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A Guide on North Facing House Vastu

A Guide on North Facing House Vastu

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If you believe in Vastu, then this article will give you an insight on how a North facing house Vastu home plan is best for those who want to lead a blissful life. 

According to Vastu, North Facing homes are auspicious. North-east-facing homes are also considered auspicious just like the East-facing ones. Prospective homebuyers can purchase a North-East facing home as that will also be good for their health and peace of mind. 

Believers of Vastu say that North is reserved for Lord Kuber and he is the Lord of Gold, Wealth, and Prosperity. There is a chance that buying this house will attract a lot of wealth. However, do not believe in this blindly because the entire home should be Vastu-compliant. 

In case of incorrect structures, the homeowner should get them remade. Consult a Vastu expert in case you need advice on North facing house Vastu. 

Vastu Tips for North Facing Homes 

There are certain north facing house Vastu plans and tips that one can follow. Here’s something you should take note of:  

  1. The master bedroom must be chosen as per Vastu tips. The best direction would be southwest for this. 
  2. In case you have a temple or pooja room, place it towards the Northeast direction only. 
  3. Kubera mirror is to be fixed at the North wall. This mirror is also called, ‘Kubera Yantra.’ 
  4. The living room should be in the Northeast direction. 
  5. The guest room can be in the North-west direction. 
  6. Then, the kitchen must be in the North-west or South-east direction. 
  7. The door should be placed towards the North direction. 

If you are constructing a home, please follow the Vastu guidelines. It should be Vastu-compliant. 

Whether it is the placement of a mirror in the bedroom or the bed itself, you must follow Vastu rules for peace and prosperity. 

About Pada and Main Door 

Pada is supposed to be one of the nine parts right between the North-west and northeast directions. In case there is a home that consists of a north face, then the following guidelines need to be followed: 

  1. The door should be placed towards the north direction.
  2. The 5th pada is considered to be auspicious. It brings wealth and good luck. 
  3. North-west direction is not supposed to be included. 
  4. North-east direction is used for pada calculation. 
  5. All of the North padas are considered auspicious.  
  6. The 5th Pada is considered to be the best. 
  7. The Vastu plan of your home is supposed to be the most crucial document for your prosperity, wealth, and good luck. 

North Facing House Vastu Plan With Pooja Room

Vastu tips for a north facing home: 

  1. The puja room must be between North and East. 
  2. West is best for kids’ rooms. You can also use it as a study room or a dining space. 
  3. The stairs can be in the North-facing direction. 
  4. The kitchen, guest bedroom, and living room must be towards the southwest. 

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Directions as per the North-east corner Vastu planning: 

  1. North East should never be the stairs or guard room. 
  2. It should not be a pooja room either. Northwest direction can be a good guest room. 
  3. The Northeast direction is not considered ideal for a guard room and kitchen. 
  4. Southwest is ideal for a garage, stairs, master bedroom, and even bathroom. 
  5. Southside is best for an overhead tank and stairs. 
  6. East is ideal for balconies, halls, and verandah. 

Say Hello to Good Luck in a North-Facing Home: 

If you wish to attract good luck to your home, you must follow the following Vastu tips: 

  1. Build a home or buy a property that is north-facing. It brings good health. 
  2. North-facing homes should get extended towards the Northeast direction. 
  3. North-facing homes will have women with stellar leadership qualities. 
  4. Place the Kubera idol towards the north side to attract good opportunities. 
  5. Place a tulsi plant towards northeast or north to drive away negative energy. It will turn into positive energy. 
  6. You must get a north-facing house vastu plan with puja room. 

North Facing Home Plan 30×40 As per Vastu 

When planning a North facing home as per Vastu, you can note the following things: 

  1. The northeast corner Vastu planning should be intact if the home is being stretched to the east. 
  2. If you wish to make a guest room, choose the North-west direction. 
  3. North-east direction is best for a puja room. 
  4. Get a Vastu consultant onboard to make the North facing home plan. 
  5. In order to bring fortune, you must make a home as per the Vastu plan. 
  6. Kubera moola adds good value to your home. 

North Facing Duplex Home Plan According to Vastu 

  1. The door should be towards the North. 
  2. There are nine padas or steps in the North. 
  3. Pada 5 is most auspicious. 
  4. In case of Telugu Vastu house plan, you must get in touch with a good Vastu consultant. 
  5. In case of home plans for Tamil families, North facing homes are ideal. 

West Facing Home Vastu Plan 

In the case of West facing homes, you must consider having a west-facing house plan according to Vastu. Follow these considerations: 

  1. The main door must be placed in the 3rd, 4th, or 5th and 6th pada. 
  2. In case the above-mentioned padas are not possible, choose 1st or 2nd
  3. In case of a west-facing home, you must know which Rashi benefits from this direction. 

For South Facing homes: 

Get in touch with a professional Vastu consultant. Everyone should have a proper Vastu for house plan. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Get a consultant for Vastu plan on board and let them design your dream home. You must consider yourself lucky that you have a North-west facing home. The owner of a Northeast home should also feel blessed. 

Follow all the North-facing house Vastu guidelines to attract good luck and wealth. 

The guidelines are basic, but with an expert by your side – you will be able to build or buy a home that is fully Vastu-compliant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should be kept in north direction as per Vastu?

This is referred to as wealth and career direction. Budha is the planet associated with this direction. The north direction is occupied by the Vaastu Purush’s chest and breast area. Due to the bodily components of Vaastu Purusha, this direction should always be more open, lovely, light, and less burdened.

2. Why is north facing house better?

A north-facing property receives sunlight from the back, making it darker and naturally cooler than a south-facing residence. East and north are regarded to be very important for prosperity and health in Vastu shastra, an ancient Hindu architectural system.

3. What are the disadvantages of north facing house?

In frigid climates, this is a poor choice. Natural daylight is often reduced, resulting in a darker environment. Increased use of heaters to keep the house interior at suitable temperature results in higher electricity bills; however, this disadvantage can be mitigated by installing more south-facing windows.

4. Is it good to buy north facing house?

According to Vastu specialists, is a house that faces north good or bad? As previously said, north-facing residences are the greatest, according to Vastu professionals and the majority of people. Because Lord Kuber is the lord of this direction, it is quite likely that occupants of the north-facing property will benefit financially.

5. How do I know if my house is north facing?

The orientation of a structure on its site is often described by the compass direction that the structure’s front facade primarily faces—for example, a house with its main entrance facing north is described as north-facing.