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Cats Eye Stone Benefits Decoded! Find Out if You Can Wear a Cats Eye Stone Ring

Cats Eye Stone Benefits Decoded! Find Out if You Can Wear a Cats Eye Stone Ring

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Planets are the mysterious forces that, according to Vedic astrology, medical astrology, and even numerology, decide the life path of a person. And gemstones are the Astro tools that can strengthen a weak planet or help reduce the malice of restless planets. In this guide, we will take you through the mysterious powers of the cats eye stone. It is the gemstone of the Karmic Planet, Ketu. Dive in and explore the cats eye stone benefits and much more. 

What is a Cats Eye Stone? 

Cats eye gemstone is a super precious stone. It gets its name from its unique resemblance with the shape and even the color of cats’ eyes. It is a powerful healing stone. There are many considerations for wearing one. 

If you’re not a suitable candidate for the cats eye stone and you still wear it, the side effects of cats eye stone can be very harsh. It can make you sick and very poor. 

Bear in mind, a cats eye stone is known to be the signifier of the planet Ketu itself. It’s not a piece of jewelry to flaunt. You have to be very careful when wearing it. 

3 Things to Consider When Wearing a Cats Eye Stone 

Some things in astrology are too powerful for one’s own good and a cats eye stone is the perfect example. The powers of this stone are so dazzling that the bearer has to wear it in the right way to ensure that the stone doesn’t result in side effects. Those are the kinds of things that we have listed below. Dig in! 

Find Out if You Can Wear a Cats Eye Stone 

Not everybody is the right candidate to wear a cats eye gemstone. 

A cats eye stone should not be worn without proper research on whether you’re even allowed to wear this stone. We have decoded all such mysteries in the section below. Have a look! 

People Who Cannot Wear a Cats Eye Stone

  1. People who have Kaal Sarp Dosha
  2. People who are wearing a Hessonite Garnet stone ring. 
  3. People born during the Medam Lagna and the Chingam Lagna. 
  4. People who are wearing Blue Sapphire, diamond, or Emerald. 

People Who Can Wear a Cats Eye Stone 

  1. People who have Ketu Dasha in their Kundli. 
  2. Natives of the Aries Zodiac Sign. 
  3. People who already have a strong Ketu in their Kundli. 

The Purity of the Cats Eye Stone 

Since this is a precious gemstone, people might be inclined to wear a lower carat or a fake cats eye stone. But, these are not the right ways. The purer the stone, the better it is. 

  1. Only the original cats eye stone has healing powers. 
  2. The ideal weight is anywhere between 3 to 6 carats. 

Depending upon the carat’s value and also the country of origin, the cats eye stone price can range between 31k to 1.5 lakh. 

Proper Vidhi (Procedure) to Wear the Cats Eye Stone

A gemstone as precious as a cats eye has to be activated before it can be worn. So, everything matters! 

  1. The ideal day to wear a cats eye stone is Tuesday. 
  2. It should be worn early in the morning at sunrise. 
  3. Wear the stone in silver metal. 
  4. Keep the ring submerged in honey and milk one night before you have to wear it. 
  5. Recite the Rahu and Ketu Beej Mantras while wearing the ring at sunrise. 
  6. It should be worn on the middle finger or the ring finger of the working hand. 

5 Cats Eye Stone Benefits 

It Can Make You Spiritual 

Wearing an activated original cats eye stone offers spiritual enlightenment. Ketu, the shadow planet, is the planet that can impart wisdom and the learning of higher beings. The person wearing a cats eye stone is, thus, spiritually healed. The many positive effects of spiritual enlightenment are as follows. 

  1. You’ll feel less and less attracted to materialistic pleasures. 
  2. You’ll become more tolerant and sympathetic.
  3. You’ll feel more inclined to perform good deeds to add to your good karma. 

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It Offers Peace of Mind

This is one of the best cats eye stone benefits. Ketu is the planet of emotional healing. It will bring you to a place where you’ll learn the actual purpose and meaning of life. Hence, you’ll be able to experience peace even in the middle of chaos. 

It Offers Physical and Mental Healing 

Ketu is a planet that, when afflicted, results in sickness and sorrows. Wearing a Cats eye stone can actually strengthen weak or afflicted Ketu and offers the following health benefits.

  1. It offers relief from digestive problems.
  2. According to medical astrology, this stone can also heal cancer. 
  3. It is known to offer relief from mental conditions like depression and anxiety. 
  4. It promotes sleep and helps improve conditions like insomnia. 

It Brings Success and Removes Bad Luck 

A cats eye stone is a wonderful good luck charm. Many astrologers suggest wearing a high-carat cats eye stone if you’re a businessperson or someone who works in the stock market or the trading sector. 

  1. Wearing a cats eye stone pleases Ketu. 
  2. Strong Ketu makes a person rich. 

Remember, a strong Ketu can protect the wearer from accidents, evil eyes, black magic, and the malice of other planets too. 

It Will Make You Intelligent and Intellectual 

A benevolent Ketu can calm down Saturn and Rahu in a Kundli. Hence, the native is blessed with much more than just spiritual knowledge. 

  1. You will become exceptionally intuitive. 
  2. You’ll be able to come up with out-of-the-ordinary solutions for problems at work. 
  3. You’ll become very intellectual and people will start believing in you and the decisions you make. 
  4. You’ll be mentally stable and relaxed. Hence, the decisions you make will be logical and fruitful.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are cats eye stone benefits?

It is the stone of Ketu. Hence, wearing it strengthens weak Ketu. It also makes the wearer lucky, intuitive, intellectual, and wealthy. It can also offer protection from accidents, black magic, and evil eyes.

2. Who can wear a cats eye stone?

People who have Ketu Dasha should wear a cats eye stone. It is also recommended that you wear it if your zodiac sign is Aries and Ketu is already strong in your Kundli.

3. What is cats eye stone price?

An original cats eye stone between 3 to 6 carats costs between 31k to 1.5 lakhs. The price also varies according to the country of origin. It is believed that cats eye stones from Sri Lanka are the purest.

4. What are the side effects of the cats eye stone?

If you aren’t the right candidate and you still wear it, it will afflict Ketu and anger Rahu too. Hence, it can lead to depression, anxiety, and can also make you agitated and aggressive. It might also bring back luck and result in monetary losses and poor health.

5. How to wear a cats eye stone?

You should wear a cats eye stone on a Tuesday morning. Keep it in honey and milk in a silver bowl one night before wearing it. Recite the Rahu and Ketu beej mantras while wearing the stone at sunrise.

6. Which is the right finger to wear a cats eye stone ring?

Wear it on the middle finger or ring finger of the working hand. Also, make sure that the band of the ring is silver and that the stone is touching the skin.

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