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Sagittarius Man: Complete Personality & Traits Decoded ! Find Out How is a Sagittarius Man in Love

Sagittarius Man: Complete Personality & Traits Decoded ! Find Out How is a Sagittarius Man in Love

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Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign. That’s the first impression of a Sagittarius man too – handsome, feisty, and longing to jump from one place to the other and one person to the other. Wherein, in reality, this dreamy archer is so much more. Liking him is very easy, but don’t fall head over heels in love with him too quickly. He’s a perfect hunter! You should know a bit about him before you start dating him just so that you can set your expectations right. Dive in and find out how your Sagittarius is and what life with him is going to be like! 

5 Sagittarius Man Secrets You Should Know Before Dating Him

Jupiter, the planet of learning, intellect, and intelligence, is the ruling planet of the Sagittarius zodiac sign. The basic instinct of a Sagittarius Man is no different from the planet itself. He’s all about learning new things and taking up new tasks. Find out more in the sections to follow. 

Looks and Nature of a Sagittarius Man: What is a Sagittarius Man Personality Like?

He comes across as an easy-going man with big ideas. Life with him can never be boring. Many people label a Sagittarius Man as a lost cause. But that’s far from the truth. He’s in better control of his life than most other people can ever be. 

  1. He has the Soul of a Nomad – Stability isn’t really his cup of tea. He’s born with the soul of a traveler. A Sagittarius man travels to seek truth and gain knowledge and wisdom. If you think you can make him stay put, he’ll be quick to leap out. 
  2. He’s not Always Looking for a Serious Relationship – This is the reason that people, mostly women “assume” that he’s not a reliable man. Wherein, he’s a hell lot of trustworthy. He’s not the kind who would emotionally indulge you and ghost out on you. He’s the kind who would let you know that he’s not looking for anything serious. So, he will leave the ball in your court. 
  3. He has Deadly Looks – Now, he’s not the man you can look and un-look. He has a solid defined body that he likes to flaunt. A Sagittarius man is usually very tall and very athletic. What adds to his hot intense looks is his brilliant smile. We’re not stretching it, nope. You’ve got to see one to believe us! 
  4. He is Extremely Adventurous – Whatever life is with him, the one thing that it won’t be is stagnant. He’s an adventure freak. He’ll take you out to places when the two of you are dating. You’ll have the most fun when dating this guy. 
  5. He’s a Fierce Protector – It might come across as a surprise, but he’s actually extremely territorial. No matter how briefly he dates you, when you’re his, he takes your protection very seriously. The gallant warrior in him will make him give you the protection of his body to defend you from the world. 
  6. He is a Lot Deeper than He Shows – Yes, he cannot stay put for long! Yes, he switches from relationship to relationship! But, trust us, he jumps from people to people and places to places only for as long as he doesn’t find his one true calling, his soulmate.  

The Love Life of a Sagittarius Man: How is a Sagittarius Man in Love?

He’s not the kind of man who connects emotionally with every woman he meets. That’s why most of his relationships are brief encounters. He’s like a passing breeze that’s fresh and pulls out prey from its hiding. 

The case, however, is very different when he actually falls in love. A Sagittarius man behaves very differently when he develops an emotional bonding with a woman. He stops noticing ladies around him, no matter how attractive they are. His eyes are for his woman only. Very few women get to see the romantic side of him. He’s like a lost puppy who would follow you everywhere if he loves you. 

The Sexuality of a Sagittarius Man: How is a Sagittarius Man in Bed?

He’s a firecracker that just doesn’t stop. He wants more and more and still never gets enough of it. A Sagittarius man has had so many flings that he’s a thorough lover. He knows the body of a woman better than she does. There’s no way in the world that you’ll get outta his bed unsatisfied. He’ll surprise you and satisfy you every single time he makes love to you. 

Sagittarius Man Favorite Body Part: What a Sagittarius Man Likes and Dislikes in a Woman?

