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Copper Kada Astrology: What are the Benefits of wearing Copper Kada in astrology ?

Copper Kada Astrology: What are the Benefits of wearing Copper Kada in astrology ?

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Gemstones, metals, and rudraksha have a very sacred place in astrology.

According to Vedic astrology, wearing jewelry made out of any of these healing dhatus brings peace, wealth, and fortune. 

Copper, Gold, and Silver are the 3 most precious metals in astrology and it is extremely fascinating to read about the benefits they offer. This guide, about copper kada astrology and the benefits of wearing other metals, is an intriguing guide that you must have a look at if you’re a believer of the cosmic and celestial powers.

An Insight on Copper Kada Astrology

Did you know that according to ancient astrology the metal copper is known to catch and eliminate all negative energy? It can (and should) be worn in the following 2 ways only for maximum benefits.

  1. As a band (kada) around the wrist.
  2. As a ring.

Precautions of Wearing a Copper Kada According to Astrology

  1. Women should wear copper kada in the left hand and men should wear it in the right hand.
  2. If you’re wearing a copper ring  make sure it’s worn in the ring finger.
  3. Make sure that you keep the copper kada in gangaajal before wearing it.
  4. Never wear adulterated copper. Keep it as pure as possible.

The Benefits of Wearing a Copper Kada

Known to govern the mind and soul of the bearer, a copper kada is an eventful metal that, according to astrology, symbolizes agony and aggression – meaning, it can, according to the 4 Vedas, end sufferings and reduce anger.

Having said that, people usually prefer gold and silver since they are metals of royalty, but copper is something that’s very precious despite it might not look as stylish as other expensive metals.

Some of the unparalleled astrological benefits of using and wearing a copper kada are listed below.

  1. A Copper Kada Increases Disease Resistance

According to copper kada astrology, if you’re someone who falls sick often, no other metal can be as beneficial as copper. A copper kada is most significant when the mental health of the bearer is in question. The healing benefits of wearing a copper kada are as follows.

  1. It helps in reducing depression.
  2. It can deal with mental conditions that are a result of anxiety and stress.
  3. It helps in calming down the mind that helps in controlling aggression.
  1. Copper Kada is Beneficial if You have Surya (Sun) Mahadasha

If an enemy planet sits in the house of Surya dev (the Sun) in a birth chart, the person has to deal with Surya Mahadasha. And Copper is the best Metal that can reduce the fury of Lord Sun. The benefits of wearing a copper ring or a copper kada to reduce the malice of the sun offers side benefits – listed below – too.

  1. It increases the confidence and social skills of the bearer.
  2. It deals with physical diseases like blood pressure and many other heart disorders.
  3. One of the better things about copper is that it starts showing the benefits very quickly.
  1. Copper Kada Induces Positivity

One of the reasons that the bearer of a copper kada experiences peace and calmness is that copper is known to change the entire outlook of the person. According to many stargazers, copper metal can actually counterfeit negative thoughts and make the person positive from within rather than just sprinkling positivity in the surroundings. 

Now that you know a good bit about copper kada astrology, let us take you through the astrological benefits of metals like Gold and silver too. Have a look at the benefits of these metals and do try them if you can afford them.

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Gold Kada Astrology

 Gold is a metal of astrological significance since it is known to open and activate the crown chakra in the body. Before we take you through the many astrological benefits of a gold kada or a gold ring, let us take you through the precautions of wearing one.

Precautions to be Taken When Wearing a Gold Kada

  1. Wear the gold kada in the left hand for the metal to offer astrological healing benefits.
  2. Refrain from wearing a gold anklet.
  3. Beading a gold bracelet in a red string is recommended only for youngsters.

Astrological Benefits of Wearing a Gold Kada

  1. Gold is the one metal that can reduce the ill-effects of bad karma from the past life.
  2. A gold kada is known to bring surplus wealth and fortune.
  3. Wearing a gold ring or a kada opens better opportunities at work. If worn in the right way, it will help you in succeeding in your career like never before.

Silver Kada Astrology

Silver is next best to gold. Its astrological benefits are just as meaningful as the astrological benefits of wearing a gold kada. That said, there is just one precaution of wearing a silver kada which is, do not wear silver kada or any other silver jewelry if your star sign is Aries, Capricorn, Leo, or Sagittarius. Remember, silver is not the metal for you.

Astrological Benefits of Wearing a Silver Kada

  1. It strengthens the Planet moon in a birth chart.
  2. It is the only metal that is known for its sterilizing benefits. Wearing a silver kada can, thus, balance and eliminate toxins from the body.
  3. Another fact about silver is that it is antimicrobial. So, according to astrology, it helps in improving health conditions like influenza, skin wounds, anger and aggression control, skin ulcers, and anxiety and palpitation.


  1. Copper kada astrology indicates that gender decides the hand in which a copper ring should be worn.
  2. Copper ring will change color to greenish after a while.
  3. The greenish color is an indication that it is eliminating toxins.
  4. Copper kada can reduce the malice of the Planet Sun.
  5. Silver is the only metal to calm down and even please Chandra Dev (Moon).

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the significance of copper Kada astrology?

It is believed that copper metal absorbs and eliminates negative energy from the surrounding. Hence, people from ancient times have been wearing a copper Kada as a protection from evil spirits and negative energies.

2. What are the benefits of wearing a copper Kada?

It is believed that wearing a copper Kada reduces mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. A copper Kada can also reduce the malice of the Sun.

3. Who can wear a copper Kada?

Everyone. If you’re a male, you should wear a copper Kada on the right hand. If you’re a woman, you should wear a copper Kada on the left hand.

4. What are the astrological benefits of wearing a Gold Kada?

It is believed that wearing a gold Kada reduces the problems caused due to past life sins. It is also known to bring good luck, wealth, fortune, and career success.

5. What are the astrological benefits of wearing a Silver Kada?

It is believed that wearing a Silver Kada strengthens the weak Moon in a birth chart. It is also known to reduce anger and health problems like skin ulcers and wounds.

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