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Leo Virgo Cusp: Find the Truth About Leo Virgo Cusp Dates and Leo Virgo Cusp Compatibility

Leo Virgo Cusp: Find the Truth About Leo Virgo Cusp Dates and Leo Virgo Cusp Compatibility

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Leo is the 5th zodiac sign in the zodiac belt and Virgo is the 6th zodiac sign. Leo-borns fall in the date range of July 23rd to August 22nd and Virgo-borns fall between the date range of August 23rd to September 22nd. However, there’s another small section of people who belong to the Leo Virgo cusp. Also known as the Cusp of Exposure, the Leo-Virgo cusp means that the natives born during this time have the combined personality traits of Leo and Virgo zodiac signs. If you’ve always felt you’ve had a personality mismatch with your own zodiac sign, then the reason could be that you were born during the Leo Virgo cusp dates. 

If it piques your interest and you want to understand the meaning of Leo Virgo cusp (also called Virgo Leo cusp by many), then this guide on the personality traits of people born under Leo Virgo cusp will keep you hooked. 

Dive in and find out all the secrets about Leo Virgo cusp compatibility and much more! 

Virgo Leo Cusp Meaning – What are Leo Virgo Cusp Dates? 

The time overlap between the ending dates of Leo zodiac sign and the starting few dates of the Virgo zodiac sign makes the Leo Virgo cusp. 

So, the Leo Virgo cusp dates fall between August 19th and August 25th. If you were born on or between any of these dates, you’re a fine mixture of the feisty fire of a Leo and the logical balance of a Virgo. 

4 Positive Personality Traits of Leo-Virgo Cusp Borns – Leo Virgo Cusp Strengths 

Leo Virgo Cusp Borns are Mysterious and Curious 

People born during the Leo Virgo cusp dates are as curious as a squirrel. They respond to everything new in their surroundings. It’s embedded in their DNA to explore the personality of new people.

  1. It’s not possible to understand what’s going on inside that logical head of Leo-Virgo cusp borns. 
  2. These people are mysterious and secretive. They won’t reveal much about themselves unless they trust you. 

Leo Virgo Cusp People are Generous and Strong

People born during the Leo Virgo cusp dates have the traits of the Sun (the Lord of Leo) as well as Mercury (the Lord of Virgo). Whilst the Sun makes these people generous, kind, compassionate, and nurturing, one shouldn’t forget that they carry the balanced brilliance of Mercury too. 

  1. People born during the Leo-Virgo cusp help others around them grow and succeed. Hence, they make excellent team leaders and managers. 
  2. They can solve every problem and tackle every challenge that’s tossed their way. 

Perfection is their way of life. People born during Virgo Leo cusp never leave things hanging in between. 

Leo-Virgo Cusp People are Ambitious and Creative 

These people give a lot of preference to their careers. They set a goal in life and then they focus all their energy on achieving that goal. This calculative approach makes these people rich and successful in life. 

People born during Virgo Leo cusp do not steal somebody else’s opportunities. They have full confidence in their capabilities. Hence, they make their own way in life. 

Leo Virgo Cusp Borns are Funny 

Just because they’re focussed, ambitious, punctual, and career-oriented doesn’t make them boring. You’ll be taken aback by the sense of humor of people born during the Leo-Virgo cusp. 

These people, especially, Leo Virgo cusp man, are extremely popular amongst the opposite sex. These men can steal your heart and burn you with desire. 

3 Negative Personality Traits of People Born Under Leo Virgo Cusp – Leo Virgo Cusp Weaknesses

Leo-Virgo Cusp Borns can be Stubborn 

Usually amicable and logical, people born during Virgo Leo cusp can, at times, get stubborn to the point of being irritating. When in their element of dominance, it’s impossible for them to think straight. 

  1. They can be too intimidating. 
  2. They can be very hard on people working under them. 
  3. They get too critical about their work as well as the work of everybody else working under them. 

Leo Virgo Cusp Borns Turn Aloof 

They’re exceptional friends. However, the bad thing about people born during the Leo Virgo cusp dates is that they will turn aloof and cold when hurt. Instead of expressing what hurt them, they will move ahead without letting you know what went wrong. 

Needless to say, dating a Leo Virgo cusp man and a Leo Virgo cusp woman can be hard. 