Eyes are what captures his attention first. The next would be a long neck and long legs. He’s a man of very rare taste! So, his likes don’t stop at the body. A Sagittarius man longs for a woman who’s very independent, knows what she’s talking about, and is humorous and brave. 

  1. He repels nagging women. The more you ask him where the relationship is going, the more he’ll walk away from you. 
  2. He likes a woman who respects his space as much as he respects hers. 
  3. He wants a crazy companion who would follow him in his adventure treks and exploring excursions. Precisely, he’s thrilled if the lady he’s dating is daring and adventurous. 

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Sagittarius Man Married Life: Is Sagittarius Man a Loyal Husband?

A Sagittarius man is total marriage material. Surprised? How can a wanderer and “so-called” womanizer be a loyal husband? Well, as we said, he longs for his soulmate. If he’s marrying you, it’s a guarantee that he loves you hopelessly. Once he loves a woman, other butterflies can’t attract him anymore. 

A Sagittarius man might not be ideal boyfriend material, but he’s a very loyal and caring husband. 

Birds Eye View of a Sagittarius Man 

Sagittarius Man Compatibility Zodiac Signs

He’s attracted to hundreds of women in his life, but he falls in love with just one. Some of his flings might have potential, but as long as he doesn’t connect with a woman on the soul level, he doesn’t stop searching. You could be his true calling if you’re any one of the following. 

  1. Sagittarius man and Leo Woman – A Leo woman brings calm in the restless life of a Sagittarius Man. These two are certainly soulmates.  
  2. Sagittarius man and Gemini woman – They start their journey as buddies, no strings attached. But, a Gemini woman can easily enchant the wits of a Sagittarius man and make him want to stay. If these two get married, it’s forever for both of them. 
  3. Sagittarius man and Taurus woman – Sparks fly all over the place because of the intense sexual tension between the two of them. They’re both passionate and intense lovers. 
  4. Sagittarius man and Libra Woman – It starts with innocent flirting that doesn’t stay innocent for long. It doesn’t take long either for them to understand that they belong together. 

Sagittarius Man Career and Work 

He’s pretty good at nature photography and can be an excellent painter too. He can also be an expectational tour guide. Having said that, saving for the future is where he isn’t good at. He earns a lot of money but ends up spending most of it. That’s where an independent woman makes an entry. If you’re someone who wants her man to be very rich and take care of all her expenses, Sagittarius isn’t the man for you even though he might be the man of your dreams. 

He’s an ideal partner for women who are financially independent. He still takes care of all the bills but doesn’t have the fortune to spend it all on you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Sagittarius Man personality?

He’s an explorer and has a carefree attitude. He doesn’t like to indulge in unnecessary fights. He’s very warm and can’t stay in one place forever.

2. How is a Sagittarius man in love?

He’s very casual when involved in a passing fling. However, if he develops a deeper connection, he is very romantic and very protective.

3. How is a Sagittarius man in bed?

He’s intense and an unstoppable force. He knows so many tricks that he will satisfy you every single time he makes love to you.

4. What is a Sagittarius man favorite body part on a woman?

He is mesmerized by the eyes of a woman. He’s also attracted to women with long necks and long legs.

5. Does a Sagittarius man and Leo woman make a good match?

They’re a match made in heaven. A Sagittarius man and Leo woman are soulmates.

6. Who should a Sagittarius man marry?

A Leo woman is the first choice and the most compatible zodiac sign. Gemini, Taurus, and Libra are the 3 other zodiac signs that a Sagittarius man makes a good couple with.

7. Is a Sagittarius man a loyal husband?

Surprisingly, yes. He doesn’t have a very good reputation as a boyfriend. But, he’s an exceptionally devoted husband.

8. What attracts a Sagittarius man in a woman?

He likes women who are independent and adventurous. Another thing he needs from a woman is space. He can feel bound pretty quickly. If a woman can’t give him the space he needs, he moves on from that relationship in search of a better one.

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