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Yellow Sapphire ( Kanakapushyaragam stone): Know its Benefits that Makes it One of the Best Healing Stones

Yellow Sapphire ( Kanakapushyaragam stone): Know its Benefits that Makes it One of the Best Healing Stones

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 The three most valued gemstones according to astrology are Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire. All these three gemstones offer different benefits. If you too have been fascinated by the mysterious ways in which gemstones bring good luck, then this is the right guide for you. What we will be discussing at length today is Yellow sapphire and its benefits – the different ways in which yellow sapphire should be worn, what makes yellow sapphire also known as Kanakapushparagam stone the best kind of sapphire, and what are its benefits.

Some Interesting Facts About Yellow Sapphire Stone ( Kanakapushparagam stone)

Yellow sapphire (Kanakapushparagam stone) is a powerful healing stone governed by the Planet Jupiter. Some fun facts about this gemstone that you might enjoy reading are as follows.

  1. Sapphire comes in three different colours – yellow, orange, and golden.
  2. Yellow sapphire has many other names. The most popular ones include Pukhraj, Pushpraag, and Vallabh.
  3. Yellow sapphire benefits are most prevalent when it’s worn as a ring or in a pendant.

That said, now let’s take you through the ways in which yellow sapphire should be worn to awaken its astrological benefits.

Wearing Yellow Sapphire (Kanakapushparagam stone) in the Right Way

The many Yellow sapphire benefits are highly dependent on whether or not you follow the right vidhi to wear it. The correct vidhi that we are talking about is listed below.

Metal to be Used

Whether you’re wearing it as a ring or in a pendant, the metal should always be yellow gold – the purer, the better.

 Right Weight

If you’re not 23 yet, wear yellow sapphire weighing no more than 5 Ratti. Once 23 is crossed, Yellow sapphire benefits are yielded in the best way when the stone weighs between 5-7 Ratti.

 Time and Day Matters

Make sure that you buy yellow sapphire on a Thursday and wear it in the index finger of your working hand. Also, it should be worn between 6 in the morning to 8 in the morning only.

 Direction Matters

You should be facing either the North, the East, or the northeast direction when wearing yellow sapphire stone.

 The Correct Vidhi to Follow

The stone has to be purified before you can wear it. So, make a mixture of curd, sugar, cow ghee, honey, and milk. Next, put the yellow sapphire stone in the mixture. Take it out and wash it clean with gangaajal before wearing it.

 Chanting the Mantra to Awaken Planet Jupiter

Once the gemstone is washed in gangajal, Chant the Mantra, Om Guru Gurve Namah, 108 times.

Wear the gemstone after completing all the vidhis. Once worn, the Yellow sapphire benefits that will make your life easy and peaceful have been listed below. Have a look!

The many benefits of Wearing Yellow Sapphire (Kanakapushparagam stone)

It Will Bless You With Unlimited Wealth

Yellow sapphire is one of the costliest gemstones because it has some of the best benefits for the person who’s wearing it. Here’s how it helps.

  1. It helps you earn much-needed recognition at work.
  2. It will help you get a promotion at work and your wealth will increase.
  3. You will be honoured for all your achievements. It will bring fame and name, both.

It Helps Relationships Flourish

This is one of the best Yellow sapphire benefits. If you wear it in the right way, you’re going to experience a lot of harmony at home.

  1. You will have excellent tuning with your spouse.
  2. There’s going to be no negativity in the house.
  3. Your relationship with your parents and siblings will improve.
  4. You will be able to attain the heights of spiritual knowledge that’ll make you a wiser and a much-satisfied person in life.

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It Helps Students

One of the luckiest gemstones, Yellow sapphire is an excellent source of harnessing positive energy. It will ease different problems that students suffer from. Some of the Yellow sapphire benefits for students that you might want to know are listed below.

  1. It improves concentration and focus.
  2. It helps the mind to work in the right way.
  3. It relaxes and calms down all the senses so that the memory gets sharp. It helps students in learning better.

It Is a Good Omen for Health

Evil spirits cannot stay where there’s yellow sapphire. This is why it’s such an auspicious stone. Wearing it will offer you the following benefits.

  1. Your life will prolong by the blessings of Jupiter.
  2. You will not face any kind of problem in having children.
  3. Wearing Yellow Sapphire is also known to help with heart disorders and neurological disorders.

It’s Auspicious for the Love Life of Unmarried Women

One of the better Yellow sapphire benefits, this one is most beneficial for unmarried girls. It is believed that if you wear this stone, your future husband will also be blessed with good looks and he will be a wealthy, kind, and compassionate life partner. Not just a lucky stone for married people or people who are about to get married, Yellow sapphire is also known to bring estranged couples together.

Miscellaneous Yellow Sapphire (Kanakapushparagam stone) Benefits that You’ll Find Intriguing

  1. It is believed that yellow sapphire can cure serious health problems like tumours, jaundice, and all kinds of life-threatening liver diseases.
  2. It is believed that yellow sapphire can bless you with a good sense of humour and improve your social skills.
  3. Yellow sapphire is also a popular stone that will make you fearless and considered to be the luckiest stone for Sagittarius.
  4. Another thing to remember here is that it is important that you keep the stone clean. So, wash it often to maintain its shine.


  • Whether or not you will benefit from the goodness of yellow sapphire depends upon the fact if the correct vidhi to wear the stone was followed.
  • The purer the stone, the better are its benefits.

Whenceforth, you can certainly count on yellow sapphire benefits if your horoscope is in alliance with this gemstone. So, to find out if it’s a lucky stone for you, get your birth chart read by an astrologer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are yellow sapphire benefits?

According to astrology, wearing yellow sapphire brings career growth. It is also believed that yellow sapphire attracts wealth and fame.

2. What are yellow sapphire stone benefits for domestic life??

Wearing Yellow Sapphire Stone is known to bring happiness, peace, and harmony to the house. It keeps evil eyes away and improves relationships with parents and siblings.

3. Can unmarried girls wear a yellow sapphire stone?

Yes. When unmarried girls wear the yellow sapphire stone, it is believed that they get a good-looking and rich husband who’s loyal.

4. What are yellow sapphire benefits for marriage?

It is believed that wearing yellow sapphire brings the blessing of Jupiter. So, married couples do not face problems in having children.

5. What is the right way to wear yellow sapphire stone?

It is recommended that you should wear a yellow sapphire on a Thursday morning only. Also, the stone should be at least 5 Ratti and should be worn on the index finger of the working hand.

6. Who should not wear yellow sapphire stone?

Anybody below 23 years of age should not wear the yellow sapphire stone.

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