Leo-Virgo Cusp Borns Can be Irritating 

Their habit of pointing out even minuscule flaws in the work of other people can be extremely irritating. Whilst they intend to help others improve, the approach they take to do so is tough. 

Leo-Virgo Cusp Relationships – How is a Leo Virgo Cusp Man in Bed? 

People born during the Leo-Virgo cusp are extremely romantic and gentle. They, especially Leo Virgo cusp man, can write songs in praise of your beauty and make you feel special every single day. 

A Leo Virgo cusp woman in love is honest and loyal. She’s an expressive woman who will admire you more if you’re a hardworking man. Whilst looks do matter to her, but she doesn’t settle for a man who cannot appreciate her. 

A Leo Virgo cusp man is a dream to date. He will take you out on romantic date nights, will arrange special surprises even without an occasion just to put a smile on your face, and will leave you exhausted yet satisfied every single night. 

How to Seduce a Leo-Virgo Cusp Man? 

A Leo Virgo cusp man is a catch in love. There’s nothing wrong with trying to attract him. So, if you’re in awe of him and want to know how to attract a Leo Virgo man, then the following tips will surely help. 

  1. Be punctual because he admires people who value time.
  2. Once he notices you, don’t give him a cold shoulder. Be friendly because he won’t chase after you until he’s in awe of you. 
  3. Be neat and groomed. Most importantly, talk to him. A Leo Virgo man is expressive and he wants the same from the woman he’s trying to know better. 
  4. He has a strong sense of freedom. Don’t boss him around or else he’ll steer clear of you. 
  5. Most importantly, listen to what he says. He is giving you all his attention and he needs exactly the same gesture from you in return. Being distracted while on a date with him or noticing other men will only put him off. 

A Leo Virgo cusp man in bed will burn you with desire. He will tease you to an extent that you’ll find him irresistible. Not only will he serve and worship your body as your servant, but he will also be very respectful of what you are and aren’t comfortable with. 

Virgo Leo Cusp Compatibility – Who Are the Best Leo Virgo Cusp Love Matches? 

Leo Virgo cusp people require somebody who understands that work for them is indeed worship. If you can’t seem to understand just how career-oriented these people are, you shouldn’t date them. 

Leo-Virgo cusp compatibility is mostly successful with Taurus Gemini Cusp and Pisces Aries Cusp. These people are also compatible with the Virgo zodiac sign and Taurus zodiac sign. Capricorn zodiac sign is the soulmate of Virgo Leo cusp. 

Out of all the three earth signs, the marriage between Leo Virgo cusp borns and Aquarius-borns is full of drama, romance, fights, and lots and lots of sex.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Leo Virgo cusp?

A Leo Virgo cusp is known as the cusp of exposure. It is the time overlap between the last few dates of the Leo zodiac sign and the first few dates of the Virgo zodiac sign.

2. What are Leo Virgo cusp dates?

August 19th to August 25th are Leo Virgo cusp dates. If you’re born on or between any of these dates, you’re a mixture of fire (Leo) and earth (Virgo) elements.

3. What signs are compatible with Leo Virgo cusp?

Leo-Virgo cusp compatibility is maximum with the 3 earth signs: the Virgo zodiac sign, the Taurus zodiac sign, and the Capricorn zodiac sign.

4. What other cusps are Leo Virgo cusp compatibility matches?

Leo Virgo cusp borns are most compatible with the Taurus Gemini Cusp and the Pisces Aries Cusp.

5. How to seduce a Leo-Virgo cusp man?

Pay attention to a Leo-Virgo cusp man who you want to seduce. Be neat and groomed and most importantly, talk to him when he shows interest in you.

6. How to attract a Leo Virgo cusp man?

A Leo Virgo cusp man is attracted to women who are punctual and expressive. Don’t try to dominate him. Most importantly, do not focus on other men when you’re with a Leo Virgo cusp man.

7. How is a Leo Virgo cusp man in bed?

A Leo Virgo cusp man in bed will serve you thoroughly. The best part is that he will consider your likes and dislikes and your pleasure will matter to him a lot.

8. What are Leo-Virgo cusp strengths and weaknesses?

The strength of Leo-Virgo cusp people lies in the fact that they’re focused, honest, sensible, and punctual. At the same time, they are loving and caring.

The weakness of Virgo Leo cusp people is their stubbornness and ego. These people can be extremely critical and that’s sort of irritating.