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Vastu Tips for Positive Energy in Home: Do They Help?

Vastu Tips for Positive Energy in Home: Do They Help?

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Vastu shastra holds the beliefs of many people who believe in astrology.

Since planets and nakshatras affect the life of a person, they directly have an impact on the vastu of a house as well. Every direction belongs to a particular planet and that’s the delicate link between astrology and vastu shastra.

Want to understand about Vastu for positive energy in home and the different ways in which you can remove negativity from the house? Then, we’d suggest that you read this guide until the end.

Vastu for Positive Energy in Home – Architectural Tips

We are going to talk about the importance of directions in terms of planetary energy and elements in this section. It will also take you through some common directional Vastu mistakes that might be the reasons behind the weird negativity you feel at home.

  1. Jupiter governs the Northeast direction.
  2. The Southeast direction belongs to Agni dev (the God of fire as per Hindu beliefs) and the planet Venus.
  3. The Northwest direction belongs to the Moon.
  4. Rahu rules the Southwest direction.
  5. The West direction belongs to Saturn.
  6. The Sun rules the East direction.
  7. Mercury is the Lord of the North direction.
  8. Mars is the ruler of the South direction.

The effect of every planet differs. If the Vastu of the house doesn’t keep in mind the directions that these planets rule, it is believed that the planets release negative energy. Hence, directions matter the most when it comes to Vastu for positive energy at home. That said, there are some common Vastu dos and don’ts that are necessary to ensure positive energy at home. Let’s have a look at what the directions according to the Vastu of rooms have to say.

Vastu for Positive Energy in Home – the Entrance

Entrance is the gateway for energy to find its way inside the house. The kind of energy that enters is something that you can control.

The direction of the entrance should be such that you directly face either North or East the minute you step outside the house. These are the directions of Sun and Mercury and both the planets are the influx of positive energy.

Doorway Consideration for Vastu for Positive Energy at Home

  1. The entrance door should open clockwise and should be taller and wider than all other doors in the house.
  2. Make sure there’s no water fountain or a dustbin or shoe rack directly outside the main door.
  3. Hang a horseshoe nail upside down at the entrance to keep evil eyes away.
  4. Hanging the painting of Gods on the wall that’s opposite the entrance attracts positive energy.

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Vastu for Positive Energy in Home – Living Room

The best direction for the living room is the East direction. Other than that, a living room can also face the North or Northeast directions. It’s equally auspicious. The many considerations for living room Vastu for positive energy at home that you should always bear in mind are listed below.

  1. A mirror or a clock in the living room should be hung on the North wall only.
  2. Heavy furniture is better placed in the Southwest wall. The Southeast wall should be used for electronics.

Vastu for Positive Energy in Kids Room

West is the best direction to build a kids room in such a way that the door faces East. Since the west is the direction of Saturn, the positive energy from the West will make the child-focused, less agitated, and happy. Some other vastu tips for positive energy in a kids room are as follows.

  1. The main door shouldn’t be right in front of the bed.
  2. Use a bed made of high-quality wood since wood is a natural element of earth.

Vastu for Positive Energy in Home – the Bedroom

The bedroom according to Vastu shastra should face the Southwest direction for positive energy at home. Some tips to attract positivity are as follows.

  1. A bedroom should be aromatic. Keep a beautiful flower vase with fresh flowers in the bedroom.
  2. Do not hang a mirror on the wall that’s directly in front of you.

Vastu Tips for Positive Energy in the Mandir

Mandir is the epicentre of positivity. Vastu dosh in a mandir affects health in a very bad way. Hence, the first thing to look out for in the direction of the Mandir. Northeast is the most auspicious direction to build a pooja room. Some of the Vastu tips for positive energy originating from the mandir are as follows.

  1. The Mandir should have a high-ceiling design.
  2. The idols shouldn’t face each other.
  3. Light colours and pastel shades are the best for mandir at home.
  4. Mandir shouldn’t be under the staircase and shouldn’t share a wall with the bathroom or the storeroom.

Alternate Vastu Tips for Positive Energy in Home

  1. Sunlight and air are known to remove negativity. So, keeping the windows open at sunrise is a very good idea to attract positive energy.
  2. Use sea salt crystals to clean the floor.
  3. Burn incense sticks to make the atmosphere aromatic and clean.
  4. Hang only positive paintings like the paintings of God or the painting of seven horses to remove negativity from the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Vastu for positive energy in home real?

As per astrology, every direction is ruled by a planet. And vastu shastra is all about the right directions. Hence, astrologers do believe that vastu for positive energy at home is real.

2. What are the best vastu tips for positive energy in home?

Allowing sunlight inside the house, removing broken mirrors, keeping the house clean, and using sea salt to clean the floor are some of best vastu tips for positive energy at home.

3. What are the vastu tips for positive energy in bedroom?

Building the bedroom in the Southwest direction and keeping flowers in the bedroom attract positivity.

4. What is the right vastu direction for mandir at home?

According to vastu shastra, a mandir should be built in the Northeast direction.

5. What are the vastu tips for kids room?

The bed should be wooden and the room should be in the west direction.

6. What are the best vastu items for positive energy at home?

Paintings of Gods, a horseshoe nail at the entrance, indoor flowers, and crystals are some of the best vastu items for positive energy at home.

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