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Vastu Plants for Home: Know the Auspicious ones to Bring in Luck and Prosperity

Vastu Plants for Home: Know the Auspicious ones to Bring in Luck and Prosperity

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Vastu is a fascinating ancient science for designing the right architecture of a home. Right architecture, according to Vastu shastra and astrology, is something that’s in alignment with the directions of different Gods and Planets. Mostly about directions and the many ways to attract positivity, money, success, and peace, the Vastu of a house can also be improved with the help of certain plants. Yes, plants! There are many kinds of Vastu plants for home. Some are indoor Vastu plants and some are outdoor Vastu plants.

If you’ve lately been feeling lonely, negative, and sad at your place, the following indoor and outdoor Vastu plants will certainly remove negative energy from your surroundings.

7 Indoor Vastu Plants for Home

Money Plant

Money plant is known to be one of the most effective lucky plants for home as per Vastu. It’s an indoor plant that’s used to attract wealth and fortune.The Southeast Direction is where Lord Ganesha resides. Keeping a Money Plant in the Southeast Direction is known to please Lord Ganesha and seek his blessings for fame and wealth.

Aloe Vera

You might have heard about the medicinal properties of the Aloe Vera plant, but did you know that Aloe Vera is also an indoor Vastu plant to attract positivity? When placed in the East or Northeast direction, an Aloe Vera plant is known to attract the positivity of the Sun.

Holy Basil (Tulsi)

Tulsi is one of the most important Vastu indoor plants for the home. There’s not a single house in India where you will not find this holy plant. Worshipping a Tulsi plant is known to please Lord Kuber – the God of wealth and gold in Hinduism. A Tulsi plant should be placed in the Northeast Direction since the Northeast is the direction of Lord Kuber.


According to astrology, an orchid plant is an indoor Vastu plant that brings good luck, peace, and prosperity. It is also an amazing plant to keep pregnant ladies safe from evil eyes. Also, an Orchid Plant should be placed in the Southwest Direction.

Rubber Plant

An indoor Rubber Plant placed in the Southeast Direction is known to attract commercial and financial success. It is the one Vastu plant that is a sure shot solution to earn wealth and get rid of debts.

A word of caution: Don’t ever grow a rubber plant outside. It brings financial gains only when placed indoors.


Chrysanthemum is one of the most important Vastu plants since it is associated with positivity and harmony in domestic life. Remember, it should be placed in the living room only. Keep a Chrysanthemum plant in the southwest corner of the living room is known to improve your relationship with your spouse and parents.

Snake Planet

Have you ever wondered why some people are more calm and peaceful than others? Well, one possible explanation could be the presence of a snake plant in the bedroom.

A snake plant is an important Vastu plant since it is one of the rare plants that, according to Vastu Shastra, is associated with mental well-being.

When placed in the South Direction or East direction in the bedroom, it is known to reduce negativity, stress, and even anxiety and depression.

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3 Outdoor Vastu Plants for Home


Planting a Neem plant in the Northwest direction in the garden is known to stop negativity from entering the house. People also keep a Neem plant in a pot as an indoor Vastu Plant. However, we recommend that letting a Neem tree grow big is better to prevail positivity in the entire house.


Keep a Lotus plant at the entrance of the house. It is an important religious plant that’s associated with the goddess Lakshmi and Lord Brahma. Hence, it is known to attract wealth, peace, good health, wisdom, and fortune.


Also known as Genda, a marigold plant is an auspicious Vastu plant that should be grown in the Southwest Direction in the garden. It attracts positivity and keeps evil eyes away.

5 Vastu Tips for Plants at Home

Even the luckiest Vastu plants for the home should be kept in the right direction for them to give benefits. Have a look at 10 such interesting Vastu tips for plants at home.

  1. Replace a plant if it’s wilting. Do not ever keep a dry and dead plant inside the house.
  2. Always plant tall trees in the East or Northeast direction only.
  3. Never keep thorny plants at home no matter how exquisite they look. They’re known to bring financial instability and domestic disharmony.
  4. Any plant that bears fruits – mango and citrus plants – should never be kept inside the house.
  5. Make sure that no tall or dense trees are placed directly in front of the entrance of the house. It is known to block the positive energy from the sun.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best direction to keep a money plant at home?

Money plant is a very popular indoor Vastu plant to attract wealth. It should be kept in the Southeast direction to please Lord Ganesha.

2. Which Vastu plants should not be kept inside the house?

Never keep a fruit-bearing plant inside the house. Also, do not keep sappy plants inside the house.

3. Which Vastu plants should be at the entrance of the house?

Lotus should be kept at the entrance. Even a bamboo plant is considered to be very auspicious to be placed outside. It brings money, good luck, wealth, and peace.

4. Is Aloe Vera a good indoor Vastu plant for the home?

Yes. Aloe Vera in the East Direction or Northeast Direction in the house brings harmony, peace, and prosperity.

5. Which indoor Vastu plants attract money and wealth?

Lotus is associated with goddess Lakshmi and she’s the goddess of wealth. A Rubber Plant in the Southeast Direction brings wealth too. Tulsi in the Northeast direction attracts the blessings of Lord kuber – the God of wealth and gold in Hinduism.

6. Which indoor Vastu plants are good in the bedroom?

A Snake plant in the South Direction and East direction and a Rubber Plant in the Southeast Direction are the best Vastu plants for the bedroom.

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