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What to Keep in Wallet to Attract Money? Find out Which Colour Wallet is Good for Money!

What to Keep in Wallet to Attract Money? Find out Which Colour Wallet is Good for Money!

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Just like there are Vastu and Feng Shui guidelines to attract wealth and fortune in a house, similarly, these guidelines also apply to the wallet. Yes, a wallet! According to astrology, a wallet is the signifier of abundance. If you too want to know what to keep in wallet to attract money, then this guide is the goldmine to explore all the answers. Dive in!

6 Things to Keep in Wallet to Attract Money

According to Indian astrology, Goddess Lakshmi is the deity of money and wealth and Lord Kuber is the God of Gold and fortune. So, keeping things that these deities love the most are considered to be the luckiest things to keep in a wallet to attract money. Let’s walk you through 6 such items. 

Lucky Dhatus (Metals) 

Brass and silver are most preferred by goddess Lakshmi. So, keeping silver coins and brass coins in the wallet attracts money. 

Always purchase silver coins on auspicious occasions like Diwali and dhanteras. Purify them with Holy water, keep them close to the Goddess Lakshmi’s idol in the Mandir, and worship the deity. Once the ritual is performed, keep the coins in your wallet. 

Lucky Leaves 

It is believed that keeping fresh bay leaves and Peepal leaves in the wallet attracts money. Always bless the leaves by washing them with Gangajal and milk before keeping them in the wallet. 

You can also keep fresh lotus petals in your wallet to attract money since Lotus is the most loved flower of the goddess Lakshmi. 

Lucky Yantras 

Keeping a Sri yantra and a Gomti chakra in the wallet please Lord Kuber. However, energizing these yantras by chanting the beej mantras for all the nine planets is necessary. 

Remember, a yantra is nothing but a piece of metal if not activated and energized. So, if you want to keep one in your wallet to attract money, make sure it is properly energized. 

Lucky Stones 

Keeping certain gemstones in a wallet is also considered to attract money. The most auspicious gemstones include Emerald, Citrine, clear quartz and rose quartz, red coral, Amber, and Green Jade. 

You can also keep sea salt crystals or seashells in your wallet to attract money if you can’t afford expensive gemstones. 

21 Pieces of Unbroken Rice

Rice is one of the most important ingredients when worshipping any Hindu God or Goddess. Hence, keeping 21 pieces of long and unbroken rice (21 because it is considered to be an auspicious number) in the wallet can attract money. 

Vedic astrology suggests that rice controls the urge to spend unnecessarily. If you’re someone who spends a lot of money only to later repent it, there’s nothing better than 21 pieces of rice. 

Picture of Goddess Lakshmi 

What could be more auspicious than the picture of the goddess of wealth to attract money? Just make sure that the picture is not old, torn, or worn out. Keep only a new and clear picture of Goddess Lakshmi in the wallet to attract money.

5 Most Important Precautions to Consider When Keeping Things in Wallet to Attract Money 

The Color of the Wallet Matters 

According to Feng Shui guidelines for wallets to attract money, the color of the wallet matters a lot. Want to know which colour wallet is good for money? We have the answers and we have compiled them below. Have a look! 

  1. Black – Black is the signifier of luck and prosperity. So, keeping a black wallet if you have a business of your own can offer success and growth. 
  2. Brown and pastel Yellow – Brown and pastel yellow are the signifiers of saving. So, keeping a brown wallet or a yellow wallet will boost your savings.
  3. Green – Green is the signifier of career opportunities. So, keeping a green wallet will help you in getting a promotion and a higher salary. Also, if you’re a new entrepreneur who’s looking for an investment to start a business, then keeping a Green wallet will help. 

According to Vedic astrology, you should never keep a red wallet, a purple wallet, or a blue wallet. These colors increase unnecessary expenditure. So, avoid them. 

The Wallet Should be Organized 

Goddess Lakshmi never takes residence in places that are unclean and messy. So, always keep your wallet neat and tidy. Organize the cards and never keep crumbs of tissue papers or any crumpled paper as such in the wallet. 

Remove Offensive Pictures 

Keeping dirty or obscene pictures of models/actors is a big no if you want to attract money. Even if you keep holy pictures of gods, make sure they’re not crusted with food crumbs or dust. 

Don’t Keep Many Credit Cards in the Wallet 

Credit cards are a status symbol these days. However, according to Feng Shui, keeping a lot of credit cards in your wallet increases debts. It is also recommended to not keep pending bills or shopping receipts in a wallet.

Keeping debit cards and new currency notes (two one rupee notes and one 20 rupees note) in the wallet are known to attract wealth. 

The Condition of Wallet Matters 

Make it a habit to replace an old wallet if it’s torn or has many scratches. Also, never use a second-hand wallet. According to astrology instructions, the luck of the previous owner of the wallet continues forward. It means that if the previous owner of the wallet was in huge debt, you’ll suffer from similar problems too. 

You don’t have to go overboard and buy expensive leather wallets. A simple inexpensive wallet is more than sufficient as long as it is organized and in the right color.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which colour wallet is good for money?

Green-colored wallets, Black-colored wallets, brown-colored wallets, and light yellow wallets are known to attract good luck and money and create new career and promotion opportunities.

2. What to keep in a wallet to attract money?

Auspicious things like silver coins, Lotus petals, peepal leaves, a gomti chakra, a Sri yantra, green gemstones, and rice are known to attract money. You can also keep a picture of Goddess Lakshmi, debit cards, and new banknotes to promote savings.

3. Can keeping 21 grains of rice in a wallet attract money?

Yes. The most relevant way in which 21 grains of rice attract wealth is by reducing expenditure. To put it simply, it increases savings.