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Lizard Falling on Head: Is the Omen Good or Bad?

Lizard Falling on Head: Is the Omen Good or Bad?

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Dreaming about specific events is one thing but having them occur in real life is entirely different. One such event that has always piqued the attention of many people is the meaning of a lizard falling on head. Whilst some people might argue that omens are either good or bad, we, humbly, for once, disagree. Do you know how many stars have to align for a single omen to occur? So, it’s just not practical to consider that their meaning can be so plain. For example, omens can be good or bad depending on the time of the day they occur, your zodiac sign, and also how they impact your body and so on. This is exactly the approach that we are going to follow to explain to you what it really means when a lizard falling on head.

Fascinated yet? If so, let’s take you on the celestial ride of the mystical astrological world to explain to you what this omen means.

But, first things first –

If you’re a man, a lizard hitting your body on the right side means it’s a good omen. For women, a lizard should hit the left part of the body for the omen to be a good one.

That being established, here’s all that goes behind the hidden meaning of a lizard falling on head.

When the Lizard Hits the Back of the Head 

Not necessarily harmful to you in a physical sort of way, this is the one omen that indicates a kind of back luck coming in the way of your maternal uncle(s).

When the Lizard Hits the Right Side of Your Head 

Again, this omen brings no physical harm to you, but it can emotionally trigger you. That’s because it means some harm might come to your brother and the harm will most of a serious nature.

When the Lizard Hits the Center of Your Head

Now, this is the one omen that you would not want to occur. That’s because a lizard falling on the center of your head means you might suffer from some kind of illness soon. The illness could be of a serious nature and might continue to affect you for a long time.

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When the Lizard Hits the Exact Center of the Crown of Your Head

This is a debatable sort of omen since it indicates death. Many astrologers believe that it isn’t possible to predict death since stars and planets continue to change their positions even as you breathe. But, what cannot be ignored is that omens do matter in astrology. So, while nothing can be confirmed in the sort of a prediction, but yes, talking about it in general, a lizard falling on the crown of the head does indicate that death might be approaching your family.

Here’s another insight that you might want to know: Even the position of the crown where the lizard falls can change the entire meaning of this omen. We have already explained what it means if the lizard falls in the center of the Crown, here’s the rest of all there’s to tell.

  1. If the lizard falls on the back of the crown, it means bad luck is about to end. And just like that, it turns into a good omen.
  2. If the lizard falls on the front of the crown, it means some kind of harm might actually come in the way of your maternal uncles.

However, this doesn’t mean you cannot change the bad luck that comes your way if a lizard falls on your head in the wrong places. The certain things that you can do to defy sickness or death that this omen might bring along are listed below. Just have a look at them to understand how the science of omens works.

  1. Death befalling your way due to a lizard falling on the head can be defied if you take to reciting the Mahamrityunjaya jaap.
  2. It is strongly believed that the bad luck that this omen brings along can be reversed if you visit the Varadaraja Perumal temple and get to touch the sacred idols of the golden and silver lizards carved on the roof of the temple.
  3. If you’re someone who lives far away from Kanchipuram, it’s but obvious that visiting the Varadaraja Perumal temple will not be an option. So, what you should instead do is, wash your head immediately and either consume Panchgavya or donate til to sadhus, or both.

In a nutshell, omens like a lizard falling on the head are foretellers of luck – it doesn’t matter whether it’s good luck or bad luck. And, luckily, there are ways to avert harm. All you need to do is chant holy mantras or perform certain ceremonial vidhis and the stars will align themselves in your favour again.

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