poruthams in a birth chart. The 6th of the 10 poruthams is the rajju porutham. It is of prime importance when a marriage is in question.

According to Vedic astrology, it is very important that the rajju porutham of the girl and the boy should be studied in detail during Kundli matching (guna Milan).

Rajju porutham determines how long the husband will live. If ignored during match matching, the husband could die soon after the marriage. There are many such aspects about rajju porutham that one should know when a Kundli is being matched. Which is why we have made this guide. So, let’s dive in and explore everything about rajju porutham one by one.

Classification of Rajju Porutham

Rajju Porutham is best represented in accordance with stars in the birth chart. The stars of the boy and girl are matched when reading the rajju porutham. It is divided into 5 parts. Each part signifies different parts of the human body. The 5 parts have specific stars and those stars have a direct impact on the body.

5 Parts of Rajju Porutham

The 5 parts of the rajju porutham for better understanding are as follows.

  1. Shiro Rajju – It represents the head. The three nakshatras that make Shiro Rajju are Chitra, Mirgasira, and Dhanishta.
  2. Kantha Rajju – It represents the throat. The six nakshatras that make Kantha Rajju are Rohini, Ardra, Swati, Sravana, Hasta, and Satabisha.
  3. Nabhi Rajju – It represents the torso (middle portion of the body). The six nakshatras that make Nabhi rajju are Uttara, Punarvasu, Visaka, Purvabadra, Krithika, and Uttrashada.
  4. Kati Rajju – It represents the Thighs. The seven nakshatras that make Kati Rajju are Pushya, Purva, Bharani, Uttarabadra, Phalguni, Anuradha, and Purvashada.
  5. Pada Rajju – It represents the feet. The six nakshatras that make Pada Rajju are Aswini, Jyeshta, Aslesha, Moola, Revati, and Magha.

How to Match the Rajju Porutham of the Girl and Boy?

The one thing that’s clear by now is that the human body, according to Rajju Porutham, is divided into 5 parts. All those parts are affected by the stars. When the Rajju Porutham of the girl and boy is matched, astrologers find out the position of the stars.

  1. Stars in the Rajju Porutham of the boy and girl should not belong to the same group.
  2. If the stars of the would-be bride and would-be groom fall in the same group, it’s a mismatch.

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Interpretation of the Rajju Porutham in Married Life

When the Kundli is matched, each of the 5 Rajjus is compared. If even one of the 5 is a mismatch, it can mean trouble in marriage. The effects of individual Rajju Poruthams in marriage are as follows.

  1. Effects of Shiro Rajju Mismatch – According to Vedic astrology, if the Shiro rajju is a mismatch, it means that the husband will die very soon after the marriage.
  2. Effects of Kantha Rajju Mismatch – Vedic astrology predicts that if the Kantha rajju of the couple doesn’t match, it indicates that the wife will die very soon after the marriage.
  3. Effects of Nabhi Rajju Mismatch – The mismatch of Nabhi Rajju means that the children will not survive for long.
  4. Effects of Kati Rajju Mismatch – If the Kati Rajju of the couple doesn’t match, it indicates extreme poverty and too many debts.
  5. Effects of Pada Rajju Mismatch – If this one is a mismatch, it indicates serious foot injuries.

Remedies for Rajju Porutham Mismatch

The first thing that can be done is actually avoiding a marriage if any of the five Rajju Poruthams do not match. However, if you still do it, there’s only one remedy in astrology.

Pleasing Lord Hanuman

Of all the Gods in Hinduism, it is believed that only Lord Hanuman can reduce the ill-effects of stars and nakshatras. Some effective ways to do so are as follows.

  1. Recite Hanuman Chalisa every day.
  2. Feed Jaggery and chana to monkeys.
  3. Visit a Hanuman temple every Tuesday and feed the needy and poor.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Porutham is the most important for marriage?

Rajju Porutham is considered to be the most important Porutham since it is known that a mismatch in Rajju Porutham can lead to the death of the husband, wife, and children.

2. What is the importance of Rajju Porutham?

Rajju Porutham usually determines the success and longevity of the marriage. Most importantly, it ensures that the husband has a long life.

3. What is Rajju Porutham meaning in English?

In simple words, Rajju Porutham in English means match-making.

4. Rajju Porutham is divided into how many parts?

5 parts. Shiro Rajju, Kantha Rajju, Nabhi Rajju, Kati Rajju, and Pada Rajju.

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