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Kuja Dosha: What Does Kuja Dosha means in the birth chart? | [Bonus] How Accurate is Manglik Dosha Calculator ?

Kuja Dosha: What Does Kuja Dosha means in the birth chart? | [Bonus] How Accurate is Manglik Dosha Calculator ?

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Kuja, also known as the mangal Graha and planet Mars, resides in the 1st house of the natal chart as explained in Vedic astrology. Also known as mangal graha, the planet Mars is the epitome of courage, strength, and power. 

As long as mangal stays in its own house, it’s all happiness and glory that one experiences in life. But, if, for any reason, mangal changes its position in the natal chart (birth chart) and moves to some other house, problems begin. 

This is what kuja dosha is- the problems that affect marital life and relationships if Mars changes its position and sits in the 2nd house, 4th house, 7th house, 8th house, or the 12th house.  Also known as mangal dosha and Bhom dosha, Kuja dosha is inauspicious. And we have made this guide to introduce you to the different effects that Kuja dosha has and also the ways in which the fury of mangal can be pacified.

Effects of Kuja Dosha as Mangal Enters Other Houses

Kuja Dosha due to the Presence of Planet Mars in the 2nd House 

The 2nd house in the birth chart stands for happiness, love, and harmony in family life. If mangal aligns itself in a way that it enters the second house, the resulting kuja dosha causes the following problems.

  1. You’re going to face a tough time with your partner in marriage due to miscommunication.

  2. The person suffering from this dosha finds it very hard to contain their temper and the result is an unwanted exchange of harsh words.

Kuja Dosha due to the Presence of Planet Mars in the 4th House 

If the planet Mars lays its eye on the fourth house that is responsible for how the childhood of a person will be, then the results are quite dramatic. If found in the 4th House, mangal makes the person extremely aggressive and volatile. So, a person who’s dealing with Kuja in the 4th House will have a very stressful domestic life.

Kuja Dosha due to the Presence of Planet Mars in the 7th House

It’s the 7th house in the birth chart that governs how your marriage will turn out to be. If Mangal makes an entry into this house then you and your partner will never agree on the same thing. With time, it will get extremely difficult to tolerate each other over the course of time.

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Kuja Dosha due to the Presence of Planet Mars in the 8th House

The 8th house in the birth chart is responsible for the safety and wellness of your partner. Naturally, mangal upsets that rhythm of harmony if it sits in this house. The ways in which Kuja dosha in the 8th house can affect your spouse are as follows.

  1. It’s highly likely that your partner might die an untimely death.

  2. Your spouse might get involved in some kind of a serious accident.

Also, Kuja in the 8th house can tarnish the relationship of your partner with your parents.

Kuja Dosha due to the Presence of Planet Mars in the 12th House

The success of your marriage and how happy you’ll be is defined by the 12th house in your natal chart. If mangal sits in this house, you’ll not have a happy married life. You will never share mutual trust with your partner. As a result, there’s going to be inexplicable bitterness between the two of you. Such marriages are the ones that usually end up in divorce or are the most upsetting ones where there are verbal abuse and domestic violence.

If for any reason, you think that you too could be suffering from Kuja dosha, it’s highly recommended that you get your birth chart read by an astrologer on priority. The good news, however, is that it is possible to reduce the effects of Kuja dosha. Have a look at the remedies that can actually pacify the ill effects of Mangal in the list given below.

  1. If you’re already aware that you have Kuja dosha, it’s better that you get married only after you turn 28. Once the 28th year of life passes, the planet Mars starts causing less and less disruption.
  2. If you’re getting married early on in life then it’s better that your spouse has mangal dosha too.
  3. If you chant Hanuman Chalisa on a daily basis, it is believed that mangal becomes less violent in its wrath.
  4. Offer your prayers to the planet mangal as a token of respect. It is believed to reduce the aggression related to Kuja dosha.
  5. Fasting every Tuesday is also a known Vedic way to make Mars less violent.


How Accurate is Manglik Dosha Calculator?

Manglik Dosha also known as Kuja Dosha Calculators use information about the date, time and place of birth to calculate the outcome . The outcome of the calculator shows the presence or the absence of the dosha, and the accuracy of the outcome is solely dependent on the correct values been input. Hence as per our study, the Manglik Dosha Calculator is very accurate and provides correct information.



  1. Kuja dosha will impact your marriage and harm your spouse.
  2. It will leave you less and less happy until it makes your marriage unbearable torture.
  3. When respected in the right way, planet Mars reduces its wrath.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is kuja dosha dangerous?

Kuja dosha is taken into consideration only at the time of marriage since this dosha affects the health of the partner.

2. Can kuja dosha be eliminated?

According to astrology, if a manglik girl marries a peepal tree or Lord Vishnu idol before marrying the groom, the effects of kuja dosha can be eliminated.

3. How long does kuja Dosha last?

Kuja dosha in a kundali is at its extreme for the first 28 years of life.

4. Is kuja dosha stronger in females?

Yes. Women tend to be manglik more often than men.

5. Can I marry a manglik?

According to vedic astrology, it is necessary to perform certain vidhis if a non-manglik is marrying a manglik.

6. Can kuja dosha be canceled?

If both the boy and girl are manglik, kuja dosha is automatically canceled. Otherwise, there are many astrological remedies for kuja dosha.

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