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6 Effective Vastu Dosh Remedies for Home

6 Effective Vastu Dosh Remedies for Home

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Vastu for a house is different from Vastu for a flat or Vastu for an office. A few reasons behind such differences in the right Vastu include how big or small the space is the kind of energy that amounts to the number of people under one roof, and even the kinds of Vastu items that bring positivity. Quite clearly, it means that the Vastu dosh remedies for home would be different from the Vastu dosh remedies for flats.

If you live in a house, then this guide is made especially for you.

How to Find Out if Your House has Vastu Dosha?

Do you know what the real meaning of Vastu is? It means a dwelling, a place where you live. The different energies in a house come from stars, planets, even the sky and wind. So, when talking about the right Vastu for a house, it’s much more than just the right direction for a room.

The first thing that’s essential for you is to understand the problems that Vastu dosh causes. Only then you’ll be able to determine whether or not your house has Vastu dosha.

Here are a few things to note.

  1. Frequent fights disturb domestic life.
  2. Misunderstanding between family members.
  3. Lack of enthusiasm and positivity.
  4. Accidents of serious nature.
  5. Fire accidents inside the house.
  6. Fear of theft.
  7. Constant mental tension and anxiety without any real reason.

If you notice that any or all of the above-mentioned factors are affecting the quality of your life, it is a clear indication that your house has Vastu dosha.

That said, we will now take you through the many Vastu dosh remedies room by room so that no corner of the house can harbour negativity anymore. Let’s get started.

Vastu Dosh Remedies for the Bedroom in a House

The correct Vastu for a bedroom is something that’s of utmost necessity. It’s the one place where your mind is at peace, a place where you relax and connect with your spouse. If the bedroom has Vastu dosh, your married life can turn into a mess.

The following 2 Vastu dosh remedies for Bedroom will Certainly Help

Proper Adjustment of the TV in the Bedroom

Make sure that any surface that reflects the bed – a mirror, a TV, even a photo frame – shouldn’t be placed on the wall that’s in front of you.

Some of the Vastu tips to keep a TV in the bedroom are as follows.

  1. The TV can be placed on either side of the bed.
  2. It shouldn’t face the Northeast or the southwest direction.

Keeping Plants in the Bedroom

One of the best Vastu dosh remedies for a house is keeping plants in the bedroom. That said, there are some precautions to follow.

  1. Whichever plant you choose, make sure it’s a real plant.
  2. The plant should be small, not very big or too bushy.
  3. It is better to keep plants like a money plant at a sharp corner.

Some of the best plants for the bedroom to remove Vastu dosh are a bamboo plant, Lily, jasmine, and lavender.

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Vastu Dosh Remedies for the Entrance and Living Room of the House

The entrance is where energy enters inside the house. The kind of energy that enters differs. If negative energy enters, it will affect the health of every member of the family.

The following 2 Vastu dosh remedies for the entrance and living room of the house will certainly help you. 

Hanging a Horseshoe Nail on the Entrance

A horseshoe nail, according to astrology, blocks evil spirits and negative energy from entering inside the house. However, always remember that it should be hung upside side. When fixed in the right way, a horseshoe nail is known to bring a lot of wealth and good luck.

Hanging the Picture of a God

It is believed that the first thing that a person entering your house should see is the picture of a God. It protects your family from evil. So, hanging an auspicious painting of a God, probably Lord Ganesha, on the wall (in the living room) that’s right in front of the main door will resolve the Vastu dosh at home.

Vastu Dosh Remedies for the Kitchen

To begin with, the right Vastu direction for the kitchen in a house is the Southeast direction. And southeast is the direction of Agni dev (the God of fire). So, any Vastu dosh in the kitchen can cause fire accidents. That said, there is 1 amazing Vastu dosh remedy for the kitchen. Have a look.

Keep Crystals in the Kitchen

Keeping crystals in the house is generally good. However, keeping specific crystals at specific places in the kitchen is an amazing Vastu dosh remedy for houses.

  1. You can keep Venus crystal on the top of the gas stove.
  2. Keeping a rock cluster in the space in between the kitchen sink and stove is known to absorb negative energies.

Vastu Dosh Remedies for the Bathroom in the House

A bathroom is a room that causes maximum Vastu dosh in the house. You can, however, remove Vastu dosh from the kitchen with the remedy listed below.

Pick the Right Color for the Walls

The bathroom walls should be painted in earthy colours. It is known to absorb negativity from the house. Also, the placement of the mirror in the bathroom matters too. It should be hung on the northeast wall of the bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can vastu defects be corrected?

Yes. There are many vastu remedies for houses that can correct a vastu dosh without having to reconstruct the place.

2. How do I know my house has vastu dosh?

If members in your family frequently fall sick and everyone in the house is always fighting with each other, it means that the house has vastu dosh.

3. Is vastu for a house the same as vastu for flats?

No. They are both quite different from each other. So, be careful of which vastu dosh remedy you apply to remove negativity.

4. When can I expect results from vastu remedies?

You’ll start noticing the positive changes as soon as the corrections are done.

5. Does vastu dosh in houses affect children?

Yes. Vastu dosh in houses affect children and adults equally.

6. Can worshipping remove vastu defects?

No. A vastu defect requires correction. Worshipping will surely provide peace of mind, but matters won’t settle unless the vastu defect is corrected.