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Vastu Items for Home: Know the Right ones that Bring Good Luck and Positivity

Vastu Items for Home: Know the Right ones that Bring Good Luck and Positivity

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Vastu Shastra promotes the concept of attracting positive energies in a house. Yes, it is about the architecture of a building and the directional placement of little lucky items here and there, but it’s equally about what are those items that can actually attract positive energies and make them stay inside the house.

This guide has been curated to take you through a list of some such lucky Vastu items for the home that are super affordable and widely available too.

Interestingly, the concept behind lucky Vastu items feeds on balancing the 5 elements for existence – water, fire, earth, space, and air. The ones that majorly balance these elements in a house are the trinkets worth buying. Hitherto, let’s now take you through some such Vastu items for the home that will definitely bring good luck and positivity.

Vastu Items for the Home Entrance & Living Room

The living room is where most of the positivity generates and circulates inside the house. The following Vastu items for the living room will help in intensifying the presence of positive energies.

Laughing Buddha

The bearer of good luck and positive energy, a laughing Buddha is available in many mudras – Anjali Mudra, Karana Mudra, and many more. You can pick anyone. The only precaution according to Vastu shastra is that the buddha statue should face the southeast direction.

Here’s why a laughing Buddha is one of the best Vastu items for the home.

  1. A laughing buddha is known to catch sadness and eliminate it.
  2. A laughing Buddha is known to be the bringer of peace, harmony, and even money.

A Water Fountain

Have you noticed that the one thing that’s common in most aroma rooms and spas is a water fountain? Well, there is a reason behind it – a water fountain is known to be a Vastu item that can balance the water element. Naturally, having it in the garden is the first best thing. But, in all honesty, not everybody is equally wealthy to own a big house. So, if you’re living in a flat or a condo, you can always opt for small water fountains made in terracotta and concrete. Some of the most affordable ones include wall water fountains and tabletop water fountains.

When placing one in the living room, make sure it is facing the North or Northeast direction. Another tip is to keep a laughing Buddha next to the fountain (the Buddha should face the southeast direction). A few other tips to use water fountains as living room Vastu items are as follows.

  1. Select a corner that’s not directly visible to guests.
  2. A water fountain should never be kept in the bedroom or bathroom.

A Small Bamboo Plant

Bamboo represents wood and when a red cloth is tied around bamboo stacks, the red colour represents the element fire. In other words, wood is the one thing that can balance fire. Hence, keeping bamboo stacks tied with a red ribbon in the living room is an amazing Vastu trick to attract positivity and maintain peace since bamboo prevents evil spirits and negative energies from entering the house.

Some interesting tips for keeping bamboo in the house are as follows.

  1. It is mostly recommended that the bamboo plant should have 10 stacks.
  2. The plant should be kept in a transparent vase.
  3. Bamboo plants should face either East or the Southeast direction.
  4. Remember, a bamboo plant should never be kept under direct sunlight.

Vastu Items for the Bedroom

A bedroom is where you rest, sleep, and dream of making it big in life. Naturally, positivity is the one thing that needs to be harboured here. A few Vastu items for the bedroom that can help in prevailing positive energy include the following.


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A Dream Catcher in the Child’s Bedroom

A dream catcher is of utmost significance in Vastu. Place it on top of the crib/cot where the child sleeps. It does not just catch the good dreams and positive energy, it also removes negativity.

A Family Portrait or Fresh Flowers

According to Vastu shastra, it is very soothing to keep a family portrait or flower vase with fresh flowers in the bedroom in such a way that they stay directly in your sight. A few tips for placing these vastu items include the following.

  • Replace the portrait if the frame cracks/breaks.
  • Replace wilted flowers. Only fresh flowers are recommended.

A Wall Clock

Yes, a wall clock is an amazing vastu item for the bedroom. Have a look at the right ways to hang one in the bedroom to attract positive energy, peace, and even wealth.

  • Hang it on the North wall so that it’s the first thing you see when you wake up.
  • Replace non-working clocks immediately.
  • The clock should never face the door of the bedroom.

Vastu Items for the Balcony

It is very important to pay attention to the balcony so that there’s no vastu dosha. In order to attract positivity, you can actually use the following vastu items for the balcony without a second thought.

Small Lamps

Pretty lamps that give out sober and soothing lights – nothing super bright or flashy at all – are one of the best affordable vastu items for the balcony. You can also use a salt lamp if you like.

A Windchime

A windchime in the balcony is one of the luckiest vastu items for the home to attract positive energy. Some windchime tips that are extremely important for proper vastu are as follows.

  • Wooden wind chimes are the best for balconies. If you have a metal one, it’s best to place this one on the foot of the staircase.
  • The right direction for a wind chime depends upon the material – wooden windchimes should face the Southeast direction and ceramic windchimes should face the Northeast.

Alternate Vastu Items for Home

Whilst the above-mentioned Vastu items bring good luck and peace, there are some others as well. Have a look.

  1. Burning incense candles in the home.
  2. Keeping a metallic tortoise or an aquarium at home.
  3. Seashells are considered to be good omens.
  4. Swastika symbols on the floor entering the mandir at home.
  5. Lighting candles brings peace.
  6. An elephant statue or a u-shaped Horseshoe at the entrance.


  1. The right Vastu items can bring good luck only when kept in the right room.
  2. The direction where the Vastu items are kept is important too.
  3. Only small plants should be kept inside the house.
  4. Tall plants are outdoor Vastu items for the home that should be kept on the balcony.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best vastu items for home to bring good luck?

A laughing Buddha in Anjali Mudra brings good luck and fame. Keeping a small bamboo plant in the East direction and keeping fresh flowers in the bedroom bring good luck too.

2. What are the best vastu items for the entrance?

An elephant statue at the entrance is known to protect your family from negative energy. A u-shaped inverted horseshoe nail at the entrance is known to protect the house from evil eyes.

3. What are the best positive energy vastu items for home?

Wooden windchimes in the balcony, facing Southeast attract positivity. Metallic tortoise in the living room and small soothing lights in the house remove negativity.

4. What are the best vastu items for the bedroom?

Fresh flowers and family portraits are the best Vastu items for the bedroom. A dream catcher in the child’s bedroom is also a good Vastu-recommended addition.

5. What are the best vastu items for wealth?

Laughing Buddha in the Karana mudra is known to bring wealth. A terracotta water fountain and a round wall clock in the living room are known to attract wealth too.