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Capricorn Man: Decoding his Personality! Know about a Capricorn Man in love

Capricorn Man: Decoding his Personality! Know about a Capricorn Man in love

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All men are made of different clays. If you still think all men are the same and want the same thing, you’re yet to meet a true Dark Knight, a Capricorn man. He’s not a regular next-door guy. Ruled by the mighty Saturn (the planet of justice), a Capricorn man is anything but simple. Already have a crush on one? Want to know whether he’s the right man for you? Voila! We have the answers. Treat yourself with this cheat guide that decodes the personality of a Capricorn man even before you start dating him. Dive in! 

5 Capricorn Man Secrets You Should Know Before Dating Him

It’s easy to develop an uncontrollable crush on a Capricorn man. And it’s quite heartbreaking when he doesn’t reciprocate the gesture. You might think he doesn’t get it or, maybe, he’s not interested in you, but if, at any point in time, you catch him stealing a glance at you, you’re in! He’s just testing you. 

That’s how life with a Capricorn man will be. If the opening act scares you, he’s not the man you’ll be able to handle. But, if his tricks invoke passion, he’s worth the chase. Dive in and find out why!

Looks and Nature of a Capricorn Man: What are Capricorn Man Characteristics?

He’s not that hard to notice. The quiet tall guy sipping his drink in one silent corner, absorbed in the task at hand, is a Capricorn man. But there’s more to him than the outside facade of silence. 

  1. He’s flocked by Women but from a distance – Don’t be surprised if you find out you’re not the only one chasing after him. Women find it hard to resist his intense passionate eyes. 
  2. He’s His Own Definition of Handsome – A Capricorn man will never be dressed in bold colors. He’s the all-black, all-brown, and all-gray kind of man. He’s muscular, just the right amount of tall, and is usually tanned. He isn’t soft at all, not in looks nor nature. 
  3. He’s Alert in Crowded Places – It might look like his pants are on fire and he’ll take off any minute. If you’ve been getting such vibes, you’re not at all wrong. A Capricorn man isn’t very fond of social gatherings. If he finds people (women, in general) flocking around him, he really will storm out. 
  4. He’s Not Warm or Welcoming for Everyone – A Capricorn man is a lone wolf. He doesn’t have a lot of friends and that’s because he gives out cold and rude vibes. Whilst he’s entirely the opposite of aloof, not many people get to see his real nature. He’s picky! He won’t open up to you if he feels you mean harm.
  5. He is really judgemental – If he has made an opinion of you, the opinion cannot be changed. A Capricorn man is no fool. He’s watchful. So, be careful around him initially; especially, if you’re interested in him. 
  6. He’s territorial – He’s a born protector. A Capricorn man guards his people ruthlessly. He’s much more than just over-possessive. His people are his pack. And he’s savage when it comes to his pack. 

The love life of a Capricorn Man: How is a Capricorn Man in Love?

He’s a big brooding man during the initial stages of a relationship. He’s not going to be available for you every time you need him. He’s a busy man, a true workaholic. Don’t get after his life to express his feelings because he hasn’t made up his mind yet. He doesn’t know what he wants initially. Nagging him about “where’s the relationship going” will scare him. He takes time to make important decisions. Give him the time he needs, or watch him as he goes! 

Once the initial stage of testing passes and he finds out he still likes you, you’ll see a completely different man, a man who’ll be yours to keep and yours to hurt! He’ll make efforts to woo you. Very few women get to see this side of a Capricorn man. He’s very romantic when he’s finally in love. As soon as he’s sure about his feelings, you’ll be his entire world and only priority. 

The Sexuality of a Capricorn Man: How is a Capricorn Man in Bed?

He’s intense but not the kind who’s willing for stuff like role-playing. He’s not going to be very gentle when in his element either. If he likes a woman, it means he’s burning with desire. To put it simply, he’ll drive you crazy. 

A Capricorn man is very intimate when he’s in a relationship. He would love to remind you every time in bed that he owns you: your body, heart, and soul!

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Capricorn Man Likes and Dislikes: What attracts a Capricorn Man?

