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Aries Woman: Trait & Personality Decoded! Find Out How is an Aries Woman in Love?

Aries Woman: Trait & Personality Decoded! Find Out How is an Aries Woman in Love?

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So, you’ve decided you’ve developed feelings for an Aries woman and want to date her? Well, she’s not an easy creature to handle. An Aries woman is a fire element and is ruled by none other than the mighty planet of rage, courage, and compassion, Mars. It takes quite a bit of time and patience in understanding an Aries’ woman. In this guide, we have decoded the likes and dislikes and weaknesses of an Aries woman in love. Dive in and find out everything about the personality of an Aries woman. 

6 Aries Woman Personality Traits You Should Know Before Dating Her

An Aries woman is no ordinary lady. She’s a rare beauty with lots and lots of brains. So, Mr., she can and will take you for a ride and make you see places you never knew existed. 

Looks of an Aries Woman: How is an Aries Woman Appearance?

An Aries woman is adorable and more than charming. She has an average height, fuller lips, and a fair to medium-fair complexion. She has a slim curvy body and an attractive smile. She’s very aware of her surroundings, likes to dress up according to the occasion, and is always well-groomed. 

Bear in mind, an Aries woman wears a snob and smirks a lot when she’s trying to be intimidating. Look past that smirk if you want to date her. 

Nature of an Aries Woman: What are Aries Woman Traits to Watch Out for? 

She’s an organized watchful woman and it requires a very special talent to fool her. Much more intelligent for an average brain, it’s hard to understand when she’s mad and sad. 

  1. She has the Secrecy of a cougar – An Aries woman watches her target. She’s going to watch every move of yours when trying to make up her mind whether you’re a friend or an enemy. 
  2. She’s Short-Tempered – She’s not the lady who’ll suffer in silence. If she’s pissed, she’ll make it known. Try not to trigger her in public places though. 
  3. She’s very Passionate and Loyal – If she’s dating you, she’s all yours. An Aries woman in love never fools around. She’s doesn’t flirt when committed and expects the same from her partner. 
  4. She’s Dependable and Trustworthy – You can always count on an Aries woman to cover up for you and protect you if you’re in her good books. 
  5. She is Revengeful – If you’ve ever hurt her in any way, she’ll hold that grudge and live with it until she takes revenge on you. An Aries woman holding a grudge can be very sly and mean. 
  6. She’s Very Possessive – This is the hardest part of dating an Aries woman. She’s insecure and very possessive. An Aries woman in love gets jealous way too soon. 
  7. She’s independent and Needs her Space – If you like very obedient women, an Aries woman is not for you. She’s wild and free. You can’t tame this phoenix. She needs space to stay sane. If she feels suffocated, she’ll lose interest in you in no time. 
  8. She’s very Adventurous and Energetic – Life with her will never be dull. An Aries woman can’t sit still. She’ll always look for fun activities that the two of you enjoy equally. 
  9. She’s Not a Gold-digger – An Aries woman can pay her own bills and buy her own jewelry. She will also buy thoughtful presents for you. So, if she’s dating you, it’s not for your money. She’s dating the man in you, the one she really likes. 

The Love Life of an Aries Woman: How is an Aries Woman in Love? 

She’s a woman of fewer words and more passion. An Aries woman in love will not be easy. She’ll bring both joy and sadness. 

When an Aries woman falls in love, she starts doubting her beauty and magnetic personality. That’s the reason she becomes so insecure in a relationship. You’ll have to constantly remind her that she’s the only one. She’s going to need lots and lots of compliments. 

Trust us when we say this when she’s in love with you, she’s dressing up just for you. If you’ll stop noticing her, she’ll start getting jealous and insecure, and possessive. On the flip side, she’s extremely playful and hilarious. She’ll always motivate you, won’t let you fall into depression, won’t let you think any less of you, and will make sure you are thoroughly loved. 

The Sexuality of an Aries Woman: How is an Aries Woman in Bed? 

