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Vastu Directions: Know the Significance of 8 Vastu Directions in Astrology

Vastu Directions: Know the Significance of 8 Vastu Directions in Astrology

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Architecture isn’t a modern gift. People from ancient times have built structures that have passed the test of time. One of the reasons that such structures last so long without getting damaged is believed to be their construction according to the Vastu Shastra. 

An amalgamation of Hindu and Buddhist beliefs, vastu is all about directional alignment of the building so that it faces the right direction. 

To make it clearer, there are a total of 8 Vastu directions and those are the ones that will be explained in this guide.

But before we take you through the significance of each Vastu direction, we would first like to address the elephant in the room – is Vastu really so important? As an answer to this question, you wouldn’t have been reading this guide hadn’t you believe in the power of Vastu. Now, let’s talk about the facts.

What Makes Vastu Important?

  • All Vastu directions are governed by a deity and a planet of their own. If the structure isn’t built right, Vastu dosha is known to bring along a lot of negativity in the house since the lords and the planets will not be pleased.

  • All directions matter in Vastu. But, they are auspicious only if the structure is built in the right way.

So, yes, in our opinion, following Vastu directions as explained by the Vastu shastra is quite important. That said, let’s now take you through the significance of all the 8 Vastu directions.

  1. North Vastu Direction

One of the most auspicious Vastu directions, the north direction according to Vastu shastra is the mark of wealth, prosperity and happiness.

Interesting Facts about the North Direction According to Vastu

  • The ruler of the north direction is Kuber, the God of wealth and money.
  • North direction is also known as the direction of career.

Specifics about a building that’s built according to Vastu

There are big and airy openings in the north. It is believed that a lot of positive energy comes from the north direction.

  1. South Vastu Direction

South is the one Vastu direction that has a lot of significance in the matter of life and death since Yam is the ruler of this direction. If this direction has dosha, one must expect the prevalence of a lot of negativity.

Interesting Facts about the South Direction According to Vastu

  • Since the ruler of the South direction is Yam, it is interpreted as a bad direction. But that’s not at all true.
  • According to Vastu, the south direction is where the positive energy coming from the North Direction is stored.

Specifics about a building that’s built with correct Vastu.

Since the ruler of this direction is Yam, it’s important that there are no doors or windows in this direction. In order words, rooms facing the south direction should have no openings at all.

  1. East Vastu Direction

Out of all the other Vastu directions, it’s the East direction that determines whether or not life can flourish prosperously in a house. That’s because the owner deity of this direction is Lord Indra and the ruling planet is Sun. Together, these two forces are very strong.

  • Sun is the bringer of life. It sustains all the life on earth.
  • Indra is the bringer of rain. Rain is another tatva that is viable to sustain life on Earth.

When built right, you will have good luck coming your way. Other benefits are as follows.

  • Your house will be filled with positive energy.
  • You will hold a very powerful and good social reputation.

Interesting Facts about the East Direction According to Vastu

  • For a house to be free of Vastu dosha, the eastern part of the house should be very big and airy.
  • It is against Vastu to build hindering rooms like a bathroom or a storeroom facing eastwards.
  1. West Vastu Direction

Ruled by lord Varun – the God of the sky, ocean, and wind – and governed by the planet Saturn – the planet of power and rage – West direction holds a prime spot in the list of Vastu directions.

Interesting Facts about the West Direction According to Vastu

  • West direction should ideally not have any kind of opening at all.
  • It is believed that the positive energy harnessed by the sun collects in the west direction. If there’s going to be an opening, positive energy will escape.
  • It is advised that the walls facing west are made thick.

Now, comes the list of 4 sublets – Northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest. Each of these Vastu directions is important too. Hence, we have covered them too.

  1. Northeast Vastu Direction

Northeast is a spectacular direction in terms of positivity and prosperity, both. It is owned by Lord Shiva and the governing plant of northeast direction is the planet Jupiter. And interestingly, Jupiter is the graha of Gyan (the planet that signifies knowledge).

Interesting Facts about the Northeast Direction According to Vastu

  • There’s absolutely no requirement to build a toilet, storeroom, and even bedrooms in the northeast direction. It’s considered inauspicious.
  • Do not build a fireplace facing northeast. It is considered as an invitation to fire-related accidents.

When built right, this direction blesses students with knowledge. If built wrong, it affects the health of the person(s) living in the house.

  1. Northwest Vastu Direction

The owner of this direction is Vayudeva – the Lord of wind and storm – and the ruling planet is the moon.

If a house suffers from Vastu dosha due to the northwest direction, here’s what it means.

  • The residents will have to face a lot of restlessness due to constant negativity in the house.
  • It will affect the mental peace of the residents as well.

When built right, it helps you climb the peak of success in your career.

  1. Southeast Vastu Direction

Lord Agnideva – the God of fire – and the planet Shukra (Venus) rule this direction. Always keep in mind that Southwest is where the fireplace, everything related to fire, should be.

  1. Southwest Vastu Direction

The owner of the southwest direction is NIRITI – a demon – and it is governed by the planet, Rahu – the shadow planet.

When built right, you’re blessed with good luck and a lot more:

  • You’ll make good money.
  • You will be loved by all.
  • You’ll earn a lot of fame.

When built wrong, you’re going to face tough times.

  • Anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts will bother you.
  • You’re going to face severe financial troubles.


Vastu directions impact not just the wealth factor but also the health factor. So, be mindful of the vastu rules when building a house.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the most important Vastu directions for Wealth?

The North Direction and the North East Direction are the two most important vastu directions. Lord Kuber is the ruling diety of the North Direction. Hence, according to vastu shastra, North is the direction of wealth and fortune.

2. What are the most important vastu directions for prosperity?

East Direction is the direction for prosperity. Most astrologers suggest that the entrance of a house should face East.

3. What is the most important vastu direction for home mandir?

A mandir should be kept in the Northeast Direction. It means that you should be facing either North or east while praying.

4. Which is the worth direction to sleep according to Vastu Shastra?

Sleeping in a North to South position (head facing North and legs facing South) is inauspicious. Instead, your head should be positioned southward.

5. Which Vastu Direction is best for kitchen?

A kitchen should be built in the Southeast corner of the house. Agni dev (the God of fire) is known to be the ruling Lord of the Southeast direction. When a kitchen faces Southeast, it is believed that the house gets protection from fire accidents.

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