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Leo Woman-Personality and Traits Decoded | Find Out How is a Leo Woman Personality in Love

Leo Woman-Personality and Traits Decoded | Find Out How is a Leo Woman Personality in Love

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Falling in love with a fire sign like Leo is never easy. On top of that, the king of planets, the Sun, is the ruling planet of the Leo zodiac sign. A Leo woman, as a result of her domineering ruling planet, is a very liberated lady. If there’s a unicorn in the zodiac belt, it’s a Leo woman. She’s so mysterious that sometimes it feels like she’s a mythical creature from another world. 

Want to know the truth about a Leo woman and, maybe, understand her personality? Want to know if she’s a date-worthy lady? Well, this guide has all the answers. Dive in and explore the hidden realms of a Leo woman!

7 Leo Woman Traits You Should Know Before Dating Her

There’s a reason that the Lion is the Vedic symbol of the Leo zodiac sign. These people are intimidating and fearless. They’re the kinds that everybody else makes way for. A Leo woman is no different. 

Looks of a Leo Woman: How is a Leo Woman Appearance?

Leo woman’s beauty is not a topic of debate. She’s extremely sexy and there’s no chance that she won’t be the most attractive woman in a room. These women have a wheatish to fair complexion and curvy sexy body. They’re either tall or have an average height, nothing in between, just like their attitude. 

A Leo woman likes to flaunt her beauty and wear the sexiest clothes. She’s the proper definition of unconventional wild beauty that everybody desires but very few can get. 

Truth About Leo Woman: How is a Leo Woman Personality Wise?

She looks intimidating but there’s so much more to a Leo woman. Try not to get her all upset when she’s in a jovial mood. 

  1. She’s a Party Girl – A Leo woman is not the shy kind. She’s always looking forward to the next party even before the first one is over. 
  2. She’s Very Outgoing – She likes to go out and meet new people. Discovering people and places is her favorite hobby. If she’s interested in you, she’ll definitely plan adventure trips with you. 
  3. She’s Extremely Loyal – Despite many men flocking her, she’ll be all yours if she’s dating you. There’s nothing to worry about at all because a Leo woman never cheats. 
  4. She’s Hilarious – She’ll keep you rolling and tumbling with laughter every second in the relationship. She’s so full of jokes that, at times, she doesn’t mind cracking one or two even when the two of you are in the middle of a fight. 
  5. She’s Sarcastic and Out-Spoken – One of the reasons that a Leo woman is so intimidating is that she’s very out-spoken. She’s sarcastic when frustrated. If she feels you’re being unreasonable, she won’t mince her words. 
  6. She’s Very Passionate and Jealous in Love – It’s not going to be easy to put a cap on her possessiveness if she feels that somebody else has eyes on you. And, since she’s intuitive, she’s right most of the time. 
  7. She’s not Scared to Make the First Move – If she’s into you as much as you’re into her, she won’t waste time waiting for you to make a move. She’s very bold and doesn’t mind innocent flirting when trying to woo the man she likes. 
  8. She Loses Interest Very Quickly – A Leo woman is fond of funny men. If she finds you boring, she’ll dump you. Do something to keep her interested because looks alone can’t keep her bound in a relationship. 
  9. She’s Moody – Dating her means keeping up with her many moods. She gets from jovial to sad in no time. That’s why understanding a Leo woman is so difficult. 

The Love Life of a Leo Woman: How is a Leo Woman in Love?

It’s not smooth, yet it’s so intense and fascinating that you shouldn’t give up on this woman so easily. A Leo woman is very jealous and that makes it hard to keep up with her many moods. And yes, she’s a bit dramatic. But, at the same time, she’s a dream to be with. 

She’s going to be a true companion. Life with her is full of many memorable moments and she’s worth all the hard work. She’s very expressive in love. She’ll give you space if you ask her nicely. She’ll always try to make amends and be less stubborn if you treat her right. 

The Sexuality of a Leo Woman: How is a Leo Woman in Bed?