She’s a very sensual lady and responds to every touch and stroke. She’s combustible, intense, passionate, and very very bold in bed. She doesn’t mind role-playing either. Making love to an Aries woman is like burning in fire. She has a very large sexual appetite! 

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Aries Woman Likes and Dislikes: What an Aries Woman Looks for in a Man? 

She knows she’s blessed with intense good looks. She doesn’t mind having one-night stands and passing flings either. But, what she looks for in a man isn’t shallow. When she’s falling in love, she gets testy. 

  1. Honesty and Sincerity – If you’re not someone she can trust, she’ll ghost you out. An Aries woman likes men of commitment. Wooing her by words is impossible. The only way you can win her over is by being sincere and honest. 
  2. Courage and Strength – She’s a brave woman and bravery is the one quality she finds irresistible in men. If you pick a fight to protect her, she’s going to love that. 
  3. Open-mindedness – If you’re dominating and cannot give her the freedom she wants, she’ll not stick around for long even if you’re honest and courageous. She needs freedom. Period! 

Aries Woman Married Life: How is an Aries Woman as Wife?

The kind of wife she’s going to be depends upon the kind of husband you’ll be. If you stop noticing her after getting married and start flirting with other women – and she gets even the slightest hint of it – she’ll do just the same to seek revenge. On the other hand, she’s a very dedicated wife if her husband is honest and loyal. 

As a wife, she wouldn’t even mind bending her ego if you give her a lot of attention and appreciation that she deserves. 

Understanding an Aries Woman: What is an Aries Woman Weakness? 

An Aries woman is though an excellent judge of characters, she makes dumb decisions when she gets angry. The ego and aggression in her can make her adopt sly means to take revenge. In the end, she deeply regrets the loss of important relationships that happens due to her over-possessive attitude. 

Birds Eye View of an Aries Woman

Aries Woman Compatible Zodiac Signs 

An Aries woman is a woman of rare qualities. Yet, she’s head-strong and stubborn. You cannot bend her decisions if you try to use force. On the other hand, she happily agrees to rethink her choices if you are patient with her. So, patience is the key. Only some men have the strength to handle her. If you’re any of the following, she’s perfect for you! 

  1. Aries Woman and Capricorn man – They’re both equally attached to each other. Their sexual chemistry is very intense. She’s a dreamer and he can make dreams come true. This pair is a match made in heaven.
  2. Aries Woman and Libra man – A Libra man is the calling of an Aries Woman. Once these two meet, there’s no looking back. He is very patient and she’s very loyal. 
  3. Aries Woman and Virgo man – These two soulmates. A marriage between an Aries woman and a Virgo Man is very successful. Their relationship never loses spark. 

Aries Woman Career and Work

An Aries woman is born with leadership qualities. She’s very hardworking, trusts her decision-making skills, and believes in making her own money to secure her future. All she needs from her man is loyalty. The rest, she can take care of single-handedly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an Aries woman attracted to?

Loyalty, strength, and bravery attract an Aries woman more than looks and money.

2. What is an Aries woman's weakness?

Anger and aggression are the biggest enemies of an Aries woman. They’re closely followed by ego and stubbornness. These are the 4 traits that can be her doom.

3. How is an Aries Woman in Love?

She’s very loyal and passionate. She is playful and makes special efforts to make her partner feel loved. At the same time, she gets very jealous very quickly.

4. How is an Aries Woman in bed?

She’s hot, combustible, and very intense and passionate. She likes a bit of role-playing and loves to be touched.

5. Who should Aries' woman marry?

She’s the most compatible with Capricorn men, Libra men, and Virgo men.

6. How to know if an Aries woman is done with you?

She will cut you off and ghost you out without offering any explanation. She’ll make excuses to not meet you.

7. How do you know when an Aries woman likes you?

She’s going to observe you and make time for you. She’s not very shy and doesn’t mind making the first move. She might get a bit flirty too.

8. What are Aries' woman likes and dislikes?

She likes courage and honesty. She admires men who are committed and pay attention to them when in a relationship. She dislikes harmless flirting and goofing around if you’re in a relationship with her already. She doesn’t like men who can’t give her space or try to clip her wings.