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Sun Transit 2022: Effects of Sun Transit on all 12 Zodiac Signs

Sun Transit 2022: Effects of Sun Transit on all 12 Zodiac Signs

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In astrology, the sun indicates life and happiness. You have leadership characteristics and the will to prove yourself worthy in front of the world if you have it. Having a strong effect on the native planet Sun’s life also offers us the ability to create the things and marks we want in our lives.

The ascendant of the natal chart, which is used to study the transit, is the house where the Moon is located. The transit of the Sun in the Lagna of the 3rd, 6th, 10th, and 11th houses are expected to bring excellent results. It’s worth noting that the Sun transiting through a Moon sign is likely to have a negative impact on the occupants. As a result, it’s important to remember that the Sun’s transit affects each zodiac sign in the astrology chart in a unique way.

Sun Transit 2022 Date and Time

The transit of the planet Sun through each zodiac sign takes one month. And the Sun Transit in 2022 would begin in the first month with the planet entering the Capricorn sign and terminate in mid-December with the Sun transiting the Sagittarius sign. Let’s have a look at the Sun Transit 2022 dates and times:

Planet of Transit – Sun

Transiting From

Transiting To





January 14, 2022

02:43 PM



February 13, 2022

03:41 AM



March 15, 2022

12:30 AM



April 14, 2022

08:56 AM



May 15, 2022

05:44 AM



June 15, 2022

12:18 PM



July 16, 2022

11:11 PM



August 17, 2022

07:37 AM



September 17, 2022

07:35 AM



October 17, 2022

07:36 PM



November 16, 2022

07:28 PM



December 16, 2022

10:11 AM

Let’s take a closer look at the impact of the Sun transit in 2022 on each of the 12 zodiac signs.

Sun Transit 2022 for Aries

Sun rules the fifth house of romance, creativity, and children in the birth horoscope of Aries natives. For Aries, the Sun’s arrival into Aries is a highly favourable transit. You are likely to be blessed with greater employment possibilities, promotions, or wage hikes during the fortunate Sun transit of 2022. You’ll also have the chance to earn money from government officials and negotiate some important business deals. In terms of money, the Sun’s passage in 2022 will be beneficial to those born under the sign of Aries. You may expect a consistent inflow of dollars, resulting in an increase in your cash flow. This transit time of planets will be excellent for professional advancement, and as a result, your financial condition will improve.

It is recommended that you work in the electricity industry because you have a decent chance of making money. During the Surya Gochar 2022, you will most likely be in good health and optimistic about all aspects of your life. With all of your passion and excitement, your confidence in yourself will be at an all-time high, and any ailments you may have will almost likely vanish. However, because of the home trait, you can be a bit domineering in your approach in a romance, your relationship life will appear to be mediocre. It may wreak havoc on your romantic life in general. As a result, being responsible and avoiding situations that lead to disputes or quarrels is the best course of action.

Sun Transit 2022 for Taurus


Taurus natives’ 4th house of motherhood, pleasures, and comfort is ruled by the Sun. One of the Surya Gochar 2022 effects could be a significant decline in your mother’s health. As a result, you may face some unforeseen difficulties, so remain with her and help her in every way you can. In terms of work, the Sun transit 2022 is advantageous for people who are having issues at work since you will be able to complete all of your tasks without difficulty during the Sun planetary transit 2022 in Vedic astrology. As a result of your current lifestyle, your financial outgoings may increase. However, if you work harder and remain cool, everything will fall into place for you, and you will grow in your position and earnings. In fact, you will develop a respectable reputation at work and among your acquaintances.

With the transit of the Sun in 2022, your chances of future prosperity will improve. Taurus businesses will be able to strike a solidly profitable deal here. Because your anger may overshadow your behaviour, it’s best to keep your distance from someone with whom you disagree or have strong feelings. There’s a chance you’ll be overworked, so schedule your day properly. Because your 4th house is also in the spotlight at this time, your mother will play an important role in moulding your important decisions, particularly at work. As a result, pay close attention to what she says.

Sun Transit 2022 for Gemini


The 3rd house of the Kundali, which controls siblings, communication, and courage for Gemini natives, is ruled by the planet Sun. You may be tempted to take some deliberate moves to further your prospects during the Sun transit 2022. This decision will have a favourable impact on you. Furthermore, you may find yourself spending money on social activities in order to brag about your financial achievements. However, instead of going crazy with your purchases, look for ways to prepare for the upcoming harsh season. You may have a lot on your plate, and you may be feeling overwhelmed by the majority of things. Delaying or keeping them late will clog up your schedule and make everything more difficult in the long run. As a result, choose each task and finish it within the time limit.

Businesspeople may get dissatisfied as a result of their inability to run their company effectively. As a result, Gemini natives should avoid any kind of collaboration or contract until the transit of planets in 2022 ends. During the Sun Gochar 2022, your romantic life will remain wonderful, and you will likely spend more time with your partner, siblings, and friends. Those who have been married will discover that their marriage has benefited. However, your health may be jeopardized. During transit, your knees and lower abdomen may experience discomfort. As a result, a well-balanced diet is essential for your health, especially if you have modest vision or neck problems.

