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Personality Traits of People Born During Shravana Nakshatra: How is Married Life?

Personality Traits of People Born During Shravana Nakshatra: How is Married Life?

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Shravana Nakshatra has many names, including Shravan, Sravana, and Thiruvonam. This is the 22nd nakshatra out of the 27 nakshatras. Shravana Nakshatra is spread across the Capricorn zodiac sign which is also known as Makar Rashi. Lord Vishnu is the ruling deity. So, expect some moodiness and aggression. 

This was just a sneak peek of what Shravana Nakshatra is and how it affects the personality of the natives. Do you wish to know more? We have all the details with us about the meaning, personality traits of people born during Shravana Nakshatra, its effects on marital life, and career, and much more. There is a lot more, so keep reading. 

Shravana Nakshatra Meaning

Shravana Nakshatra houses three stars: Alshain, Altair, and Tarazed. The three stars come together and form Aquila’s head (the eagle). Shravana basically means hearing, and that’s why the symbol of this nakshatra is an ear. 

It’s the star of ‘listening’ as well as ‘learning.’ The natives have an innate ability to listen and learn. Perhaps, they can be excellent in the media and mass communication field.

The ruling planet of Shravana Nakshatra is the Moon. Besides the ear, the symbol also showcases an uneven footprint and a trident. 

Personality Traits of Shravana Nakshatra Male & Female 

A Shravana Nakshatra male is methodical and soft-spoken. He has certain values which he abides by throughout his lifetime. 

  • The natives like to keep everything neat and tidy around them. 
  • You can also expect them to be immensely compassionate and helpful. 
  • They are true believers in the power of God and might even become a spiritual teacher later on in their lives. 

There will be many ups and downs in the life of these men. But, since they are almature humans, they will use this time to learn new things. 

A Shravana Nakshatra female has a warm and charitable nature. She is religious and likes to go on pilgrimages. 

  • The compassionate female natives of the Shravana Nakshatra like to indulge in charitable activities. They try to help as many people as they can. 
  • They can be talkative and hiding details is difficult for them.
  • Their relationships thrive when there is trust. These ladies cannot hide any details from their husbands. It makes them very loyal partners. 

Due to their loyal personality, the Shravana Nakshatra females are able to make and maintain close and deep relationships throughout their lives. 

Shravana Nakshatra lord is Lord Vishnu. It means some of his attributes will be present in both male and female natives. 

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Shravana Nakshatra Effect on Marital Life 

The Shravana Nakshatra female natives will have a happy family life. They do not hide anything from their spouses, which is an excellent trait. 

  1. They want perfection in everything that includes family life too. 
  2. They have a perfectionist vibe. But the good thing is, they do not expect the same from their husbands. 
  3. They are devoted to their husbands. These women put in a lot of care and love to nourish their marriage and maintain its sanctity. 

The Shravana Nakshatra male natives will have a good family life. They will get a good wife who has all the qualities. 

However, the bad part is that the male natives born during Shravana Nakshatra might venture into romantic relationships outside of their marriage and cheat on their wives. This is due to the bad effects of Shravana Nakshatra. 

Shravana Nakshatra Effect on Career 

The male natives would have to face a lot of challenges and changes till 30 years of age. Till the age of 45, they will gain stability. However, by the time they turn 65, they will make major progress on the social and economical front. These natives are ideal for technical and mechanical work. They can also expect to join the petroleum business. 

As for the female natives, there are chances that they will remain uneducated or undereducated. This is not to say that all female natives will not complete their education. It is the effect of the nakshatra that the female natives will be better at performing arts. They could become a dancer or a painter. 

Please remember, being academically educated is not the only criteria for becoming successful in life. Some people possess creativity and various skills. Having said that, the female natives born during the Shravana Nakshatra would also take up menial jobs. 

Famous Shravana Nakshatra Personalities

There are many famous Shravana Nakshatra personalities such as Kareena Kapoor, Bruce Willis, Manisha Koirala, Muhammad Ali, and Henry Ford. 

Shravana Nakshatra Effect on Health 

Shravana Nakshatra male natives might suffer from health hiccups like digestive problems, dermatological issues, and tuberculosis. Besides this, they might suffer from infections related to the ear. The female natives will have skin issues at a later stage. Leprosy or eczema could be a cause for concern after the mid-30s.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Shravana nakshatra belongs to which gana?

The gana is God or devta and the symbol is either three footprints or an ear.

2. Who is the lord of Shravana nakshatra?

Lord Vishnu is the lord of Shravana Nakshatra. Its ruling planet is the Moon.

3. Is it bad to get married in Shravana nakshatra?

Shravana Nakshatra is not exactly favourable for a wedding. Rohini, Uttara Phalguni, Magha, Swati, Anuradha, Uttara Bradrapadha, and Uttara Ashadha are some of the favourable nakshatras to get married.

4. Is Shravana nakshatra good or bad?

Shravana Nakshatra has a negative trait which is narrow-mindedness. It has some good and some bad effects on natives.

5. How is the personality of a Shravana nakshatra female?

The female native will be loving and caring. She has a compassionate and charitable nature. She’s a loyal woman who cherishes human bonds much more than money and power.

6. How is the personality of a Shravana nakshatra male?

The male natives are compassionate and helpful. They like to keep everything neat. However, they might cheat on their wives.

7. How is the marriage of a Shravana nakshatra female?

The female native will shower all her love and will be 100% loyal to her husband.

8. How is the marriage of a Shravana nakshatra male?

The male native will get a good wife. He will have a good marital life. But, there’s a possibility of a fling or two after marriage. He will regret it later on. If successful at hiding the passing affair from his wife, his marriage will last forever.

9. How is the health of a Shravana nakshatra female?

The female native might have issues related to their skins. Expect some sort of skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea after the mid 30s.

10. How is the health of a Shravana nakshatra male?

The male natives might have issues related to the digestive system and skin.

11. Who are Shravana nakshatra famous personalities?

Kareena Kapoor, Bruce Willis, Muhammad Ali, and Manisha Koirala are some the Shravana Nakshatra famous personalities.

12. What is the best career choice for Shravana Nakshatra?

Shravana Nakshatra males will be good at technical work. The female natives might end up leaving their education and start doing menial jobs. However, they can be exceptional at performing arts.