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Aries Man: Decoding His Mysterious Personality | Find Out How is an Aries Man in Love

Aries Man: Decoding His Mysterious Personality | Find Out How is an Aries Man in Love

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If your idea of love is sitting in an armchair and sipping coffee with your man, Aries cannot be the man in that picture. An Aries Man is a born thrill-seeker. He’s not the kind of guy who believes in retiring at the age of 50. Life is always going to be happening with this guy. Besides, settling down is usually the last thing on his mind. He’s not an ordinary sweet guy, he carries the force of Mars, the planet of rage, war, and aggression. If you have a crush on this raging fireball, you should have an idea about what you’re signing up for. Dive in and find out if an Aries fits your idea of dating and love!

6 Aries Man Secrets You Should Know Before Dating Him

An Aries man has a magnetic personality. He’s certainly not someone you’ll ever find alone, as long as he wants you to meet him in person. He hates unnecessary drama and doesn’t think twice about moving on in a relationship if it gives him stress. 

Looks and Nature of an Aries Man: What are Aries Man Characteristics?

An Aries man wears his heart on his sleeves. He’s not the ideal definition of a goody-good boyfriend. He has a dark side and that’s a permanent face of his. You just can’t pull aggressive out of this man.

  1. He’s Ruthlessly Hot – There’s something that constantly burns in his eyes. He’s tall, gallant, and moves with the grace of a warrior. He’s light on his feet. You won’t even know when he came and stood next to you. He has a strong build that swoons women off their feet, and the next morning, he’s gone! Most of his sexual encounters are, thus, brief.
  2. He Can Lie with Full Conviction – An Aries man can lie with full honesty. He, however, means no harm. A side of him is vulnerable. He knows he can make foolish decisions when he’s emotional. So, he just tries to protect his emotions with lies after lies. 
  3. He’s a Careful Observer – An Aries man, when not interested in taking a relationship forward, is pretty casual about everything. But, if, somehow, he has started liking you, you’ll find his eyes following you everywhere. He’ll watch your moves and judge you accordingly. 
  4. He’s a Gallant Brave Man – The best quality about an Aries man that very few men have is he protects women. He might not even be dating you, but as long as you’re walking by his side, you’re his responsibility. Now, imagine, if he’s so protective of the women he’s not involved with, how protective would he be of the woman he will fall for? 
  5. He doesn’t Reveal his True Feelings Easily – It’s funny how a man as brave as Aries is petrified of rejections. He will never reveal how he feels for you until he’s sure you’re into him. 
  6. He’s not a Fan of Mixed Signals – As we said, he doesn’t like drama. If you think you can keep him interested by dropping mixed signals, you’ll end up confusing him. A confused Aries man is a panicked Aries man. And a panicked Aries man will ghost you out. 

The Love Life of an Aries Man: How is an Aries Man in Love?

An Aries man gets very restless when he’s not in control of a situation. So, when he starts falling in love, his emotions start scaring him. As soon as he’s scared, he will try to run away from the situation instead of facing it. 

He’s not the kind of man who you should freak out by asking for commitment. He’ll evaporate in thin air, no matter how much he likes you, the minute you’ll start behaving needy. But, then, he’ll also randomly show up on your door the next week if his feelings are intense. To put it simply, his love life is full of drama despite him repelling women who are dramatic. 

His love life is full of ups and downs and confusion until he figures out he’s in love. Once he knows he loves you, life will get even more dramatic! 

The Sexuality of an Aries Man: How is an Aries Man in Bed?

He’s sexy and sex-driven. He’s a fireball of passion who cannot control his desires. He’s bold and likes to be a bit rough with his lady if she likes to experiment too. He’s a thorough lover who worships the body of a woman. So, he’ll give a lot of time to each part of your body until you’ll go crazy with desire. He’s in no rush until he satisfies and serves you fully!

Aries Man Likes and Dislikes: What Does an Aries Man Like in a Woman?

An Aries man has an eye for exquisite beauty. He loves it when the woman he’s dating has a sexy figure. It does sound shallow, maybe it is, but, at least, he’s honest about his expectations on how he likes his lady groomed. Once past the looks, he needs more! 

  1. He likes to have his space initially. If you’re clingy at the beginning of the relationship, he’ll vanish like he never existed. 
  2. He doesn’t like it when a woman goes through his phone. The minute he catches you doing it, he’ll break up without accepting an apology or giving an explanation. 
  3. He’s in awe of women who are adventurous and explorers like him. 
  4. He likes to date women who are vocal about their needs in bed. 

Aries Man Married Life: Is Aries man a Loyal Husband?

It’s complicated. Whether or not an Aries man is a loyal husband depends upon the nature of his wife. 

