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Things You Never Knew about Evil Eye and its Symptoms – How to Get Rid of Evil Eyes?

Things You Never Knew about Evil Eye and its Symptoms – How to Get Rid of Evil Eyes?

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When things don’t go well in business and domestic life, people usually dump it on the malice of planets. But what about the people who might be jealous of you? The malice of planets, no doubt, creates obstacles, but many times it is an effect of evil eyes. Evil eyes are known by many different names in different cultures but the evil eye symptoms are always the same. If you believe that the sudden doom in your life and career could be due to the evil eyes of people who mean harm to you and your family, then this guide has all the remedies to remove evil eye effects.

People Who
are Affected by Evil Eyes the Most

Our ancestors always used many vidhis (also known as totkas) to remove buri nazar. If you always wondered what buri nazar meant, then now you should know. Buri nazar is known as evil eye. Some other names for evil eyes are Basilisk and Kudrishti. It’s quite natural if you want to know the evil eye symptoms so that you can remedy them. But, before that, you should know who are the people who get affected by jealous evil eyes the most.

  1. Pregnant women, small children, and over-emotional people.
  2. People who badmouth others and gossip a lot.
  3. People who do not respect women in their house.
  4. People who start and spread rumours about other people.
  5. People with a weak Moon.
  6. People who have angered Rahu and Ketu due to corruption.

If you’ve suddenly started feeling negative and everything around you looks like a lost cost and you’re one of the people we have mentioned above, then, the chances are maximum that you are affected by the evil eyes of somebody who doesn’t like you.

Evil Eye Symptoms for Confirmation

Things can go up and down at times. You can’t blame everything on evil eyes. That said, if you experience any of the problems that we have listed below, then, let us tell you that these are highly probable evil eye symptoms and you need to address them as soon as possible.

  1. Illness – Everybody in your house starts falling sick again and again. This is an evil eye symptom, especially, if you had a healthy happy family that suddenly started taking Ill.
  2. Loss in Business – Losing wealth all of a sudden is a strong indication that someone has evil eyes on your family. Sudden debts and loss of opportunities that were confirmed are the symptoms to look out for.
  3. Weird Things Appearing in Your Premises – It’s black magic. Some people will go to any extent to harm you and your family out of jealousy. So, if you find a small black doll or weird things wrapped in cloth in your premises, it means someone has an evil eye on you.
  4. Sudden Electrical Failure – Electric appliances do fail. It’s normal. But the failure of every appliance one after the other is one of the biggest evil eye symptoms.
  5. Death of Livestock – As long as no illness has spread in your area, if the livestock in your yard starts dying, it’s a sure indication of evil eyes.

Now that you understand the evil eye symptoms a lot better, it’s time you learn how to get rid of evil eyes. We have made a list of 4 astrologically recommended remedies to remove evil eyes. Have a look.

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4 Astrologically recommended remedies to remove evil eyes

The Neembu Mirchi Totka for Business Growth

This is one of the earliest evil eye remedies that you might have seen and heard about. Hanging a neembu mirchi nazar battu outside the door of your office will get rid of evil eyes on your business. It is also considered auspicious to hang a Nazar battu outside the main door of the house. It is believed that the Nazar battu keeps negative energies outside.

Remedies to get Rid of Evil Eyes for Health

Health is the first thing that evil eyes affect. The person who is suffering from evil eyes feels lethargic, depressed, and stressed all the time. It is very hard to remove such strong evil eyes that affect health. But there are a few sure-shot remedies to remove evil eyes that’ are affecting health.

  1. Red Chilli Totka – Take 2 red chillies, mustard/sesame seeds, and some salt. Rotate them around the head of the victim of evil eyes 7 times in the anticlockwise direction and burn them.
  2. Gau-Mutra Totka – Distill some seawater using a white cloth and mix the water with gou-mutra (cow’s urine). Spread it in every corner of every room on Amavasya and Purnima.

Remedies to get Rid of Evil Eyes for Domestic Problems

When someone has their evil eyes on your family, you’ll see that there will be frequent fights between every member of the family. It will create an atmosphere of negativity and stress. Some evil eye remedies for frequent fights at home are as follows.

  1. Plants to Remove Evil Eyes – If a pregnant woman in your house goes out, make sure she carries Neem leaves. Upon return, burn those leaves. Also, plant a white arc on the entrance of the house.
  2. Water Totkas to Remove Evil Eyes – An aquarium at home is known to remove evil eyes. Also, take water in transparent glass and place a lemon inside. Keep it in the most visible area. It is known to remove evil eyes easily.

Ornaments to Remove Evil Eyes

Astrologers suggest that you wear your lucky gemstone in a ring. It will protect you from evil eyes. Some other ornaments that can remove evil eyes are as follows.

  1. A nazaria for infants and toddlers.
  2. Black thread in the ankles.
  3. Evil eye amulets.
  4. The Hamsa evil eye necklace.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is wearing an evil eye necklace bad?

No. Wearing an evil eye necklace is one of the best talisman to shield yourself from evil glares.

2. What is evil eye meaning in Hindi?

Evil eye in Hindi means, buri nazar. You can always wear evil eye amulets to protect yourself from buri nazar.

3. How to get rid of evil eyes from neighbors?

Hang a nazar battu on the entrance of the house.

4. Are evil eyes remedies effective?

Yes. When done in the right way, evil eye remedies like Neembu mirchi totka and red chilli totka are very effective.

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