This is another reason that only a fool would let her go. A Leo woman is very intense and passionate when it comes to lovemaking. She’ll be whatever you want her to be in bed. Sometimes, she’ll be submissive and some other times, she’ll shock the life out of you. 

Leo Woman Likes and Dislikes: What a Leo Woman Looks for in a Man?

A Leo woman can thrive with a man who can handle the fact that she likes freedom. She doesn’t fall in love with every second guy she meets. 

  1. A Leo woman likes bold and expressive men. 
  2. She doesn’t mind arguments and fights. But, the cold war and silence are big turn-offs for her. 
  3. She dislikes men who send out mixed signals. 
  4. She likes simple honest men way more than funky shallow dudes. 
  5. She’s a woman of character and never cheats. These are the qualities that she looks for in a man. 
  6. She dislikes stubborn bulls who wouldn’t give her even a single chance to speak her mind. 

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Leo Woman Married Life: How is a Leo Woman as Wife?

Her husband is her priority. She makes adjustments in her attitude and ego to make the marriage work. Yet, efforts for her have to be two-sided. She’s a proud woman first. Trying to subdue her by force is the biggest mistake you can make as her husband. She’s not a cheat, but she’s not lame either. 

If you’re mean to her, she’ll be mean as well. Clearly, if you want her to be faithful, you have to be faithful to her first. 

Understanding a Leo Woman: What is a Leo Woman Weakness?

A Leo woman can get so obsessed with love that she starts getting lazy in all other aspects of life. She devotes so much time to her relationship that she forgets to put equal efforts into her career. Ego and impatience are the next two weaknesses that can stop her from admiring the better things in life. 

Birds Eye View of a Leo Woman

Leo Woman Compatible Zodiac Signs

She’s a fierce headstrong fire element that’s fueled by the Sun. Hence, a dominating man who cannot digest that a woman can be equally headstrong shouldn’t date a Leo woman. It takes men of strong determination to win over a Leo woman. If you’re any of the following, she’s your soulmate. 

  1. Leo Woman and Capricorn man – These two have many arguments and fights. But they have intense sexual attraction. A Capricorn man doesn’t try to cage her and that’s why their relationship works despite the turbulence. 
  2. Leo Woman and Virgo man – There’s no guarantee that these two will necessarily marry each other. Yet, as long as they are together, the sexual tension between them is the talk of the town.
  3. Leo Woman and Scorpio man – They have a strange connection but they’re soulmates. A Scorpio man falls so helplessly in love with a Leo woman that she reciprocates the same desire with extreme intensity. Once they come together, they never fall apart. 
  4. Leo Woman and Libra Man – They don’t have a great start but they’re helplessly sexually attracted to each other. However, as they spend time together, they become inseparable. Their marriage never fails. 

Leo Woman Career and Work 

She’s an independent career-oriented woman. She works very hard to secure herself financially without any help from her partner. However, her career can take a hit if she gets obsessed with love.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the truth about a Leo woman?

She meets a lot of people, yet she has very few friends. A Leo woman won’t let you enter her life emotionally as long as she’s sure about your intentions.

2. What does a Leo woman want in a man?

She wants courage and loyalty. She craves a simple man with a big heart. She wants a man who can give her space and freedom.

3. What are the Positive Leo Woman traits?

She’s a very funny person and loves to make other people laugh. She’s dependable, never cheats on her partner, and makes a very honest companion and wife.

4. What are the Leo woman negative traits?

She’s extremely jealous and over possessive. She is very moody and can get unreasonable when angry.

5. How is a Leo woman body structure?

She’s either tall or has an average height. She has a curvy sexy body that she likes to flaunt.

6. How is a Leo Woman personality wise?

She’s not bitchy and doesn’t mean harm. She is intimidating yet very supportive. She greets people with a lot of warmth.

7. Why is understanding a Leo woman hard?

A Leo woman is very moody. She goes from happy to angry in no time. So, it’s very hard to figure out what pissed her.