He is dominant by nature and has a habit of getting things done his way. Whilst he’s OK with fights and flying utensils, the minute you cut him out, start a cold war, stop talking to him despite his constant efforts to get you to talk, you’ll hurt his pride. An Aries man with a broken pride is extremely revengeful. And what’s better to hurt you than cheating on you? If he does end up cheating on you, he’ll be guilty as hell. And as we said, he’s pretty good at lying. You might never know what he did and he won’t do it again.

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Aries Man Personality – What are Aries Man Negative Traits? 

He’s a raging burning Sun that can get unbearably scorchy way too quickly. Some of his negative traits you should know before dating him are as follows. 

  • He’ll start behaving as if he owns you if he falls for you – This is the hardest part of dating an Aries man. He can be very controlling when he’s trying to take care of you. He can’t help it, he just wants you safe no matter at the cost of his life. Annoying? Yes! Yet, strangely, it’s very enticing and exciting too. 
  • He’ll Tag Along Everywhere – He wants to be part of everything you do if he loves you. It can get too much at times. So, don’t forget to set some boundaries. 
  • He can be Self-Destructive – If you ignore him after a fight, he can actually hurt himself. But, don’t worry, he’ll never hurt you. 

4 Signs Aries Man is in Love With You

An Aries man is typically very confident and knows what he wants and how to get it. But, he’s the complete opposite of this when he falls in love. The signs that he has fallen in love with you are very weird. 

  1. On-and-off encounter with a baffled Aries – When he’s trying to figure out what’s happening to him, he’ll bump onto you intentionally, try to talk normally, but will storm out in a very strange panicked way. 
  2. He’ll have sudden mood swings – It’s against his nature to stick with one woman. When he can’t move on, it creates a raging storm inside his heart. He can be very rude and suffer from frequent outbursts that you won’t be able to understand. 
  3. He’ll disappear for weeks but ask his friends to keep you safe – If you start spotting his friends more than ever, it’s a sign that he’s miserably in love with you but can’t figure out why. 
  4. He’ll get in an over-protective Mode – An Aries man is usually always protective of the woman he dates, no matter for how short a period. But, if he starts picking up fights with every second man looking at you, he’s falling in love with you. 

Birds Eye View of an Aries Man 

Aries Man Compatibility Zodiac Signs

This man is not made for every woman. It requires a special combination of stubbornness and submission to keep him under control. If you’re any one of the following, you have the power to love him and damn him at will. 

  1. Aries man and Leo woman – They share an unbearable sexual attraction the minute they meet. It’s no wonder that they end up marrying each other. Every fight of theirs ends with having rough sex. That’s the way they reassure each other that everything is fine between them. They’re a perfect couple. 
  2. Aries man and Scorpio woman – This pair is sexually raunchy and the best part is, they connect at the soul level too. Despite the often fights, they’re always willing to work on the relationship and just don’t give up on each other, EVER! 
  3. Aries man and Libra woman – She’s a gentle soul and an Aries man is completely helpless in front of her innocence. She’s probably the only woman he will never cheat on despite her wounding him. 
  4. Aries man and Aquarius woman – They can take sex to a next level of hotness. They’re very supportive of each other’s careers too. A marriage between Aries man and Aquarius woman can never end in divorce. 

Aries Man Career and Work 

He’s a man who wants everything and desires to be the best at everything he doesn’t. Naturally, he doesn’t quit on his dream of being filthy rich. And if you know an Aries, you would also know that he gets what he chases. Precisely, he ends up getting filthy rich if that’s his aim and passion.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is an Aries man in bed?

He’s raunchy, explosive, charged up, uncontrollable, and passionate. There’s no stopping his desire. If you’re willing, he likes to make it rough.

2. How is an Aries man in love?

He’s confused and over-protective. When you’ll be around, he’ll always be in alert mode at crowded places. Protecting you is the ultimate mission of his life since you’re his world.

3. Does Aries man and Leo Woman make a good match?

They hit off like crazy lovers. She matches his strength and passion in bed. They’re a perfectly compatible couple.

4. Does Aries man and Scorpio woman make a good match?

Yes. They have an intense sexual and emotional bond. They usually get married to each other after a few years of courtship.

5. Is Aries man a loyal husband?

It’s complicated. If you cut him out and hurt him to the point that his pride is shattered, he will cheat on you to take revenge. Strangely, he doesn’t cheat if his wife is a Libra woman.

6. What are the signs that an Aries man is in love with you?

He’ll get moody and disappear for weeks. Strangely, you’ll start seeing his friends often in his absence.

7. What are Aries man negative traits you should know before dating him?

He’s very needy and can be super clingy. He might behave as he owns you. He means no harm, though. All he wants is you to be safe.

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