Sun Transit 2022 for Cancer



For Cancerians, the Sun rules the second house, which governs communication, family, and finances. People born under the sign of Cancer may face health difficulties as a result of the Sun transit in 2022. You should avoid consuming anything to which you are allergic. It’s possible that your pride will get greater, and your language will become sour. There may be a problem in your family as a result of your own attitude. Furthermore, your partner may be the one who suffers the most; as a result, you should value and not ignore your partner’s advice. Couples must make every effort to keep their compatibility with their spouses.

It’s also an excellent time to set aside funds for future needs. You will have no significant financial commitments during the transit of the planet Sun in 2022. Your level of acceptance would rise in social groups. Take advantage of this advantageous scenario to improve your overall prospects. You will be in wonderful health for the duration of this time. There won’t be any major health issues for Cancer natives, and you’ll be in a generally positive frame of mind. That does not, however, imply that you can relax your eating habits or adhere to a rigorous timetable. So, keep it in mind at all times.

Sun Transit 2022 for Leo

For Leos, the Sun will linger in the ascendant, or first house, of their Kundali. Residents of Leo, in particular, will benefit from the Sun Transit 2022. Your social life would be fantastic, and your professional esteem would rise. Because of your attractive personality, you would also become the centre of attention. You will be stable in most aspects of your life during the Sun transit 2022. Plus, you’d be really efficient and productive. You will also notice a substantial shift in your attitude, as well as an increase in your energy and enthusiasm.

According to the Sun transit 2022 forecast, you should strive to keep your words and actions in check, as any new or unpleasant remarks you make could injure those near to you. As a result, try to avoid having talks with people that can make you irritated or irritable. Married couples may embark on a romantic outing with their lover before Surya Gochar 2022 and have a wonderful time together. Personality-wise, you will be fearless, and you will engage in some risky activities as a result of this transit. You must, however, exercise caution when confronted with objects or situations that may cause physical injury. In terms of diseases, you won’t have any major health difficulties, and your overall well-being will be unaffected by the Sun’s transit in 2022.

Sun Transit 2022 for Virgo

Sun is the lord of the 12th house for Virgos, which represents seclusion, liberation, and decline. The passage of the Sun across Virgo’s moon sign is considered unlucky for the natives. During this transit time of 2022, you are likely to see a decline in your financial condition, social standing, and health. There’s a good chance you’ll have to deal with harsh working conditions. During the Sun planetary transit 2022 in Vedic astrology, you may need to change jobs or receive a relocation order. As a result, you should try to maintain your cool and collected demeanour; otherwise, your mental health may suffer. Financially, you may face unavoidable expenses, but don’t worry; the phase will likely pass fast.

It may be difficult for you to obtain mental serenity during this time, according to yearly Sun transit 2022 forecasts, because health issues are anticipated to annoy you mentally. You should avoid making hasty decisions during this planetary transit in 2022, or you may have to deal with the consequences of your decisions afterwards. There will be a rise in emotional tension as well. It could be due to your upcoming trip to a foreign country. As a result, it suggests that this is not a good time for you. Those who live outside of India and abroad, on the other hand, are more likely to have positive outcomes.

Sun Transit 2022 for Libra

It may be difficult for you to obtain mental serenity during this time, according to yearly Sun transit 2022 forecasts, because health issues are anticipated to annoy you mentally. You should avoid making hasty decisions during this planetary transit in 2022, or you may have to deal with the consequences of your decisions afterwards. Libra is a masculine and airy sign in the zodiac. It depicts scales that are balanced, implying justice, fairness, and harmony. On the other hand, the Sun planet freely distributes light to all. When they step outside, everyone receives the same amount of the planet Sun’s favour, whether they are rich or poor, a saint or a crook. The Sun is diminished in the sign of Libra. Furthermore, under the Libra zodiac sign, the planet Sun is not kind to Venus, making you feel constrained. Some people may become distracted from their higher goals as a result of the Sun’s transit into Libra.

Some people may experience challenges in their relationships, making them less willing to put up the effort necessary to gently discuss joint ventures with their partners. Some people may be out of sync with their goals when it comes to envisioning them, and they may appear uneasy in their daily lives. Because the Sun is a dry celestial body, it might create a variety of skin problems in terms of health. Throughout the Surya Gochar 2022, it is critical that you stay hydrated by drinking enough fluids.

Sun Transit 2022 for Scorpio

Sun will control the 10th house of your Kundali if you are born under the Scorpio zodiac sign. Natives will be able to collect their funds when the Sun transits the Scorpio zodiac sign in 2022. It would most likely be a good time for you professionally. Those who work far enough away from their home may be offered a position closer to their home. There will also be prospects for Scorpio locals to hold government jobs. In terms of wealth and education, Sun Transit 2002 will be beneficial to you. You’ll notice a range of changes in your life, including how you handle life’s events, which could be one of the most significant Sun transit 2022 effects. It’s possible that you’ll become naturally aggressive, and your relationship may become a little more difficult as a result of little arguments between you and your partner.

