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Vastu for Bedroom: Get Vastu tips for bedroom to Bring Wealth, Prosperity, and Good Luck

Vastu for Bedroom: Get Vastu tips for bedroom to Bring Wealth, Prosperity, and Good Luck

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The bedroom is the room for relaxation and peace of mind. How would you feel if you enter your bedroom and feel rage, anxiety, restlessness, or the urge to just step out of the house? Not nice, right? Astrologers believe that it is the bedroom Vastu that decides how pleasant and peaceful the house would be. 

We have some Vastu for bedroom that will make your house full of positivity and drive all the negative energy away from the place of your resting. Dive in! 

Bedroom Direction According to Vastu Shastra 

The first thing of main importance is the direction of the bedroom in the house. Whether it’s the master bedroom or the kids’ bedroom, every room has to be facing a specific direction so that there’s no Vastu Dosh in the house. 

  1. Direction for the Master bedroom – It should face the Southwest direction of the house. 
  2. Direction for kids bedroom – It should face East or Northeast. 

3 Master Bedroom Vastu Secrets for Positivity and Wellness 

Occupancy Vastu Tips For the Master Bedroom

According to Vastu Shastra, only a married couple or the homeowner (if not married) should sleep in the master bedroom.

Bed Type and Bed Placement Vastu Tips for the Master Bedroom 

It is believed that the placement of the bed determines harmony between a married couple. Vastu shastra also indicates that the health of family members depends upon the bed placement. 

  1. Wall for the bed – The bed should be kept against the south wall or the north wall in the bedroom. 
  2. The shape of the bed – The shape shouldn’t be irregular. The bed should be either a perfect square or a perfect rectangle. 
  3. Mattress for the bed – A double bed mattress is recommended. Never use two single mattresses. It is believed to create a rift in a marriage. 
  4. Material for the Bed – Use a wooden bed in the master bedroom. It is believed that a metal bed creates a negative atmosphere. So, avoid it at all costs. 
  5. Type of Bed – Buy a bed that has a headboard for the Master bedroom. 

Furniture and Decoration Vastu Tips for the Bedroom 

Every room has a different aura. It means that a piece of furniture that’s Vastu approved for the living room might not be good for the Vastu of the bedroom. 

Explore our list of the points to remember when you’re decorating the master bedroom. 

  1. Don’t hang scary paintings in the bedroom. 
  2. Don’t hang a mirror on the wall that’s right in front of the bed. 
  3. Vastu Shastra for the bedroom also suggests to not have a TV in the bedroom. 
  4. Never hang the painting of a deceased family member in the bedroom.  

2 Children Bedroom Vastu Secrets for Luck and Health 

Children’s Bedroom in the North Corner 

It is believed that if a child’s bedroom is built in the North corner of the house, it increases knowledge. So, if you have a young family member at home who’s looking to make a career in business or get a job, then the North direction is the best. 

Children’s Bedroom in the East Corner 

There are many Vastu tips for students and one of those tips to excel in academics is having a bedroom in the East corner. 

When a child’s bedroom is in the East corner, it is believed the child is blessed with sharp intellect and knowledge. It is also known to increase focus and reduce distractions. 

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2 Sleeping Tips According to Bedroom Vastu Shastra 

It is believed that different directions give different benefits. So, sleeping in different directions is recommended if you want a specific outcome. Have a look! 

Sleeping Direction For Money 

If you want to earn name and wealth, it is recommended that you should sleep in such a way that your legs point towards the East direction. 

Sleeping Direction For Peace and Harmony 

If you are facing mental problems like anxiety and depression and there’s a lot of negativity around you, it is recommended that you should sleep in a way that your legs point towards the West direction. 

The Don’ts According to Bedroom Vastu Shastra

  1. Make sure that the door of the attached bathroom doesn’t point directly towards the bed. 
  2. Make sure that the doors do not have a squeaky sound while opening and closing. 
  3. Make sure that heavy furniture is kept in the Southwest corner only. 
  4. Make sure that you never keep the locker where you keep money in the bedroom. 

Vastu Colours for Bedroom 

Everything about the house should be planned properly, even the colour of the bedroom. Every colour in astrology is connected to a certain emotion. Now, imagine, what will happen if the walls of your bedroom have colours that depict rage and anger? It will obviously result in a lot of tension between you and your spouse. 

So, the colours of the bedroom according to Vastu Shastra should be the ones that are related to emotions like peace, harmony, love, and prosperity. 

Some of the best bedroom colors according to Vastu Shastra are pastel shades of pink, lavender, muted green, and pistachio green

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best bedroom Vastu for couples?

The bed should be kept against the south wall, the shape of the bed should be square, and using a wooden bed brings positivity.

2. Which side is best for the bedroom?

The master bedroom should be in the Southwest corner of the house. The kid’s bedroom and guest bedroom should face East or Northeast.

3. What are the best bedroom colors as per Vastu?

Lavender, pastel pink, muted green, and pistachio green bring positivity and happiness.

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