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Leo Man – The Interesting Personality  Decoded! Find out what a Leo Man Looks for in a Woman

Leo Man – The Interesting Personality Decoded! Find out what a Leo Man Looks for in a Woman

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Dating a Leo Man is no joke. He’s not an average guy who walks in a straight line. He’s a Pro, a master at lying and dodging! He’ll disappear on you even before you know what went wrong. Want to know what are those secret things a Leo man looks for in a woman and disappears when he doesn’t find them? If yes, dive in and explore the Leo man traits we have listed in the sections below. 

6 Leo Man Traits You Should Know Before Dating Him

He’s ruled and fueled by the mighty Sun. Naturally, everything about him is intense and hot just like his ruling Planet. Playing with his emotions is like playing with fire. 

Looks and Nature of a Leo Man: What are Leo Man Characteristics? 

He’s not the man people usually mess with. And isn’t that the first thing that attracted you to him too? But, there’s much more to him! 

  1. He’s a Perfect Predator – He will pull you out of your cocoon and devour you if you’re not careful. A Leo man isn’t looking for love all his life. He’s very much interested in sex. If you want more than a brief physical encounter with him, be a smart prey. Don’t drop your guard on the first date itself. 
  2. He Likes to Chase Mysterious Women – If you’re hard to get and harder to understand, he’ll be drawn to you like a moth to flame automatically. 
  3. He’s Very Hot – A Leo man has a burnished body of gold and has the height to back up his masculinity. He likes to show off how sexy he is. He’s always the tallest and strongest man in a room. His keen curious eyes have a raw intense sensuality that women find irresistible. 
  4. He’s Temperamental – One of the reasons that you shouldn’t play with his emotions is that he has a temper. He won’t ever hurt you physically, but he can and will yell at you in public or storm out on you in a restaurant. 
  5. He’s Over-Protective – If you can’t accept that he’ll believe he owns you once he falls in love with you, then, he’s not the man for you. A Leo man does everything in his power, and that means accompanying you everywhere you go at night, to protect you and keep you safe.
  6. He’s Jealous and Territorial – He won’t appreciate it if you’re a lot friendlier with other men. He’s a jealous lover and very territorial. He’s not a psycho who’ll scare away your guy friends from your life. All that he wants is you to have some sort of a boundary. That means, no boys calling you after 11 PM. 
  7. He’s a Generous Lover – If he loves you, he will shower you with gifts and take you out on dinner dates. He’ll do everything that makes you happy. He’s the kind of man who doesn’t shy out from expressing that he’s in love when he’s in love. He’ll pamper you and spoil you like a baby. 

The Love Life of a Leo Man: How is a Leo Man in Love?

He’s very romantic. A Leo man in love is like an excited child who wants a bite of his candy every few hours. 

A Leo man doesn’t fall in love so easily. During the initial patches when his own feelings towards you will confuse him, he’ll not be on his best behavior with you. Understand, the Lion in him is stopping him from revealing his weak vulnerable side. 

Once he comes to terms with the fact that he has no control over his feelings, he’ll surrender himself to you. He’ll be yours to heal and hurt! A Leo man in love is both a dream and a nightmare. Life with him will never be easy, but it will be worth the trouble. 

The Sexuality of a Leo Man: How is a Leo Man in Bed?

He’s a fire cannon. He can make love to you all night without giving you any rest in between if you can handle it. It’s very hard to keep up with the sexual energy that a Leo man burning with desire has. A woman who participates in sex and responds to his touch drives him crazy. Let’s just say, if you’re his girl, you’ll be thoroughly loved and served, EVERY NIGHT! 

Leo Man Likes and Dislikes: What a Leo Man Looks for in a Woman?

If you’re very shy and repel adventure, cross a Leo man from your dating list and move on. You’ll never be able to handle him one bit. 

  1. He needs a Partner in Crime – A Leo man wants someone who can walk hand-in-hand with him and participate in his silly games, and enjoy them too.
  2. He likes Brave Women – He might come across as a jerk who’s just attracted to the looks and figure of a woman, but that’s far from true. He’s more inclined to chase women who are strong and stubborn and brave enough to challenge him and his decisions. 
  3. He Looks for Loyalty and Passion – He’s a very loyal man when in a relationship. So,  loyalty is what he wants in return. Also, if you are not interested in a lot of sex, he won’t stick around for long. Sex is his way of expressing his love. He wants a woman who participates in bed. 
  4. He’s strangely attracted to women who swear when angry – He finds his girl irresistible when she gets foul-mouthed during a fight. He’s bizarre and might even enjoy a hairbrush thrown at him. He just can’t tear his eyes away from a woman who looks like a feisty lioness when angry. It excites him when he’s able to subdue a woman gone nuts.