The Sun Transit 2022 forecasts that your ideas will undoubtedly make a difference, so stay cool and think things thoroughly before acting on anything. On the job, you might not notice a go-to environment, which could be concerning. As a result of your inflated ego, your communication will suffer; therefore, it is best to stay cool and deal with the problem as it happens, rather than stressing about tomorrow or what might happen. A father figure in your life, such as your father, will be there for you. In terms of health, it is prudent to use caution when it comes to matters of well-being. Reduce stress and over-complication in order to maintain good sleeping and eating habits.

Sun Transit 2022 for Sagittarius

The Sun Transit 2022 forecasts that your ideas will undoubtedly make a difference, so stay cool and think things thoroughly before acting on anything. On the job, you might not notice a go-to environment, which could be concerning. As a result, you can resume any incomplete tasks. You will be inclined to religious interests and will be busy visiting shrines during the Sun Transit 2022. A long trip would be suitable for you, and it would also give advantages. It may, on the other side, make you more angry and aggressive.

You may want to seize the spotlight and govern others, according to the Sun transit forecasts for 2022. It’s best if you don’t make hasty decisions and don’t take control of situations. In the near future, it may prove to be a disadvantage. Students will concentrate on disciplines that will help them figure out the greatest path to success. Investing in real estate will pay off financially for you. Courage, self-assurance, and drive will help you overcome your problems. Surya Gochar 2022 will bring you prosperity in all areas of your life, as well as optimism and excellent energy. So put it to good use, or you risk igniting your personality and your life by making stupid decisions.

Sun Transit 2022 for Capricorn

Sun will be the lord of the 8th house for Capricorns, which represents abrupt loss/gain, transitions, and uncertainty. And, with the Sun transiting in 2022, your life may take an unexpected turn for the better or for the worst. You’d sense sudden shifts in yourself and your entire persona, and events would be unusually unpredictable for you. This planetary transit in 2022 will aid in the development of your managerial skills as well as the resolution of some health issues. You’d like to show off your abilities to your father or a fatherly figure, but there’s a chance you’ll fall short. There’s a good chance that in order to show them that you’re capable, your ego will suffer as well. Because of this, you may have some problems with your parents or in-laws during the Sun’s passage in 2022.

The Sun planetary transit 2022 in Vedic astrology would be beneficial to those who are conducting research or are interested in paranormal or metaphysical pursuits. During this time, it is recommended that you avoid rage, violence, and domineering behaviour in order to maintain your lifestyle’s stability. While you would improve in all aspects, your relationship with your partner might deteriorate. Throughout this transit, you will want to establish yourself practically everywhere, especially with your partner. Being everywhere will undoubtedly cause you to lose touch with some locations and individuals. So stay away from that. Furthermore, you must put up a significant amount of effort in order to achieve the goal you wish in your professional life. As a result, make sure you pay attention to it.

Sun Transit 2022 for Aquarius

The seventh house of partnerships and marriage will be ruled by the Sun for Aquarians. You will achieve the finest results with the Surya Gochar 2022 for Aquarius sign, and you will notice a substantial change in your temperament and character. You will have more energy and stamina to perform any task and will be stimulated at all times during the day. You’ll put what you’ve learned from previous experiences to good use as you embark on new professional endeavours. You’ll also be more conscious of your appearance and how others see you, but this could make you more self-centred, which isn’t good for your image or personality.

According to the Sun Transit 2022 forecasts, the phase will help you control your attitude at work and in your personal life. You may have a disagreement with your business associate in your married life, which will eventually resolve if you keep your calm. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your health because you could get skin or stomach issues. If you have any business excursions planned or any trips in general, the chances are that you will not achieve the desired results. As a result, unless absolutely necessary, it is advised to avoid moving during the Surya Gochar 2022. Make no hasty decisions; otherwise, you can end up drowning.

Sun Transit 2022 for Pisces

The Sun will be in the 6th house in your Kundali for those born under the sign of Pisces. As a result, you must take extra precautions to ensure your health during the Sun transit in 2022. There’s a chance you’re suffering from a minor illness or cold. It will have an effect on you on a personal level, making you drowsy and tired when accomplishing family responsibilities. As a result, you may be a little slow at work, which could jeopardize your job status and reputation within your prestigious firm. You must be cautious since your competitors may be plotting anything to gain an advantage. However, if you take the optimistic side of the coin, you may be able to take a long vacation from your job and make the most of your time.

Because the Sun rules your sixth house and will be in Pisces in 2022, Pisces natives involved in legal conflicts may receive good news. Medical disorders may worsen as a result of earlier health concerns in terms of health. In addition, the Sun planetary transit 2022 in Vedic astrology may cause you to be concerned about your health. As a result, it’s critical that you exercise often and eat a balanced diet. If at all possible, switch to a protein-rich diet and non-greasy or oily foods. Health issues may have an impact on your finances as well. As a result, according to the Sun planetary transit forecasts 2022, make sure you prepare ahead and save some money in case of a medical emergency.