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Yellow Topaz Stone Benefits in Astrology! Find Out How to Wear Yellow Topaz

Yellow Topaz Stone Benefits in Astrology! Find Out How to Wear Yellow Topaz

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Gemstones secure a very sacred place in the Hindu culture. According to Vedas, Puranas, and Upanishads, gemstones are blessed by many Planets and Gods. When a native zodiac sign wears a gemstone, it is believed that all the problems in the life of the bearer are resolved. One such miraculous stone is the Yellow Topaz Stone. Want to learn about the intriguing yellow topaz stone benefits and the fascinating facts about its mysterious powers? If yes, you’ve just hit a goldmine. We have all the answers. Dive in! 

Interesting Facts about the Powers of Yellow Topaz Gemstone 

Yellow Topaz is known by the name of Tapas in Sanskrit. Our ancestors used to believe that this gemstone carries the blessings of the mighty Surya Dev (the Sun). Modern astrology carries the same belief that’s centuries old. Yellow Topaz is associated with the Throat Chakra and Stomach Chakra in the human body

In fact, even ancient Egyptians believed in the healing powers of yellow Topaz. It was a common belief in Egypt that sun rays were trapped inside the yellow topaz stone and that gave the stone its fiery bright yellow color. 

The ancient Romans and Greeks weren’t far behind. They too believed that Yellow Topaz had been blessed by the planet Sun itself. 

Remember, people usually confuse yellow topaz with yellow sapphire. But these stones are different. The ruling God of yellow topaz is the Sun and the ruling God of yellow sapphire is Jupiter. 

Summary of the Yellow Topaz Facts at a Glance 

  1. Yellow Topaz is a native stone for people born in November. 
  2. The ruling planet of this gemstone is the Sun. 
  3. It’s a mystical stone that has many healing powers. 
  4. It is associated with the throat chakra and stomach chakra. 

What is Yellow Topaz Meaning? 

By now, it should be clear that yellow topaz has been treated as a powerful magical stone in almost all ancient cultures, not just Hinduism. So, the first question that pops up in mind is, what is the meaning of yellow topaz? 

The right astrological definition goes like this – Yellow Topaz is a golden-yellow gemstone that is known to carry the powers of the Planet Sun. Scientifically speaking, yellow topaz is a mineral of the Silicate family. 

6 Astrological Benefits of Yellow Topaz Gemstone 

It Offers Protection From Evil

Blessed by the mighty Sun itself, it is believed that wearing a yellow topaz ring protects the wearer from the evil eyes of people and the malice of agitated planets. 

It Brings Growth and Prosperity 

The Sun is the source of all the energy on Earth. Without the Sun, life cannot sustain in any form. So, one of the best yellow topaz stone benefits according to astrology is that it brings growth in all aspects of human life. 

Wearing a yellow topaz ring is known to help the wearer in getting back stuck money. It is also known to provide growth in the business. 

It Brings Inner Peace and Mental Strength 

The Sun is the bringer of positive energy in life. According to Vedic Astrology, activated yellow topaz removes all negative energy not just from the surroundings, but also from the soul of the wearer. 

The person wearing a yellow topaz ring becomes more relaxed since yellow topaz is believed to control anxiety and cure depression.

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It Can Heal the Sick 

One of the best yellow topaz stone benefits is that it has miraculous healing powers. Astrologers believe that wearing a yellow topaz ring can promote health in the following ways. 

  1. It can cure insomnia. 
  2. It can promote the digestive health of a person. 
  3. It is known to reduce anger and rage by bringing mental stability. 

It Brings Harmony in Married Life 

There are many reasons that wearing a yellow topaz stone can make married life peaceful. First, yellow topaz reduces anger and aggression. Second, it is believed that this gemstone can bless a childless couple with children. And last, it reduces negative thoughts and drives negative energies away. 

It Removes Financial Instability 

The Sun is the Karak of growth and progress. This is why it is believed that yellow topaz brings amazing career opportunities. 

  1. You will become better at making important decisions at work. 
  2. Your work will not only be noticed but appreciated. 
  3. You will be able to focus on your work.

Always remember, wearing activated yellow topaz is considered to be very beneficial for people in creative fields like writing, painting, and acting. 

How to Wear Yellow Topaz – The Correct Vidhi to Activate it

A gemstone is nothing but a precious jewel if its healing powers are not activated. Yellow Topaz is no different. It is blessed by the Sun, but it has to be purified and activated first for the Sun to show its effects. 

You need to keep all the below-listed factors in mind in order to wear yellow topaz in the right way.

  1. The correct day to wear the stone – It is believed that yellow topaz should be worn on Sunday, the day of Surya Dev. 
  2. The correct time to wear the stone – It is best to wear the stone before sunrise. However, if you can’t, make sure you wear it before noon during Shukla paksha. 
  3. The correct metal to wear the stone – It is best that you wear yellow topaz in gold. However, if you can’t afford gold, Panchdhatu is the next best option. 
  4. The correct way to activate the stone – Take a yellow metallic bowl before sunrise. Put gangajal, unboiled milk, honey, ghee, and Tulsi leaves in the bowl. Then keep the stone inside the bowl while chanting the Surya Naman mantra, Om Bhaanve Namaha. Continue chanting the mantra 108 times. 
  5. The correct finger to wear the stone – yellow topaz ring should be worn on the ring finger of the working hand. 

Remember, it is very important to activate the yellow topaz stone to call upon the blessings of the Sun. Without activation, the stone will not provide any astrological benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who should wear yellow topaz stone?

People in the creative fields and people born in November are benefitted the most by wearing the yellow topaz stone.

2. What are yellow topaz stone benefits in astrology?

It is believed that yellow topaz can cure depression and anxiety. Astrologers also believe that wearing yellow topaz brings good luck, money, and career growth.

3. What is the ruling planet of yellow topaz?

The Sun is the ruling planet of yellow topaz.

4. What finger do you wear the yellow topaz ring on?

You should wear the yellow topaz ring on the ring finger of the working hand, not the index finger.

5. How to wear the yellow topaz stone?

Activate it by chanting the Surya Naman mantra 108 times. It is best to wear the yellow topaz ring on Sunday of the Shukla paksha before sunrise.