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Cancer Woman: Know the Cancer Woman Traits and her Conflicting Personalities

Cancer Woman: Know the Cancer Woman Traits and her Conflicting Personalities

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Mysterious as a riddle, crazy as a storm, bright as the Sun! If you saw a woman carrying so many emotions in the blink of an eye, voila, you just saw a cancer woman pass by. A cancer woman never goes by the clock and you just can’t tame the wildness in her.

If you have a cancer woman in your life, you know how difficult it is to manage her once she makes up her mind.

No matter if she entered your world a few days ago or you’ve had for a lifetime, she’s still an onion – the layers of her emotions run all the way down to her core. But she’s someone you don’t want to lose, trust us! If a cancer woman has been rocking your world too, we think you’ll have a wonderful time reading this guide that’ll help you decode the many mysterious cancer woman traits.

Cancer Woman at a Glance

A cancer woman wears her heart on her sleeves. She’s not someone who’s going to leave her friends alone no matter the situation. You can’t just wake up one day and enter her life. She takes time! A lot of time to accept people in life. You ask us why?

  1. She’s been hurt way too much because of her trusting nature.
  2. She’s not the type to have many friends.
  3. She’s so tricky that, at times, she confuses herself.

10 Personality Traits of a Cancer Woman

Physical Appearance of a Cancer Woman

With Moon as her ruling planet, a cancer woman is the epitome of beauty. You can’t unsee her once you see her. She doesn’t have to work on her looks. She’s blessed with beauty by birth.

  1. She’s blessed with big bright eyes.
  2. Her attractive body has perfect curves.
  3. She’s not thin like a stick nor plump like a mango. She’s just the right size.
  4. She has a medium height and a delicate body frame that makes her very sensual.

Cancer Woman and Her Mood

If you’ve been with a cancer woman, you already know that she’s very very moody. If you’re planning to date one, you should know what you’re signing up for.

  • She’s not your pet – Don’t try to boss her around. You don’t want to see her erupt!
  • She’s unpredictable – Chirping one moment and getting silent the very next second, that’s how unpredictable she is.

Cancer Woman and her Emotions

One of the reasons that a cancer woman has limited friends is that not everybody can deal with her over-emotional side. Knowing her takes time and patience and making her accept you is another task. But believe us, keeping up with her tantrums so that she stays in your life is the best decision you could ever make.

A cancer woman might be tough, but she’s the best friend ever. She’s not at all judgemental. If you make a mistake, she’ll forgive you, not immediately, but she will.

  1. She’s a Leaking Tap – It won’t take much time before she starts to cry. She takes everything to her heart.
  2. She’s Confusing – It’s hard to know what’s going on in her head. If she’s silent, it could be two things, a) she’s observing you and b) you’ve hurt her.
  3. She’s Restless – A cancer woman is an emotional mess. She has so many personalities in one that it leaves her drained.

Cancer Woman and Her Honesty

You have the snake by its tail now. She’s so sentimental because she’s very honest and she expects her friends to be honest with her too.

Don’t expect that she’s going to let you in her life again once you hurt her and she decides to move on.

Cancer Woman With her Friends

Bear in mind, a cancer woman does not share her friends. If you’re hers, you can’t be anybody else’s. She’s that 4 AM friend who’s always a call away if you need her. You’ll be lucky to have such a person in your life. Why? She’s the rare type who wouldn’t mind going to jail for her friends.

What we mean is, she won’t let anyone hurt you and not pay the price. If she’s your friend you don’t really need anyone else in life.

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Cancer Woman and Her Relationships

She’s emotional, she’s possessive for her man, she’s not easy to understand! What do you expect? She doesn’t do very well in relationships as long as the other person fully understands her. But, she’s worth every trouble she might cause.

You will never find anyone as loyal and committed as a cancer woman in love. She loves hard and doesn’t give up on hope so easily.

  1. She’s an old soul who believes in fairytales.
  2. She believes that a knight in shining armour will guard her.
  3. She believes in happy endings.
  4. She believes in soulmates.

Cancer Woman and Her Sex Life

Sex for her can never be meaningless. If she shares intimacy with you, she really loves you. And if she loves you, you’re a lucky man. She’s not shy and loves to experiment. She has a big sexual appetite. Spark just won’t leave your relationship, ever.

Cancer Woman and Her Attitude

Some people think that cancer ladies are aloof and they have an attitude. But that’s just an outward facade of hers. She has that look in her eyes so that if you’re mean, you stay away from her from the very beginning.

If you look deep down in her soul, you’ll find a scared little girl. She feels very vulnerable and exposed and that’s why she is cold on the outside.

Cancer Woman and Her Career

A cancer woman is very creative. She spends half her time imagining things. What’s better than being a writer for her? She can show you what she’s imagining in words and you’ll be left hypnotized. She’s not over-ambitious though. She likes to keep time for her family and friends.

Cancer Woman and Her Spiritual Side

You can’t have noticed that she can be very detached at times. That’s because she’s more than just flesh and blood. She’s very spiritual. When she goes into the mode of self-analysis, she shuts out the world. That’s her me-time. She spends it the way she likes it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is a cancer woman in bed?

Adventurous, we’d say. She’s romantic but she likes it if a man takes charge of things in bed. She’s not shy and is willing to experiment.

2. Are cancer women good kissers?

Yes. They’re very emotional and sentimental and they love very hard. You’ll experience the fervor and desire in her when she kisses you.

3. Are cancer women moody?

Very much. They might seem calm on the outside but they’re always thinking on the inside. Their mood fluctuates according to what they’re feeling and how they’re feeling.


4. Which zodiac sign should a cancer woman marry?

Taurus and Scorpio are the two zodiac signs that can put up with these drama queens. They can connect with her on the spiritual level too.

5. What are the negative traits of a cancer woman?

She’s very possessive. That can make her a bit clingy and even jealous at times. A cancer woman is quite dramatic and it’s hard to deal with her temper tantrums.

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