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If you’re a woman who submits to him easily without giving him a challenge, he’ll lose interest! If you’re a woman who challenges him but won’t surrender even after hours of fighting, he’ll lose interest! 

He wants a woman who’s brave but the one who he can overpower after a while. He likes to play with his food just as a Lion does. 

Leo Man Married Life: Is Leo Man a Loyal Husband?

Hell yes. He never goes out in search of another woman once he’s married. He’ll be your personal purring lion trying to get all roly-poly in your lap. No matter how much the two of you fight, he’ll never raise his hand on you. 

Understanding a Leo Man: What is a Leo Man Weakness?

He doesn’t let go of his past so easily. If he has been cheated upon in the past, he will be insecure in his present relationship too. It can unnecessarily complicate things in his life. If his lady can manage to win his trust, he’ll be a gallant lover who won’t accuse her of cheating on him. He’ll still get jealous but wouldn’t drag it unnecessarily. 

How Does a Leo Man Test a Woman? 

This bonus section is an eye-opener in a lot of ways. It will give you an idea if the Leo you’re dating has grown up to be a man or he’s still an immature boy. Whether a man or boy, Leo does test his woman. But the way he tests you is the cue whether he’s ready for a relationship or not. 

Stay away if a Leo man you’re dating intentionally makes fun of you in front of his friends just to find out if he has the power to hurt you. If he’s doing it, there’s still a lot of time left before he becomes date-worthy. 

Now, let’s talk about a grown-up but insecure Leo who’s absolutely date-worthy. He’ll test you in the following ways. 

  1. He’s observing you – He’s not noticing the men you’re surrounded by, he’s noticing how you’re behaving in their presence. Just the right amount of indulgence is fine. But, if he finds you getting flirty, he’ll walk out. 
  2. He’ll try to slip questions when you’re not expecting them – He focuses on first reactions. So, he’ll drop a question that’s been bothering him while you’re having lunch or enjoying a day out on the beach. If you flinch, he’ll treat it as a red flag. So, whatever the answer is, just tell him the truth. Whether and when he can handle it is his headache. 

Birds Eye View of a Leo Man 

Leo Man Compatibility Zodiac Signs

A Leo man tries to be very picky in his choice of women. But, he’s helpless in front of some ladies. If you’re any of the following, you can surely be his queen. 

  1. Leo man and Sagittarius woman – She matches his sexual intensity like no one else. The emotional bond between these two is very deep. They’re soulmates!
  2. Leo man and Gemini woman – She’s adventurous and puts on a brave face that he finds very cute. The two of them flare very well as husband and wife. 
  3. Leo man and Capricorn woman – She’ll lock horns with him but will eventually give in and every fight of theirs will end in hot steamy sex. If these two marry, they remain crazy about each other even after 50 years of marriage. 
  4. Leo man and Virgo woman – They understand each other very well. She picks up the broken pieces of his heart from his past and makes him whole again. A Leo man never lets go of a Virgo Woman. 

Leo Man Career and Work 

He’s a creative dramatic soul. When in the right field of work, which includes writing, painting, law, and theatres, he makes a lot of money. More than money, he earns power. He earns enough to lavishly spend on his family.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is Leo man in bed?

He’s very passionate, intense, and energetic. He needs a lot of sex and loves it when his partner responds to his touch.

2. How is a Leo man in love?

He’s passionate, possessive, and territorial. When in love, he showers his lady with expensive gifts and takes her out for dinners and on vacations.

3. What are Leo man traits?

A Leo man is a perfect predator. He usually only looks for hot steamy sex until he starts falling for a woman.

4. What does a Leo man look for in a woman?

He’s looking for companionship and adventure. He likes women who are brave and not shy in bed.

5. How does a Leo man test a woman?

He watches how she behaves in the company of other men. He also asks surprise questions to catch her off-guard.

6. What is a Leo man weakness?

He clings to the bad experiences from his past that create problems in his present love life.

7. Is a Leo man a loyal husband?

Yes. He’s deeply involved with his wife and never cheats on her whatsoever.