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What’s Vastu Pyramid: Unraveling the Secret Behind It!

What’s Vastu Pyramid: Unraveling the Secret Behind It!

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The entire mankind is aware of the Pyramids in Egypt, but they wonder why these were built. After a lot of research and brainstorming, they found out that the triangular structure was not built for preserving The Mummy, but to harness cosmic energies. Did you know there’s a Vastu pyramid as well? 

When there is a misalignment of energies, it can invite dissatisfaction and heaps of negativity. Thus, it is essential to find a solution. 

A pyramid is a structure that represents hope and fitness. It is an essential method for correcting and also negating the ill effects of Vastu dosha. 

What’s the secret behind the name? Well, Pyra means energy or fire, and Mid means the center of the heart. The peak of the pyramid houses’ constructs waves from the universe and also the environment. 

People always talk about negative and positive energies – and that’s why the Vastu experts came up with the idea of a Vastu pyramid. 

The question is – What’s a Pyramid Vastu? You will find that out in this article. So, keep reading! 

What’s Vastu Pyramid? 

Every home or office space needs to be Vastu-compliant. This is to ward away negativity and welcome positive vibes. Home and office owners should eradicate all kinds of hazardous and malicious activities. You can use Vastu pyramids to attract positive energy. These are energized instruments that possess supreme powers. 

Are Vastu Pyramids are EssentialHere’s the Truth 

A Vastu pyramid can ward off all the negativity from your home. In fact, once you place a pyramid Vastu in the home, it will absorb all the negative energy and bring a positive aura. Many houses have a bad vibe and they lack happiness and prosperity. This is due to the non-compliance to Vastu Shastra tips. 

As we move forward, you will come across the ways to install Vastu pyramids and also the benefits of having them in the house. 

Vastu Pyramid Installation 

What about Vastu pyramid placement? Don’t worry as we are here to guide you. 

Most people get overwhelmed by all the Vastu shastra tips. The good part is that a Vastu pyramid is pocket-friendly and easy to find as well. These structures are also very effective in bringing a positive aura. 

In case of any Vastu defect, a pyramid Vastu will help in warding off the negativity from the house. 

Where to Keep the Vastu Pyramid in the house? 

This is one of the most common dilemmas.  Installing the pyramids is done in a strategic manner. You need to choose a specific location that sees a lot of energy. Make sure it is placed in the central point of the house or any other room which is considered as an energetic point. 

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The Benefits of Placing a Vastu Pyramid 

Each corner of the home can be fitted with a Vastu shastra pyramid. It can also be found in the office, bedroom, kitchen, sitting room, lounge, and more. Besides its use for Vastu correction, it has other benefits too: 

  1. It is known to help with the growth of land and wealth. 
  2. It can help to strengthen relationships and creating a harmonious environment.
  3. It is also believed that correct Vastu pyramid placement helps improve the focus of students 
  4. The Vastu pyramid will nullify all the ill effects of bad Vastu. 
  5. Homeowners will get better sleep at home and it will keep them energized and fresh. 
  6. The pyramid Vastu also acts as a deterrent to negative energies and black magic. 
  7. Water kept under the Vastu pyramid gets energized and helps in skin ailments. 

5 Vastu Pyramid Types 

There are quite a few Vastu pyramids – they differ in size, purpose, and many unique features. Let’s take a quick look! 

The Promax Vastu Pyramid 

This particular pyramid is used for financial activation, project activation, building and land construction, property investment construction, and much more. 

The Multier 9×9 Pyramid 

This Vastu pyramid is a multi-layer instrument and it is mostly used for house Vastu correction. It has a lot of power and also ensures beneficial land shifting and changing. 

The Flat Max Vastu Pyramid

A flat max pyramid is helpful for flats and apartments. To make the house lively and positive, place this flat max pyramid in the most energetic spot.  People usually place it where the family or people gather and spend lots of time. 

The Bemore 9×9 pyramid 

Bemore 9×9 pyramid is used for enhancing luck. It is an effective tool that energizes the whole place and brings good vibes. 

The Education Vastu Pyramid 

The Education pyramid helps in enhancing a child’s knowledge and also wisdom. Keep this pyramid at home to bring positive effects in a child’s life. They will be keen to learn and grow! 

Vastu Pyramid for Main Door 

As per Vastu, the home entrance should face north, east, northeast, or west. These are the directions that promote prosperity. 

In case you have the main entrance towards the south, you must correct it by using a helix or a pyramid. Also, the door should open in a clockwise direction or inwards. Use the Vastu pyramid for main door to ward off negativity. 

Concluding Thoughts 

A Vastu pyramid is such an essential part of a home. If you have been experiencing too much negativity in the house, bring home a Vastu pyramid. You can speak to a Vastu expert and ask them which type would be suitable for your home. 

Each of the pyramids has a unique and effective role to play. You will benefit from them naturally!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Vastu pyramid do?

Pyramids, according to vastu shastra, help to keep negative energy at away, allowing for prosperity in the home. Placing a pyramid in the house can help to eliminate vastu flaws. For the best outcomes, they should be placed in a specified area. Pyramids are considered energised instruments.

2. Can we keep pyramid in pooja room?

The ceiling in your pooja room should be low. A gopura-like or pyramid-shaped top will help to create a good atmosphere. If space permits, a barrier and two-door entry should be considered.

3. Is Pyramid good for home?

According to Vastu Shastra, having a pyramid in the house is beneficial. Keeping a pyramid in the house boosts the household’s revenue and ensures its prosperity. Place the pyramid in the area of the house where the family spends the most time.

4. Which pyramid is good for study?

Learning ability is improved by placing a Vastu pyramid near the study table. According to Vastu Shastra, having images or statues of Goddess Saraswati or Lord Ganesha on or near the study table is also beneficial. The Saraswati Yantra, which is considered auspicious for increased concentration, can be placed on the study table or near the bedside.

5. How should we use pyramid as per Vastu?

The Wish Pyramids can be utilised in Vastu as well, and should be put in the South East for positive energy. If we keep pyramids in each room, they will convert the negative energy produced by televisions, refrigerators, mixers, washing machines, and grinders into positive energy.