Child Birth Astrology – Can it Predict the Time of Birth and get a Free child birth Astrology Predictions

Child Birth Astrology – Can it Predict the Time of Birth and get a Free child birth Astrology Predictions

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Every person on Earth has children – says who?

There are many couples who are blessed with children, but then, there are so many barren couples too. It’s not just science behind the concept of pregnancy and childbirth, the role of planets and the Lords of the houses in a birth chart cannot be overlooked. The branch of astrology that has all the information about childbirth you and the remedies to get a child is childbirth astrology.


The Role of House and Planets in Progeny

The 5th House in a birth chart is responsible for children. The different planets (most importantly, Jupiter and moon) that are sitting in the 5th House and the ruling planet and ruling Lord of the 5th House have a major impact on progeny. The combinations that make the yoga of childbirth are as follows.

  1. Putra Saham – Just like there is mrityu saham (the planetary combination indicating death) or Pardesh Saham (the foreign travel yog), similarly there is Putra Saham (the planetary combination for childbirth). The combination of Jupiter and moon determine putra saham. When Jupiter is in transit over the Putra Saham, it creates an auspicious time for progeny.
  2. Beeja Sphuta (sperms) for Males – The combination of Sun, Jupiter and Venus have a direct impact on sperm motility and fertility. Planet Venus signifies sperms. Jupiter is the karaka that signifies children. And the Sun is the karaka that signifies the father. All these planets, when strong together  indicate high progeny chances.
  3. Kshetra Sphuta (eggs) Females – Another word to better understand a Kshetra is field (where the conception has to take place). No matter if the Beeja Sphuta is extremely fertile, if Kshetra Sphuta is weak, no progeny will occur. It is the combination of Mars, the moon, and Jupiter that indicates the chances of progeny in females.

Points to Remember

  1. If Beeja Sphuta is in the 9th house, it’s a strong indication of no child.
  2. If Kshetra Sphuta is in the 5th House, it indicates the high probability of a miscarriage.


Garbh Dharan Tithi (Date for Conception)

Now that you know what planetary combinations are responsible for childbirth or no child, the next thing you need to know in childbirth astrology is Garbh Dharan. The different tithis (dates) that are auspicious for the birth of a healthy child are as follows.

  1. Role of Menstruation Cycle – According to childbirth astrology, a conception between the 4th and the 16th night of the period cycle gives in a healthy child.
  2. Sex of the Child – The child that’s conceived on even nights between 4th and 16th night of the menstrual cycle is a boy and a child that’s conceived on odd nights is a girl.
  3. Most Auspicious Dates for Strong Conception – 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, and 13 are the lucky dates for conception. It eradicates the chances of miscarriage.
  4. Most Auspicious Nakshatras for Conception – According to childbirth astrology, all the 7 fixed nakshatras (Mrigasira, Anuradha, Hasta, Shravanam, Dhanishta, Swati, and Satabhisha) are highly auspicious for conception.
  5. Days that are Good for Conception – A child conceived on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday is said to be very lucky.

Auspicious Lagna for Conception – All the auspicious planets that increase the probability of conception should be in the trikona or kendras in the birth chart. And all the malice planets should be in the 3rd, 6th, or the 11th House.

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The Role of the 5th House (the House for Childbirth in Astrology) in Detail

The Prasana Sastra in the 5th House is not just an indication of childbirth, but a guarantee of conception. The different planetary combinations in the 5th House that ensure childbirth are as follows.

  1. The connection between the Lord of the 5th House and the Moon.
  2. The connection between Jupiter and the ruling planet or ruling Lord of the 5th House.
  3. A benefic planet in the 5th or 11th House.
  4. Mercury in the Prasna Lagna.
  5. Mars, Sun, Moon, and Venus in the respective Houses at the same time.
  6. Moon and Lagna Lord sitting in the 5th House together.
  7. The ruling Lord of the 5th house in Seershodaya.
  8. Strong Venus in the 5th House.
  9. Rahu sitting in the chatra Rashi.
  10. Rahu sitting in the Arudha lagna.

Things to Remember

  1. If the Lagna lord is combusted due to any reason, the male child is born with birth defects.
  2. If the ruling Lord of Arudha Lagna lord or the ruling Lord that 9 places away from the Arudha Lagna are combusted, the female child is born with birth defects.
  3. If the moon or the Lagna Lord present in the 3,6,9,12 house result in Ithasala yoga formation in the 5th House, it means no child.


Remedies for No Child according to Childbirth Astrology

Astrology has solutions to all kinds of doshas and problems that are a result of planetary misalignment. And no child is no different. The most effective 2 remedies for no child or repeated death of children at an early age, according to Vedic astrology, are listed below.

  1. Bury an earthen pot with Honey inside in shamshan (a burial ground) on Tuesday.
  2. When a child that’s born is in fragile health, distribute something made with salt instead of sweets and make the child wear old clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which planet is responsible for child birth?

The planet Jupiter (Guru graha) is the karaka of children. In other words, Jupiter is the planet that indicates childbirth.

2. Which planet is responsible for male children according to child birth astrology?

The placement of Sun and Jupiter in the natal chart is responsible for the birth of a male child.

3. Which planet is responsible for girl child according to childbirth astrology?

The position of the planet mercury determines the birth of a girl child.

4. Which Nakshatra is most auspicious for child birth?

All the 7 fixed nakshatras are most auspicious for child birth. Those are Mrigasira, Anuradha, Hasta, Shravanam, Dhanishta, Swati, and Satabhisha.

5. Which house according to childbirth astrology is responsible for children?

It is the 5th house in the kundli that’s responsible for children.

6. Which zodiac sign is most fertile according to childbirth astrology prediction?

Cancer is considered to be the most fertile zodiac signs amongst all the 12 zodiac signs.