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Vastu for Office: Get Vastu tips to Make a Workplace Free of Vastu Dosha?

Vastu for Office: Get Vastu tips to Make a Workplace Free of Vastu Dosha?

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Vastu shastra has been a very important part of ancient architecture. 

According to vastu, it is necessary for the buildings to be built in such a way that only positive energy gets to remain in the building. 

Now, whether the building is your house or an office, if it contains Vastu dosha you will suffer in a lot of ways. And this guide is about Vastu for office. Whether you’re building an office for your work or you’re buying or renting one, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind for the place to be correct according to Vastu. 

Let’s have a look at those Vastu for Office tips.

Vastu for Office Direction

Not all directions have the same meaning. Which is which, according to vastu for office, you should focus on the directions a lot.

  1. North, Northeast and Northwest directions are known to be auspicious directions according to Vastu. So, if the building is facing any of these 3 directions, the business will progress and you’ll earn wealth.
  2. A workplace that’s right in front or in the center of busy roads is known to be perfect for business prosperity. So, avoid setting up your office in secluded areas.

Vastu Direction according to Business Sector

As surprising as it might be, but the Vastu of a building also depends upon the type of business you own. For example, North is considered to be the best direction for the trading market and stock exchange and east is actually a better Vastu direction for the service industry. Wondering why? Well, here are the answers.

  1. Lord Kuber is the God of money and wealth and the North is his direction. So, any business that’s directly associated with money will benefit the most if the office faces north.
  2. East is the direction where the sun rises. And for the service industry, the sun spreads positivity that’s more important than money. In fact, the East is also the best direction for building a study room at home.

Vastu for Organization

Vastu for office is as much about organization and placement of things as it is about the direction of the building. So, here’s how things should be kept and down in the workplace.

  1. For workstations facing north, files and every other work essential like a computer should be placed on the left side. For buildings facing east, the essentials should be arranged on the right side of the table only.
  2. The shape of the work desk is important too. A properly shaped table with 4 edges – a rectangular or a square table – is the best. Don’t go for tables in random shapes since they’re often associated with creating distraction and confusion.

Vastu for Respecting the Gods and Your Work

Did you know that the right Vastu for office isn’t necessarily exactly the same as Vastu for a home? So, be mindful of not doing the following things on your work desk that you might be doing in the study of your home.

  1. Don’t ever place an idol of any God on the work desk. It is an offence to the gods according to Vastu shastra.
  2. Don’t ever eat or sit on top of your work desk. Respect the sincerity of the desk that’s only maintained if you use the table for the purpose it is made for – working.
  3. Don’t perform leisure activities like reading books that aren’t related to work while still in front of the work desk. It is known to bring lethargy. As a result, the positivity and activeness reduce. It spreads negativity.

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Vastu for Different Rooms in the office

This is an absolutely fascinating concept. Whilst north and east are the best directions that a building should be facing, the direction of the rooms differ.

  1. The cabin/chamber of the boss should be in the southward direction only. This direction is associated with power and control. Hence, if the head of the office is in this direction, he/she will be able to monitor and control the employees. 
  2. The employees should be sitting in a way that there’s no opening behind their work chair. Instead, there should be a solid wall. According to Vastu, openings provide an escape route to positivity.
  3. The reception should face the south wall of the building only. It should be organized. When it’s present diagonally in front of the entry door, it is known to attract a lot of positive energy inside.


  1. Vastu for office isn’t the same as Vastu for the house.
  2. The direction of the rooms in the office building matters as much as the direction of the building itself.
  3. The direction of the office building should be decided based on the type of industry.
  4. In general, the East and North are the best directions for office buildings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the correct Vastu for office?

The office building should face North, northeast, or northeast directions only.

2. What is the correct Vastu for office cabin?

The cabin of the boss should be facing South. It gives power, control, and authority over employees.

3. What is the correct Vastu for office seating?

Workstations should face North, the work desk should be square or rectangular, never place an idol on the work desk, and there should be no opening behind the chairs of employees.

4. What is the correct vastu for office entrance?

The main door of the building should face North or East. Also, keep the area around the entrance clean. There shouldn’t be any obstruction at the entrance.

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