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East Facing House Vastu Plan: The Do’s & Don’ts

East Facing House Vastu Plan: The Do’s & Don’ts

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Many people are believers in Vastu Shastra. When the decision of buying a home comes to your mind, you may choose an East-facing home. Well, that’s auspicious for sure, but it is not the sole direction that makes the home auspicious. In fact, it’s not just the direction that is taken into consideration. People have to follow the right placement, orientation, and other things when planning an east-facing house Vastu plan so that everything is according to Vastu rules. 

Since you’re here, we want to share some of the dos and don’ts of an east facing house Vastu plan to avoid the chances of Vastu Dosha. Dive in for the details! 

Unraveling the East Facing House Vastu Plan

East-facing homes are wonderful. If you have placed everything correctly as per Vastu, the home will bring harmony, peace, good health, fame, name, and also growth. 

If you look at the Vastu shastra table, you will find a total of nine sections or padas. 

The Entrance Point of East Facing Homes 

The fifth pada is the most auspicious one and it requires you to completely focus on the main entrance of the east-facing home. As per Vastu Shastra, this direction is blessed by Surya devta or the Sun. Surya the God of Kyati (fame) and East is his direction. So, there is a chance that an east facing house Vastu plan will bring positivity and heaps of sunshine in your life. 

What does the house pada refer to? 

In Vastu for home, there are nine padas or sections. The usage of pada one and two is not considered auspicious or favorable. However, if you don’t have any option, please ensure that you leave about six inches of space from the house wall in the north-east direction. 

The East Facing Home – Dosh 

When constructing walls in West and South, make them tall and also thicker than the walls in the East and North. Here are some other things to note:

  • The kitchen should be towards the South-east side or the North-west side only. 
  • You should be facing the East in a South East kitchen or else West in a North-west kitchen while working or cooking. 

Homeowners can also place some plants outside as these are beneficial for bringing positivity in the house. 

North-east facing homes 

North-east is an auspicious and favorable direction for pooja as per Vastu for house. 

The pooja room east facing house vastu plan would be ideal if the room is towards the North-East direction. Get in touch with an expert as he/she will help you to make an idealistic east facing house vastu plan for a pooja room

Your living room should be towards the North-East direction. This is where you will be spending quality time with the family members. It is a socializing point for many families. 

Let’s not forget about the guests! Guests are no less than Gods in Hindu dharma. So, you must have a separate room for them in your house. If you have a guest room in the home, try to keep it in the north-west direction. 

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Which plot is considered good? 

Many people like to invest in plots and lands – they get a lot of space to build their dream homes. If you wish to keep Vastu in mind, make sure the plot has a slight slope. South to North is considered to be auspicious and good. You should not buy a plot with a slope of north to south. This should be avoided by all means. 

Where should you build your bedroom? 

The Master bedroom should be towards the South-West direction. This is ideal for a home facing the east direction. Vastu for home is considered to be an important guideline for those who believe that it brings luck and prosperity. The position of the bedroom will also play an important role as this is where you spend most of your time with your partner. 

5 Don’ts of East Facing House 

  1. Toilets should always be built in the North-east corner. 
  2. The bedroom should not be built in the North-east corner. 
  3. The North-East corner is not good for a septic tank. 
  4. North-east direction is not ideal for a staircase. 
  5. North-east corner is not favorable for a kitchen. 

Where should you construct the garden? 

The garden area is a wonderful place to be in and spend your time. You can plant trees, roses, and all kinds of fruits in your little garden. This is where you will soak up the sunshine and play with the little ones. It is a great space to read a book and get drenched in the rain. However, if there’s Vastu defect in your garden, it might bring dreadful bad luck. 

If you are following the east facing home Vastu plan, please do not plant trees in the north or east side of your plot. You can plant as many colorful flowers in your garden to bring heaps of positivity. 

How to choose the perfect color for your East facing home? 

An East facing house should have a light color scheme. The home will be getting plenty of sunlight, so a lighter color would just make it look and feel welcoming. The best colors to choose will be light blue or white for an east facing home

Concluding Thoughts:

East is supposed to be the best direction as per Vastu. There are others as well. However, as per Vastu, you should keep certain things in mind while constructing the kitchen, bathroom, garden, bedroom, and other spaces. So, always consult a Vastu expert to make sure your house is free of Vastu Dasha.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is an east facing house good?

East-facing sites are seen to be beneficial for structures and multi-story flats, according to Vastu Shastra rules. This direction, however, is not among the greatest alternatives for independent houses and bungalows.

2. Where should be the kitchen for east facing house?

The kitchen should be oriented in either a south-east or north-west direction. In a south-east kitchen, one must face east, while in a north-west kitchen, one must face west. The walls in the north and east should be shorter and thinner than those in the south and west.

3. Are east facing windows good?

Because the sun rises in the east, the East-facing side receives the first faint rays of sunlight in the morning. East-facing windows get a lot of light and get a lot of natural heat without being too hot or cold.

4. Which is better north facing or east facing house?

East, north, and north-east-facing homes, according to Vastu Shastra, are the most auspicious. However, this is not the only factor that influences the flow of positive energy into your home. Because the north is associated with Kuber, the God of Wealth, north-facing dwellings should have been the most popular.

5. Which facing house is not good?

South-facing homes are often seen as unlucky, and they frequently receive a poor rap due to the idea that Lord Yama, the God of Death, resides in the Dakshina (South) direction. The truth is that Vastu shastra does not categorize a direction as favorable or negative.