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What to Do if a Black Cat Crosses Your Path? Is it Necessarily a Bad Omen?

What to Do if a Black Cat Crosses Your Path? Is it Necessarily a Bad Omen?

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Saguna Shastra is a branch of astrology that deals with omens – their meaning and their relevance in human life. Whilst some omens are good and some are bad, the thing that you need to bear in mind is that omens are just an indication of what is about to happen. They are not the reason behind any event, just a foretelling.

One of the biggest omens that’s feared in the Hindu culture is a black cat crossing your path. Since it’s a bad omen, people end up hurting black cats and that’s not the right thing to do.

A black cat represents the planet Saturn (Shani). Harming the cat will make the planet even more aggressive. That said, if you’re wondering what to do if a black cat crosses your path so that Saturn doesn’t get more aggressive, then this is just the right guide to read.


What to Interpret if a Black Cat Crosses Your Path?

Before you can learn about what to do if a black cat crosses your path, it’s important that you know what happens when a black cat crosses your path.

Here are the possible meanings.

  1. It means that the task you have at hand will not get complete.
  2. It means that the work that you left the house will bear unfavourable results.
  3. It means that Shani Dev is angered in your birth chart.
  4. Last, it also means that every important work, whether in career or personal life, will keep getting delayed and that will leave you frustrated.

Quite clearly, black cat crossing is just a sign that Saturn is creating hurdles in your path. It is, in no way, the fault of the cat. So, harming one is not a solution.

In order to understand and practice the remedies to do when a black cat crosses your path, it’s also required that you have a basic idea about what causes Shani Dev to get aggressive in your birth chart.

Here are some reasons:

  1. Saturn is the planet of justice. If you’ve done anything bad in your past life, the karma is known to follow you in all the next lives. So, bad deeds in the past are one reason that you might be born with Shani Dosha.
  1. If you have harmed or killed an innocent person or animal in a past or present life – even, by mistake – Lord Shani is aggravated.
  1. Deceit is the one thing that planet Saturn judges. It gives an adequate punishment for any kind of treachery that you do in order to succeed in your career. In fact, the results are much worse if the deceit stems out of jealousy instead of greed.

That said, a few indications that Shani Dev is specifically causing hindrance in your life, other than a black cat crossing your path, are as follows.

  1. Most part of your life goes into poverty despite your working hard.
  2. You do get opportunities, but, for inexplicable reasons, you end up losing those opportunities.
  3. You face delay in your marriage and once you’re married, your life gets disturbed. You aren’t ever in agreement with your partner and there are frequent fights between the two of you.
  4. You are often cheated and betrayed by your close ones only.

If you’ve been facing such problems too, you might want to get your birth chart read by an astrologer to find out if Shani is in the wrong house in your birth chart.

That said, let’s now come to understand what to do if a black cat crosses your path.

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Simple Solutions if a Black Cat Crosses Your Path

  1. Return home and light a Diya in front of Lord Ganesha. He, who is the Lord of everything auspicious, will bless you with good luck so that your work doesn’t get delayed.
  2. If you can’t return home since your work is urgent, just walk 10 steps in the backward direction. On the 10th step, turn around exactly 3 times. It is believed that in this way the bad luck will not touch you.
  3. If you’re driving and then a black cat crosses your path, it is highly advised to not go ahead at all. You should return home or wherever you were coming from.


Long-term Remedies


  1. Pleasing Lord Shani is the best remedy if an astrologer confirms that the planet is indeed sitting in the wrong house in your birth chart.
  2. Donate oil as Shani daan to the Brahmins.
  3. You can also offer oil in a Shani temple and visit the temple on every Saturday to seek forgiveness for whatever wrongs you’ve done.
  4. One of the best things is to stop cheating and duping people. And stop being cruel to animals.

Hitherto, now that you know what to do if a black cat crosses your path, it might also be interesting to understand that a black cat crossing the past isn’t always bad and isn’t always good. You’ll be surprised to know how the meaning of a black cross crossing the past changes from county to country, century to century, and profession to profession.

Meaning of Black Cat Crossing Path – When is it a Bad Omen?

  1. Gamblers consider that black cross crossing the path will bring bad luck.
  2. Germans believe that black cat crossing the path is a bad omen, but only if the cat crosses the path from right to left.

Meaning of Black Cat Crossing Path – When is it a Good Omen?


  1. Pirates in the 19th century used to believe that if a cat walked towards someone then it meant good luck.
  2. Latvian farmers consider that black cats represent the God of harvest. Hence, they’re never associated with any sort of bad luck.
  3. Sometimes it is also believed that Lord Shani might be trying to warn you to not go ahead since he’s pleased with you and doesn’t want you to meet with an accident. This is the reason that you should turn back if a black cat crosses your path while you’re driving.


  1. A black cat crossing your path can be a good omen as well as bad omen.
  2. The black cat doesn’t decide the fate, it just brings a warning.
  3. Harming black cats will bring misfortune and misery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a black cat crossing the path bad?

According to Vedic astrology, yes. However, the black cat crossing path is an omen, a warning from Gods that something inauspicious might happen.

2. What is the meaning of a black cat crossing your path?

It means that Shani dev might be angry or agitated. It also means that you might have to face financial problems shortly.

3. What happens if a black cat crosses your path?

It is believed that the work you left for will remain incomplete and important tasks will get delayed. It is also believed that most of your life will be spent in poverty, your marriage will be delayed, and you might not share a good bonding with your spouse.

4. What to do if a black cat crosses your path?

Return home and offer your prayers to Lord Ganesha by lighting a Diya. You can also walk 10 steps back and on the 10th step, spin thrice in your place.

5. What to do if a black cat runs in front of your car?

Do not proceed and drive back home no matter how urgent the work is. It is believed that Shani dev is warning you about an accident that can be avoided if you drive back.