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Most Important Vastu Tips For Flat: How to Remedy Vastu Dosh in Flats?

Most Important Vastu Tips For Flat: How to Remedy Vastu Dosh in Flats?

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Correct vastu for flats is different from the vastu for house or vastu for a workplace. This is why you should follow specific vastu tips for flat when buying one. The most important of those Vastu tips have been listed in this guide.

Vastu Shastra is all about the layout of buildings in the correct directions so that only positive energy remains in the house.

Besides, it is also important to be mindful of the direction of rooms and organization of furniture. If even a single thing is out of place, vastu dosha can actually create hurdles in academic learning, career growth, and even financial aspects. Considering how important this branch of astrology is, we have made this guide that’ll take you through the many Vastu tips for flat.

So, let’s start with the obvious question that naturally would pop up in any one’s head – is vastu for flats different from vastu for homes?  And the answer to this question is, yes.

Whilst for some people the differences might be minor, but in terms of vastu, the differences are significant in the following ways.

  1. Houses tend to have more land and a limited height.
  2. Houses are individual structures.
  3. When it comes to flats, they are a part of a very huge building.
  4. The area is limited and you’re sharing one single building with many people of varying beliefs and varying frequencies.

Clearly, such differences indicate that vastu for flats is different from vastu for houses. This much established, let’s now talk about the vastu of individual rooms in a flat. This is the only way that you’ll be able to pick the right flat.

  1. Vastu Tips for the Entrance

The main door of a flat is considered to be the place from where everything enters inside the house – whether it’s energy or the blessings of Gods and Goddesses. If you’re someone who keeps an eye on Vastu, you would know that there are 3 directions that are the best directions where a house should be facing – North, Northeast, and East. So, as long as the main door of the flat opens into any of these 3 directions, things should be good. Some other Vastu tips for flats are as follows.

  1. The entrance door shouldn’t be painted black.
  2. Placing a dustbin close to the entry door or making rooms like a bathroom or store room close to the entrance is not right.
  3. According to Vastu for flats, the entrance should be bright and well lit too.

  1. Vastu Tips for the Bedroom

If you want mental peace and calm, it is important to pay attention to the vastu of the bedroom. When built/organized in the wrong manner, vastu dosha in the bedroom can lead to insomnia, depression, and even anxiety.

Here are some vastu tips for flats to ensure that the bedroom doesn’t have vastu dosha.

  1. Whilst North is the right direction for the flat, the right directions to keep a bed in the bedroom are south, southwest, or west.
  2. When you sleep, make sure your feet are specifically facing East.
  3. Using pastel/light and soothing colors on the wall is a good vastu tip for a bedroom. In fact, it’s better if the bed sheets and the curtains are simple and pastel too.
  4. Use a more natural material like wood for the frame of the bed. Natural materials are known to attract more positive energy. Also, it’s not recommended to clutter the area under the bed.

  1. Vastu Tips for the Kitchen

A kitchen according to Vastu shastra is the place where health and prosperity begins. For the purpose of maintaining positivity in the kitchen, it is necessary that all the 5 elements/tattvas – air, water, sky, fire, and Earth – are in proper harmony. And, the most effective Vastu tips for flats to make sure that the kitchen doesn’t have Vastu dosha are listed below.

  1. The fireplace should be in the southeast direction. In fact, the entire kitchen should be built in this direction. It will protect the kitchen from fire accidents since the southeast is the direction of Agni deva (the God of fire) and he will protect your house.
  2. The water outflow from the kitchen should face North, Northeast, or East. So, be mindful of where the sink is. Another vastu tip for kitchens is that storing water tanks inside the kitchen is not a good idea.

    Alternate Vastu Tips for the Kitchen
  1. The pantry should face Southwest.

         The windows should open in the North, Northeast, or East.


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  1. Vastu Tips for the Bathroom

Did you know that Vastu dosha in flats is mostly a result of the wrong Vastu of the bathroom? So, be very careful about the following things in a bathroom when buying/renting a flat.

  1. The bathroom should be built in the northwest direction only.

  2. The door of the bathroom should be wooden and it should remain shut at all times.

  3. The walls should be painted in earthy colors only.

Placement of Bathroom Essentials

  1. The toilet seat should face the north-west or west directions.
  2. The toilet sink should (and every other drainage) open in the North or Northeast directions only.

That said, some of the biggest bathroom blunders according to Vastu include the following.

  1. Bathroom sharing a common wall with pooja room.
  2. Bathroom sharing a common wall with the kitchen.
  1. Vastu Tips for the Pooja Room

Pooja room is where all Gods and Goddesses reside. Hence, the vastu of the mandir has to be right. Other than the fact that the best direction to build the mandir is West, the directions to place the idols of Gods are listed below.

  1. Lord Shiva and Ganesha – Northeast.
  2. Lord Rama – Eastwards.
  3. Lord Krishna – Westwards.
  4. Goddesses Lakshmi and Durga – Southeast.
  5. Lord Hanuman – Southwards.
  6. Kul devi and kul devta – Northwest.

These are the main rooms to watch out for vastu in a flat. However, there are still some rooms and furniture organization tips that are important. Let’s discuss them too.

Vastu Tips for Furniture

  • Heavy furniture in the living room should face west or southwest despite the living room should be facing east, north, or northeast.
  • The TV in the living room should be in the southeast.
  • Furniture like a patio in the balcony should face southwest.
  • Swings in the balcony should face North Directions only.

Vastu Tips for Alternate Rooms

  • The balcony should face east or northeast.
  • A water fountain in the balcony is a good vastu practice.
  • Short flowering plants are best for the terrace.

Vastu Tips for Wall Paint

  • The best color for bedroom walls is blue.

  • The best colors for bathroom walls are brown and beige.

  • The best colors for the living room are pastel shades.

  • The best colors for all northwest walls are red and orange.

  • The best color for the northeast wall is yellow.


Color of walls in a flat is important for positivity. Don’t use bed sheets with complicated patterns or dark colors. Don’t hang depressing paintings anywhere in the flat. Lucky directions for different rooms are different.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the most effective Vastu tips for flats' entrance?

The main door should open into the North, Northeast, or East direction only because these are the directions from where positive energy enters the flat.

2. What are the vastu tips for the main door of the flat?

The door shouldn’t be painted black, it should be bigger than all other doors, and it should be made of high-quality wood.

3. What are the vastu tips for the kitchen in a flat?

It should be built in the southeast corner of the flat. Since southeast direction is the direction of the Lord of fire, it is believed that when a kitchen is facing in his direction, he protects the flat from fire accidents.

4. What are the vastu tips for the bedroom in a flat?

The bedroom wall colors should be pastel pink, muted green, lavender, or pistachio green. Also, don’t hang the paintings of dead family members in the bedroom.