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Cheiro Numerology: How to Use the Cheiro Numerology Chart to find the Name Number?

Cheiro Numerology: How to Use the Cheiro Numerology Chart to find the Name Number?

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Numbers and destiny have been a cause of fascination since ancient times. One of the oldest numerology charts, the Chaldean numerology chart, has been traced back to the 6th Century. Many numerologists since the past many centuries have tried to make predictions using Chaldean numerology, but no one could do it better than Cheiro, the popular numerologist from the 19th century. A very popular figure during his times, he’s the father of cheiro numerology that we will be discussing in this guide.  

Interested in finding out who Cheiro was, the secrets that he inscribed in the famous cheiros book of numbers, why did he gain popularity, and how to find out your birth number using Cheiro numerology? If yes, this guide has all the answers. Dive in! 

History of Cheiro and His Popular Predictions 

Cheiro is a pseudonym that a famous palm reader, William John Warner, adopted to make future predictions in the 19th century and the late 20th century. Some of the most accurate predictions that Cheiro made include the following. 

  1. The prediction that Arthur James Balfour would become the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. 
  2. Issuing a warning about a serious tragedy to the chairman of the company that made the Titanic. 
  3. Predicting the uprisings of the Russian Revolution and World War 2.
  4. Predicting the year of his own death, 1936.

Cheiro’s readings were so accurate that people during his time, even today, were forced to believe in the Cheiro numerology chart. 

What is the Cheiro Numerology Chart? 

Cheiro numerology chart contains digits from 1 to 8. It excludes the number 9 because the number 9 holds a sacred position that cannot be assigned any alphabet. 

Here’s how the cheiro numerology chart looks like:

1 – A, I, J, Q, Y

2 – B, K, R

3 – C, G, L, S

4 – D, M, T

5 – E, H, N, X

6 – U, V, W

7 – O, Z

8 – F, P

As you can see, every digit from 1 to 8 is assigned some alphabets. This is the basis of finding out the future according to Cheiro Numerology. 

How to Use Cheiro Numerology Chart to Make Predictions? 

Every number in cheiro numerology indicates certain spheres of human life. The spheres could be career, death, luck, wealth, health, marriage, and so on. In order to make accurate predictions, the birth number and the name number of a person are calculated using the Cheiro numerology chart. 

Let’s give you an example: Take a random name, say, David Lee, and find out about what the destiny of this person would look like. 

D in cheiro numerology is 3.

A in cheiro numerology is 5.

V in cheiro numerology is 5.

I in cheiro numerology is 1.

D in cheiro numerology is 2.

So, David sums to, 3+5+5+1+2 = 16 = 1+6 = 7.

L in cheiro numerology is 3.

E in cheiro numerology is 5.

E in cheiro numerology is 5.

So, Lee sums to, 3+5+5 = 13 = 1+3= 4.

So, David Lee would sum to, 7+4 = 11 = 1+1 = 2.

So, the Name Number for David Lee is 2

Now, let’s say, this person, David Lee was born on the 13th. The month and year don’t matter much. The date matters the most in cheiro numerology. 

So, 13 = 1+3 = 4.

So, the birth number for David Lee is 4.

Hence, the personality, future, and career of David Lee would correspond to what the numbers 4 and 2 mean in numerology. 

Hoping that by now you know how to calculate your name number and birth number, we’d like to take you through the specific meaning of numbers in cheiro numerology. 

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8 Numbers and Their Meaning in Cheiro Numerology 

Number 1 in Cheiro Numerology 

The Sun is the ruling planet of number 1 in Cheiro numerology. It means that the natives with the number 1 as their birth or name number will carry the blessings and qualities of the Sun

  1. These people can become entrepreneurs and great world leaders. 
  2. They’re strong and positive. 
  3. They help people working under them. 

Number 2 in Cheiro Numerology 

The Moon is the ruling planet of this number. So, natives with the number 2 as their birth number or name number are very attractive.

  1. They are very creative. 
  2. They avoid conflicts and rarely argue. 
  3. They are very good at acting, dancing, writing, and painting. 

Number 3 in Cheiro Numerology 

Number 3 in the cheiro numerology chart is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and knowledge. These people are intelligent by birth. 

  1. They’re very good at giving advice. 
  2. They are very disciplined.
  3. They can be very dominating. 
  4. They are hard to win an argument against. 
  5. They are great scholars, world leaders, and very good at managing finances.  

Number 4 in Cheiro Numerology 

Rahu and Uranus are the ruling planets of the number 4. Rahu makes these people spiritual and Uranus makes them creative. These people can be anything but foolish. 

  1. They’re intuitive. 
  2. They make their own path.
  3. They aren’t good at taking criticism. If you do criticize them, make sure you have a valid explanation. 
  4. They can be wonderful actors. 

Number 5 in Cheiro Numerology 

It means that the native is ruled by Planet Mercury (Budh). Mercury makes these people very charming and active. 

  1. They don’t just dream, they make their dreams come true. 
  2. They think very highly of themselves.
  3. They give respect only when they’re respected. 
  4. They are very good athletes. 
  5. They can do pretty well in sports. 
  6. They are very good with numbers. So, the stock market is where they flourish the most. 

Number 6 in Cheiro Numerology 

Number 6 is ruled by none other than the planet of beauty and pleasure, Venus. Venus being the ruling planet, these people are somewhat materialistic. But, that’s not all! They have more depth than that. 

  1. They’re very attractive but they don’t feel that others are below them.
  2. They are very faithful and loyal to the people they love. It makes them excellent lovers. 

Number 7 in Cheiro Numerology 

Neptune is the ruling planet of the number 7. It makes these people thirsty for knowledge.

  1. They travel a lot to gather a wealth of knowledge. 
  2. They’re excellent philosophers and philanthropists. 
  3. They’re creative, not materialistic at all. 

Number 8 in Cheiro Numerology 

Saturn is the ruler of the number 8. Just like the planet, these people, too, have a very strong sense of justice and karma.

  1. They believe in doing good deeds to improve their karma. 
  2. They have strong opinions about everything. 
  3. They can change the world with their ideas. 
  4. They make exceptional politicians. 

While 9 isn’t given any alphabet, it still is relevant in cheiro numerology. It is the number of the planet Mars. 

So, if we go back to what David Lee would be like, he’s a 2 and 4. Which means, he has the qualities of Moon, Rahu, and Uranus. He’s very attractive and spiritual. He’s creative, but he doesn’t like to be criticized without a valid reason.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Cheiro numerology accurate?

According to famous numerologists and palm readers, Cheiro numerology is pretty accurate.

2. Is 8 a good number in cheiro numerology?

It’s an extremely strong number since it’s ruled by Saturn. So, yes, it is good when Saturn has a kind eye.

3. Is cheiros book of numbers accurate?

Yes. It is the basis of all modern numerology predictions.