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Riley Strain Cause of Death: Riley’s Body Found in Nashville River

Riley Strain Cause of Death: Riley’s Body Found in Nashville River

Riley Strain, a student at the University of Missouri, went missing on Friday, March 8th, while he was out in Nashville, Tennessee, with his fraternity mates. At around 9:45 p.m., he claimed he was returning to the hotel after being asked to vacate a bar where members of the Delta Chi chapter were socializing.

Eight miles downstream from Nashville, in the Cumberland River, his corpse was found two weeks after he left the pub. Riley Strain’s disappearance and death are detailed here.

What Happened to Riley Strain: Where is Riley Strain now?

Missing since Friday, March 8th, 22-year-old Riley Strain is being sought by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department. According to his relatives, he was asked to leave the pub, Luke’s 32 Bridge Food + Drink, which is located in the city’s Broadway area, at around 9.45 p.m.

When Riley’s pals phoned, he informed them he was returning to their hotel. At 9:47 p.m., the young male, who was wearing two-tone clothing, was captured on CCTV footage crossing 1st Avenue North to Gay Street. He was moving closer to the Cumberland River as his route took him farther from his accommodation.

On the evening of March 8th, according to his last cellphone signal, he was near a park beside the river. Riley was last captured on camera making his way to Gay Street.

On March 18, footage from Riley’s body camera from the night he went missing was released by the Metro Nashville Police. The tape shows Riley speaking to an officer. The cop approaches Riley as he strolls down the street and inquires about his well-being in the footage. Riley smiles at the cop and assures him he’s alright before walking away.

The police also found out that Riley’s phone sent the last text message before it died, which said “good lops,” but the meaning of that phrase is still unknown. According to Riley’s buddy Chris Dingman, who spoke with NewsNation, Mr. Strain’s phone was fully charged when the text was received, contrary to what several online critics thought.

Riley Strain Previously Visited Nashville

Riley and his fraternity were on a campus visit to Mizzou (now known as the University of Missouri) in Nashville. This was the yearly spring excursion for the Delta Chi fraternity. According to the fraternity, both the school and its members were quite involved in the search.

The senior Riley reportedly made the journey to Nashville previously. The college campus in Columbia is approximately 160 miles away from Springfield, Missouri, where his mother and stepfather are from.

According to family friend Chris Dingman, who spoke to the media on March 14th, two different homeless encampments confirmed that Riley had been in the region. According to Mr. Dingman, who spoke to relatives presently looking in downtown Nashville, they discovered another homeless guy who admitted to being in the area where Riley had been, as he informed WSMV4.

Now two individuals have confirmed. The camera had stopped at these spots. We are currently lacking footage. Just about everywhere his phone stopped ringing. Two homeless camps have provided visual evidence that Riley was in that vicinity.

There are no indications of foul play in Riley’s disappearance at this time, according to authorities who stated on the afternoon of 14 March; nonetheless, examinations using water and air will continue. A drone and a helicopter combed the riverbanks, while sonar-equipped boats scoured the Cumberland River. So far, there is no proof that Riley fell into the river.

The body that was discovered on Sunday, March 17th, floating in the Cumberland River did not correspond to Riley’s description. The same day that Riley was missing, two people who were looking for him discovered his bank card near the Cumberland River.

“In a missing person’s case, people go missing for various reasons,” stated Sgt. Bob Neilsen of the Metro Nashville Police Department. Not all of them are optional. One possible explanation is a medical emergency.

“At this time, we are completely unaware of what transpired with this individual. On the other hand, we find no evidence of criminal activity. He is currently the focus of all our efforts to find him, the sergeant said.

The family of Riley held a news conference on March 19 to announce that the United Cajun Navy, an organization that was established during Hurricane Katrina to provide aid and search and rescue, would be in charge of the volunteer search and would be sending more volunteers to help on the ground.

A hoverboat was brought by the group to aid in the river search, according to Dave Flagg, the national director of operations for the United Cajun Navy. Since the start of the search, the group has been using an airboat throughout the region.

Near Ashland City, at the Cheatham Lock and Dam, police started looking for Riley on March 20.

Mr. Dingman verified to the press on March 21 that fresh surveillance footage had been received by the police, which showed Riley making his way towards the James Robertson Parkway bridge, which crosses the Cumberland River. As of the publishing of this report, that footage remains unavailable to the general public.

Police Found Riley Strain’s Dead Body in the Cumberland River

On Friday, March 22, after a two-week search, the corpse of Riley was eventually found and recovered. The body, which was found in the Cumberland River about eight miles from Nashville, did not show any indications of foul play, according to the police. The workers informed the authorities after they stumbled over Riley’s body while retrieving an object from the water.

At a news conference on Friday, March 22, Chief John Drake of the Nashville Police Department confirmed that the body pulled from the river belonged to Mr. Strain.

An autopsy, he said, is on the way.

It usually takes between fourteen to twenty days for a corpse the size and weight of Mr. Strain to surface after being immersed in water, according to a somber detail noted by Mr. Drake during the presser that could explain why it took so long to find him. According to him, this meant the police were planning to track him down later this week.