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Best Direction to Study: Best Direction for Study Table according to Vastu

Best Direction to Study: Best Direction for Study Table according to Vastu

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Vastu Shastra is much more than the ancient science of building structures in a way that positivity prevails.

As surprising as it might sound, it is vastu, according to astrology, that decides which is the best direction to study

The statement might sound simple but, in reality, vastu is not at all simple to execute – different directions have different meanings. It is one of those aspects of vastu that we are going to talk about in this guide – the direction that’s best to study and things to avoid in a study room and will also include the best direction for Study Table according to Vastu. 

How to Utilize Vastu Tips for Studies?

The first thing that keeps children from excelling in academics is distractions. That’s what vastu aims to remedy. When a house is built according to Vastu, it helps children in improving their focus.

When building a house, or buying one, keep an eye on the following things.

  1. The north direction is spacious and there’s no obstruction that hampers sunlight in any way.
  2. There shouldn’t be any obstruction between you and the study table.
  3. The study room should be big and spacious.

Having said that, the most important things that matter the most when talking about the best direction to study, here’s what Vastu Shastra has to say.

East Direction for Study

East is the best Vastu direction for study. It is believed that the Sun (Surya dev) can bestow a person with a clear mind. It is known to remove every kind of confusion and fill the mind with positive thoughts only. So, make a special note to ensure your child is facing eastwards when studying.

North Direction for Study

North direction is known to attract positive energy from the North Pole. It is one of the most important directions in Vastu. Even the general instructions say that the North should have big openings in the front but the back should be closed for the positive energy to stay, not escape.

Do keep in mind:

There should be no bookshelf between you and the north direction. Obstruction of any kind will create Vastu dosha.

The study table in front of you should be just the right height. Also, it is better than the shapes are not complicated – simple square or rectangular shapes are preferred.

There should be a solid structure behind the back. The reason is again the same – it is important to trap positive energy inside the house.

Now that you know that the east and the north directions are best for studies, there are some things that you should keep in mind while designing the study of your house. They are important so that the child is able to concentrate on studies for a long time.

Wondering what they are? If yes, just read the guide until the very end.

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Precautions to Take While Designing the Study Room

Room Interiors

Whether the child is facing eastwards or northwards, make sure that the wall that’s directly in the front is never empty. It is best to hang the certificates of the child on those walls.

Positioning of the Furniture

Storage of any sort should be behind the study chair in the room. There should be no obstruction between the north and the child no matter what. Also, make sure that the lamp is always kept on the left side of the study table.

Minimizing the Distractions

While Vastu shastra pesters on the presence of something hanging on the north wall and the east wall, the one thing that shouldn’t be hung is a mirror. A mirror on the wall, even if the child is facing the best direction to study, will cause distraction. In other words, be mindful of want you use in the interiors.

Proper Organization

Having the best furniture in a spacious room with an adequately sized and shaped table and chair can still not be sufficient if the room isn’t properly organized. What we mean is that decluttering is mandatory.

It’s most important to ensure that the study table is not littered with pens, stationery, or notebooks. They should be properly organized and kept in a corner on the table to let the child focus better.

Alternate Vastu and Astrological Remedies to Improve Concentration

Once you settle the Vastu of the room so that the child is facing the best direction to study, the following few remedies will help in increasing the focus and concentration even more.

  1. Looking at both palms as soon as one wakes up is known to bring positivity in attitude.
  2. Violet and lemon yellow are the two colours that, according to Vastu, improve the focus. So, ensure that you get the walls painted in violet or Lemon yellow.
  3. The northwest corner of the house should be lower than the southeast corner. This is important in Vastu since higher northwest is known to create a barrier in getting higher education.
  4. As long as the subconscious is calm and peaceful, the focus will be better. So, whether it’s music that refreshes you or it’s yoga that helps you focus better, practice these calming techniques daily.
  5. Make sure that there’s a solid wall behind the study chair instead of a door or window.


  1. A scattered and unorganized study table is a major distraction.
  2. Pastel colours are known to reduce distractions and improve focus.
  3. Music helps in improving the focus.

In a nutshell, it is necessary to add little elements in the best direction to study to increase the effect and positivity in the study room and the entire house in general.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best direction to study?

East and North are the best directions to study. The East is ruled by the Sun. The sun helps in removing doubts. The North direction attracts positivity that’s essential to stay motivated.

2. Which is the best direction to study for competitive exams?

Always study in a Northeast room when preparing for competitive exams. You should be facing either North or East.

3. What are the most important Vastu tips for the study room?

The study room should be neat and organized and there should be no mirror because, according to Vastu Shastra, a mirror causes distraction. Also, make sure that there’s no obstruction between the child and the North direction.

4. What are the most effective vastu tips to improve concentration?

Painting the walls of the study yellow and violet will help. Also, the northwest corner of the house should be lower than the southeast corner. Looking at both the palms when you wake up also improves concentration.

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