If you’re not ambitious, you’re already out of his list of potential lovers. He’s a driven man. He achieves so much at a young age that it’s beyond him why other people don’t work hard. So, ambition is the first thing that he finds attractive in a woman. 

  1. He likes intelligent women who he can talk to. 
  2. He doesn’t like very shy women because he isn’t the kind of man who can chase after a woman. 
  3. He likes subtle, sensible ladies. He’s not much of a thrill-seeker. 
  4. He likes humor and is more inclined to fall in love when his lady doesn’t observe other men in his company.

A Capricorn man is not a flirt! That’s exactly what he’s looking for in his partner too. If he finds you flirting with some other guy, he won’t date you. Period! 

Capricorn Man Married Life: Is Capricorn Man a Loyal Husband?

If you’ve gotten to the point where he’s already your husband, then, bravo, well done! You just hit a goldmine. A Capricorn man is a loyal, honest, and dedicated husband. Moreover, he’s not the kind who is all about good looks. For him, his wife is the most beautiful woman in the world, the only woman he can kill for and die for. 

How Does a Capricorn Man Test a Woman?

This bonus section will definitely help you make him fall in love with you. Here’s how he tests the woman he’s interested in. 

  1. He’s going to test your patience by not being a call away He knows his work will always be important. If a woman can’t deal with the fact that is a busy man, he will back out. 
  2. He’ll observe how you behave when he’s not around Yes, he will stalk you to some places, without your knowledge. If you’re too much of a flirt, he will walk out on you. 
  3. He’ll test your intelligence A Capricorn man wants something logical to talk about. He might talk politics or discuss social matters. So, give him something to hold onto. 
  4. He’ll be watchful of how financially independent you are A Capricorn man doesn’t feed vultures. If he feels you’re after his money, he’ll ghost out on you. He’s a perfect gentleman who will settle the bills at a restaurant. But, if he gets a feeling that a woman he’s dating is dating his money, he will step back. 

Birds Eye View of a Capricorn Man 

Capricorn Man Compatibility Zodiac Signs

He’s picky, he’s practical, he has a hidden heart of wax, and, most importantly, he doesn’t like a lot of drama! That’s why he’s compatible with like-minded ladies. If you’re any of the following, he’s indeed your soulmate!

  1. Capricorn man and Virgo woman – It’s going to be tough initially. She’s stubborn, he’s stubborn too. But, there’s so much in common between these two that a Capricorn man will be able to carve a long-term relationship with a Virgo woman.
  2. Capricorn man and Scorpio Woman – This pair has an intense sexual connection that’s too strong to overpower. A Scorpio woman is the kind of wife a Capricorn man adores and cherishes. 
  3. Capricorn man and Pisces woman – This is the idealistic couple that shares great physical and emotional bonding. Love won’t evaporate between these two even after decades of being married. 
  4. Capricorn man and Taurus woman – She’s the queen of his heart. A Capricorn man falls in love with a Taurus woman much too easily. Despite it’s against his nature to get overpowered by emotions, in front of a Taurus woman, his outside facade is useless. 

Capricorn Man Career and Work 

He’s a perfectionist, an absolute workaholic. That’s how he makes money. It will be hard sometimes to fill the long spells of his absence. So, get in a relationship with him only if you can accept the fact that work for him is, indeed, worship.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is a Capricorn Man in a relationship?

He’s ignorant and somewhat cold initially. However, once he’s sure, he turns out to be a hopeless romantic.

2. How is a Capricorn Man in bed?

Dominant, crazy, and intense. When he makes love, he pours out his desire and energy.

3. How is a Capricorn Man in Love?

He’s loyal and never cheats. He takes time to accept his feelings. At the same time, he’s very protective and somewhat jealous too.

4. What Attracts a Capricorn Man?

Intelligence and humor are the two things that he’s attracted to the most. He likes women who are subtle but not very shy.

5. How Does a Capricorn Man Test a Woman?

He remains unavailable for long patches of time to test the patience and independence of a woman. He doesn’t want drama in his life, so, he seeks a woman who can take care of herself.

6. Who should a Capricorn Man marry?

Virgo women, Scorpio women, Pisces women, and Taurus women have all the qualities that attract a Capricorn man.