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Taurus Woman: Know what Makes Her so Desirable?

Taurus Woman: Know what Makes Her so Desirable?

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A Taurus woman is best defined as many women confined in one body. So many personalities make her one hell of a person that’s not easy to understand. Born to rule and created to love, a Taurus woman is someone who’ll keep you hooked from the very beginning. Nevertheless, she is not someone who’ll sit around and wait for a man to gather her and sort her messed up emotions. She takes charge of her own life and that’s the enigma of Taurus women.

That said, if only a Taurus woman was so simple, why would there have been the need for this guide in the first place? She’s not a woman who’s going to put her mysteries and secrets out in the open. If you have the desire to understand what’s going on in her head, you’ll enjoy every bit of this guide. Let’s dive in!

A Taurus Woman Traits
at a Glance

Melodrama is not really her cup of tea. Taurus women are a lot more than that. Ruled by the planet Venus, these are sensual women with a large sexual appetite. Nevertheless, it’s not easy to take them to bed. A Taurus woman is not the type you can just use and throw.

  1. She keeps her emotions to herself most of the time.
  2. She loves the simple pleasures in life and that includes food.
  3. She likes it when she’s rich. Call her materialistic, but she doesn’t really care. As long as she’s earning her money, she’ll spend it in any which way she likes.

A Taurus Woman’s Physical Features

Her eyes and lush hair are the first two things you will notice about her the first time you see her. She’s not a pretentious or a shy woman. She knows she’s pretty and takes immense pride in her looks.

  1. She has fuller lush lips.
  2. She has a curvy body, very sensual.
  3. She has a strong build.
  4. She’s intense and her eyes show that.

Let’s not even talk about those dimples! She’s way too gorgeous to be described in a few words.

8 Taurus Woman Secrets that Make Them Different From Other Women

A Taurus Woman is Raunchy

Call it a blessing from Venus or the adventurer in her, but she loves to experiment. She’s naughty and can be very bold in bed. But if you want her, you have to take things as she likes.

  1. Don’t Expect a Quickie – No sir, not at all! You can indulge her in sex unless you’re thorough. She needs a lot of foreplay.
  2. Don’t hurt her pride – She won’t like it if you make fun of her. Just let her take charge and she might actually teach you some tricks.
  3. Don’t forget to cuddle – She wants to cuddle after sex too. As long as you want your relationship to be steady, don’t jump out of the bed without saying something romantic. Even a forehead kiss would work.

A Taurus Woman Guards her Emotions

The first impression of a Taurus woman is a very balanced person, someone who has a plan and would stick to them. Don’t be surprised if she gives you a cold shoulder the first time you meet her. She’s just guarding her emotions. She’s vulnerable but she doesn’t like others to realize that.

Give a Taurus woman a reason to trust you and when she will, she’s going to be yours for life.

A Taurus Woman is Career Oriented

You can’t take ambition out of a Taurus woman’s life. She just won’t give it away, even if you’re her husband. Her career is the one thing that makes her feel secure even when she’s at her worst. She knows she’ll fall apart if she gives up on her work. And she’s too smart to throw that away.

A Taurus Woman Loves Spending a Luxurious Life

Taurus women love to pamper and spoil themselves, but not with the money of other people. Her eyes for expensive things make her more inclined towards earning her own money. She thrives on the idea of getting rich on merit so she doesn’t have to explain anything to anyone even if she spends a lot.

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A Taurus Woman is Wild

Just because she’s organized and likes to stay out of controversies doesn’t mean that she’s boring. She has a wanderer’s soul. She’s messy and wild in her own way. You can’t get a hold of her unless she wants you to. 

  1. She likes to explore hidden places.
  2. She likes to play adventure sports.
  3. She even likes to be spontaneous.

If that’s not interesting and wild, then we do not know what is.

A Taurus Woman is a Keen Observer

She’s a woman of few words, but one who listens very carefully. This is one of the most important Taurus woman secrets that is the reason behind her success. When you’re busy talking, she’s busy observing you. Whether you’re her competitor or her lover, she’s going to be two steps ahead of you, ALWAYS!

A Taurus Woman is a Jealous Lover

She’s not the kind who can share attention at all. When she’s in love with you, you’re her world and that’s what she wants in return – she wants to be your world too.

This nature of a Taurus woman makes it hard to date her.

  1. She’s going to want to be a part of your friend circle.
  2. She won’t mind threatening other women who’re trying to steal your attention.
  3. She’s territorial. When you’re hers, she wants you to declare it to the world.
  4. You can’t keep your relationship with a Taurus woman secret.

On the flip side, the loyalty of a Taurus woman makes her worth all the troubles. Besides, she’s a quick learner. If you are tactful, she’ll eventually learn how to be less possessive.

A Taurus Woman can be Dangerous

She’s this amicable lady who is going to go all out to help even strangers. But there’s a siren attached to her – don’t ever insult her in front of other people, even in general.

You don’t want to see the aggressive side of a Taurus woman. If she’s pissed, she means trouble. She will seriously damage your image if she feels threatened.

We know we’ve been talking a lot about the personality and success of Taurus women. So, why not give you some examples? The following famous Taurus women speak volumes about success.

  1. Gigi Hadid.
  2. Penelope Cruz.
  3. Megan Fox.
  4. Jessica Alba.
  5. Anushka Sharma.
  6. Madhuri Dixit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes Taurus women attractive?

Everything. The way she walks, the way she talks, the way she looks! Everything about her is so elegant and secretive that men find her very desirable.

2. How is a Taurus woman in bed?

Wild. A Taurus woman is very crazy in bed. She’s bold and open to suggestions and experimenting. Just don’t make fun of her.

3. How is a Taurus woman in love?

Jealous and possessive. You have

to give her reasons to put her trust in

you fully. Once she can do that, she

will be much more tolerant of your

female friends.

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