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Tulsi Vivah 2021: Dates, Rituals, Rules, and More

Tulsi Vivah 2021: Dates, Rituals, Rules, and More

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Marriage is sacred in India and many other parts of the world. What happens when you marry a holy plant with the Almighty? We just explained to you Tulsi Vivah in simple words. If you wish to know more, keep reading as we have all the details here. 

What is Tulsi Vivah?

In Hinduism, there prevails a ritual where Tulsi marriage is performed. Hindus believe Tulsi not to be only a plant but also a Goddess. The holy basil leaf is considered a manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi. Especially to the Vaishnavites, this plant is incredibly sacred. 

The plant is grown and worshipped in most Hindu families. It is firmly believed that the presence of this plant will purify and protect the house from any kind of evil energy

Devotees generally arrange the ritual Tulsi Vivah where they imagine Tulsi as a girl of their own house and then marry her to her soulmate.

What is The Significance of Tulsi Vivah?

The Tulsi Vivah is chiefly done to mark the beginning of the Hindu wedding season. It is believed that if the season starts with the marriage of Tulsi then there shall not prevail any harmful effect during the complete season. Tulsi gets married to the holy basil Vishnu during this time. 

A Tulsi leaf is dipped in the water and offered to the plant. Later, this water is offered to those who are suffering from any kind of distress. People have a strong belief that this water is extremely pious and can cure sufferers. The water is also offered to the dying persons to enable the elevation of their souls. 

Importance of Tulsi Vivah 

Tulsi Vivah is chiefly celebrated on the day of the lunar cycle which is also known as ‘Chandra Gochar’. The day of celebration is Dwadashi during the Shukla Paksha in the month of Kartik. The feast of the ceremony is done during ‘Prabodhini Ekadashi’ and ‘Kartik Purnima.’  

  1. Married women gather and celebrate Tulsi Vivah to get blessed by the ultimate happiness in their married life.
  2. For unmarried women, Tulsi is believed to bring good news. They celebrate the festival to get blessings from Tulsi Mata. The motive is to get a good-looking and caring husband. 

Tulsi Vivah 2021- Date, Puja, Rituals, Rules, and Precautions

We have gathered all the information regarding Tulsi Vivah 2021 dates, puja, rituals, rules, and much more. Keep reading! 

Tulsi Vivah 2021 

Tulsi Vivah 2021 date is scheduled for November 15 this year. This day is going to be an extremely auspicious one. The puja will be carried on with several mantras. 

Tulsi Vivah Rituals

The basic requirements for Tulsi Vivah are as follows:

  1. A Tulsi plant with a pot whose marriage is to be performed is brought to the venue
  2. A picture or an idol of Lord Vishnu to whom the marriage will be performed is also kept in the same location. 
  3. Two chowkis to keep the idols or images.
  4. A piece of new red cloth and a piece of new yellow cloth.
  5. An idol of Lord Ganesha for Ganesh puja before the marriage ceremony can be carried out.
  6. Flowers, durva grass, Dakshina, Mauli, pan, supari, coconut, and its husk, and fruits. 
  7. A Kalash for Kalash sthapana.
  8. Mango leaves.
  9. Four sugarcanes or four banana shoots for making mandap.
  10. Haldi, kumkum, and akshat (raw rice mixed with turmeric powder).
  11. Mehendi, sindoor, and bindi for Maa Tulsi sringar.
  12. Red Chunri for Tulsi maa.
  13. Camphor.
  14. Rangoli.
  15. Two garlands for mala basal.
  16. Elaichi and seasonal fruits.

Tulsi Vivah Rules

The rules for tulsi vivah 2021 are listed below. It is very important to follow these rules to not jinx the occasion. 

  1. Decorate the puja area with beautiful rangoli.
  2. Now, build the Amanda by putting four sugarcane or banana sticks on four sides.
  3. Position the two chowkis. Make sure that both the chowkis are placed beside one another. Place the Tulsi plant on the right chowki and the idol or image of Lord Vishnu on the left chowki.
  4. Cover the Tulsi plant on the right Chowki with red cloth and the Vishnu Idol on the left Chowki with yellow cloth. 
  5. Now fill the Kalash with water and put it in front of the idols. Add a coin and some raw rice to it. Put some mango leaves in the water. Next, you have to cover the neck of the Kalash with a coconut spun with Mauli. 
  6. Next, you need to prepare for the worship of Lord Ganesha.
  7. Next offer kumkum to Tulsi maa and Lord Vishnu. 
  8. Then put the chunri around tulsi maa just like you would do to a bride.
  9. Offer the garlands to Tulsi maa and Lord Vishnu. It will be later used for mala badal.
  10. Now you have to offer shagun to Tulsi maa.
  11. For kanyadaan, you need to have some akshat and Dakshina. Offer that to Lord Vishnu. 
  12. Keep all the offerings on a plate. Also, prepare the blog.
  13. Conclude the ritual with an aarti. 

Tulsi Vivah Precautions

It is important to practice the precautions mentioned for Tulsi Vivah 2021. If you won’t, it might be a disrespect to Tulsa Ji and Lord Vishnu. 

  1. It is believed that plucking Tulsi leaves on Sundays and Ekadashis is extremely inauspicious. Moreover, you must throw a dried-out Tulsi plant in a holy river. 
  2. Further, make sure to avoid the presence of a dried Tulsi plant in your house. This brings bad luck to you and your family.
  3. No member of your family should get drunk or eat non-vegetarian food. 
  4. Every member of the family should take a holy bath on the day of Tulsi Vivah.
  5. Every Samagri (even the Tulsi Plant, the Idol of Lord Vishnu, and the Idol of Lord Ganesha should be new).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is Tulsi Vivah in 2021?

Tulsi vivah 2021 will be celebrated on November 15.

2. What is Tulsi Vivah?

Tulsi Vivah is an auspicious festival where Tulsi maa is married off to Lord Vishnu.

3. How do we celebrate Tulsi Vivah?

The celebration of Tulsi Vivah is carried on with multiple rituals and rules. Some precautions must be followed.

4. How to do Tulsi Vivah pooja?

Start from panda making. Bring home a Tulsi plant and a new idol of Lord Vishnu. Bring a new idol of Lord Ganesha and commence the occasion with Ganesha Awahan (calling). Follow the same procedure as one would in a real wedding ceremony. End the occasion with the Tulsa Aarti.

5. What are Tulsi Vivah rules?

You need to be completely pure before doing the pooja. Take a holy bath and do not consume alcohol and non-vegetarian food. Make sure to perform the ceremony within the mentioned period in the month of Kartik.

6. What are Tulsi Vivah precautions?

The primary precaution is that you should never pluck Tulsi leaves on Sundays. This is considered to be extremely inauspicious. Also, the Tulsi plant that is to be married and the Idol of Lord Vishnu should be new.

7. How to do Tulsi Vivah at home?

You will have to prepare the house so that it seems there is a wedding ceremony. Then, with a pure mind start the pooja. Make sure that the pooja is done during the evening.