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Constantly Seeing Snakes in Your Dreams? It Might Hold a Special Meaning

Constantly Seeing Snakes in Your Dreams? It Might Hold a Special Meaning

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India is a wonderful land surrounded by many mystic beliefs. Some might call it superstition but astrology is the science of celestial existence and every single dream holds meaning as defined by astrologers – so does seeing snakes in your dreams. The one thing that every zodiac sign shares is restlessness and the fear of the unknown when entering the realms they cannot understand.

If something that’s been scaring you and you do not know if you’ve just dreamt of a good omen or a bad one, astrology might have the answer.

In as much as, it starts with what the snake was doing in the dream and how intense the dream was. In fact, even the time at which you had the dream matters. Ready to find out what the snake meant in your dream? Yes? Then let’s start and grab the snake by its tail.

When the Snake is Angry?

Seen angry snakes in your dreams? Here’s what the universe is trying to tell you – It’s time for a sudden change that might leave you scared. It might also be an indication that some sort of physical harm might be loitering at a hand’s distance.

When the Snake chases you

As scary as it might have been in the dream, the meaning is much more threatening. Here’s what the universe is trying to say – You are brimming with emotions that are better hidden. It might also mean that you are trying to get away from complicated situations that aren’t yet ready to leave you alone.

When the Snake talks with you

Talking snakes in dreams indicate a healing omen. Here’s what the stars are trying to tell you.

  1. Some higher power is trying to bestow wisdom in you.
  2. You’re beyond superficial existence.

It might also be a wonderful indication that you’re about to receive a piece of knowledge that’ll connect with the innermost level of spirituality.

When the snake bites you

This is the one sign that you should give serious thought to. Why? Well, that’s because seeing snakes in your dreams, especially, the ones that are biting you means you have a very toxic person in your life. Here’s what these dreams are trying to tell you – a certain relationship will try to hold you back in the immediate future for bad. In fact, someone might backstab you. And the worst is that someone will mostly be someone you blindly trust.

When the snake looks peaceful

Seeing snakes in your dreams isn’t always bad. If the snake that’s visiting your dreams is particularly calm, minding its own business, it indicates that you’re in a peaceful state of mind. It also means:

  1. There’s no chance that you can end up in the middle of any chaos for a long time.
  2. You’re going to experience the inner peace that’ll fill you with positive energy.

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When You’re Fighting With the Snake and trying to scare it off

Dreams of attacking snakes are warnings from heaven. Your guardian angels are trying to prepare you for the worst.

  1. Despite efforts, you’ll come across certain situations that’ll hurt you emotionally.
  2. There’s going to be no rescue from landing in the centre of chaos over which you’ll have no control.

But on the brighter side, some higher power is taking enough care to prepare you in a way that things do not take you unawares. This means they’re trying to lessen your pain.

When the snake is attacking you

An attacking snake isn’t necessarily biting you or chasing you or fighting with you. Instead, an attacking snake is actually spitting at you. So, if you’re repeatedly seeing snakes in your dreams and every time they end up spitting on you, here’s what it means – people are badmouthing you behind your back and creating rumours, and the ones who should be defending you – your ‘supposed’ friends – are so busy in enjoying those rumours that not many are left to defend you.

Now, these are the general meanings of seeing snakes in your dreams. There are, though, some other dimensions to seeing snakes in dreams. The most important ones are as follows.

  1. Seeing dead snakes in dreams surprisingly indicate the onset of a brighter future. It means you’re nearing the end of fears that might have been bothering you for a long time.
  2. Black snakes in dreams are bad omens. They indicate that you’re about to go through things that’ll leave you depressed.
  3. If it’s not one snake that’s paying you a visit in your dreams but many, then be ready to experience the brightest phase of your life – a lot of money and wisdom will soon make an entry into your life.

Remember, snakes are the mystery bearers in the world of celestial bodies. Whether or not you believe in the astrological sign of seeing snakes in your dreams, the fact that you’re here, reading this guide, means that you’re trying to find some answers. And we hope we’ve answered everything you basically wanted to know.

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