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Libra Man-Personality and Traits Decoded | Find Out How a Libra Man in Love is and if he’s the Right Man for You

Libra Man-Personality and Traits Decoded | Find Out How a Libra Man in Love is and if he’s the Right Man for You

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A Libra man is an attractive enigmatic fellow who’s always happy, at least, on the surface. On the inside, he’s constantly at war with his conflicting personality. Scared already that he might not be the right guy to date but can’t help but fall for him? If yes, you’re not the only woman having trouble understanding the wits of this terribly good-looking man. We feel you, Ladies, but don’t rush to rule him out as your potential lover. Fret not! We have decoded the conflicting personality of a Libra man at length. Have a look at it and understand what you’re signing up for before you start dating him. 

7 Libra Man Secrets You Should Know Before Dating Him

He’s ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, passion, luxury, wealth, and desires! It goes without saying that he’s incredibly handsome. But, there is so much more to his personality that you should know. Have a look! 

Looks and Nature of a Libra Man: Libra Man Traits 

A Libra man is inconsistent. Yep! That’s the truth no matter how unreal it sounds initially. He’s not the sorted man he shows he is on the first date. In fact, he’s anything but sorted. But, at the same time, his feelings are real. He’s funny, easy-going, and a dream to be with. He’s a puzzle that’ll keep you hooked.

  1. He’s Scarred in a Lot of Ways – The responsible man with big dreams in his eyes is just an illusion. A Libra man knows too well that he’s a daydreamer. But he has so much conviction that you would want to believe in whatever he’s saying. He’s too good at hiding that he has been scared before he found you.
  2. He Has the Lost Soul of a Teenager – He can be anything but cunning. Since he doesn’t know how to deal with emotions, he wears the facade of being single-minded. In all honesty, he means no harm. 
  3. He’s Miserably Good-looking – It’s impossible to get over his good looks. He’s tall and has broad shoulders to back up his masculine strength. He knows how desirable he is and he uses it to his advantage. 
  4. He’s a Smooth Talker – A Libra man is a born storyteller. He’s so adventurous that he collects many intriguing tales. Women just love listening to him. He’s interesting and life with him can never be dull. 
  5. He is Not the Nagging Kind – You came home late because you had a meeting and your colleague is just your friend! Finally, there’s a man who understands all of it. Bear in mind, a Libra man won’t doubt you unless you give him a real reason. So, dating him wouldn’t bring the baggage of being hounded by suspicion all the time.

Libra Man and His Problems: What is a Libra Man Weakness?

If you want a straightforward sorted man who knows where he’s headed to, steer clear of a Libra man. He’s the opposite of what we just said. It takes patience to be with him. He’s stubborn and impulsive. That’s not all! There are a few other problems with him. 

  1. He holds grudges like nobody else. 
  2. He can be self-obsessed. 
  3. He is unpredictable.
  4. He will ghost out on you if you forcefully take him to meet your friends and family. 
  5. He isn’t good at dealing with surprises and stress. 
  6. He needs time to realize your importance. If don’t have patience, you can never have a successful relationship with a Libra man. 

The Love Life of a Libra Man: How is a Libra Man in Love?

He’s a daydreamer. What do you expect? He has so much free time that he does nothing but think about you all the time. Whether or not he’s romantic depends on what your idea of romance is. 

A Libra man has the soul of a poet. He can write songs in your praises, shower you with gifts, and take you out on dates and vacations. But, he can’t take you to meet his parents or go out with you to meet yours. He won’t say I Love You just to make you feel good. These things freak him out because they mean a lot to him. 

The kind of lover he is depends upon how much time the two of you have spent together. Don’t expect him to be serious about you towards the beginning of the relationship. 

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The Sexuality of a Libra Man: How is a Libra Man in Bed?

He carries the intense heat of Venus. He’s incredibly hot in bed. He has many tricks in his sleeves that’ll leave you gasping. He’s strong and powerful and he makes love thoroughly. He doesn’t mind if you want to try something new. On the contrary, participation from your end will excite him even more. 

Libra Man Likes and Dislikes: What a Libra Man Likes in a Woman?

He has an eye for beauty. So, looks matter to him goes without saying. But, that’s not enough to keep him hooked. He’s looking for much more. 

A Libra man seeks a woman who can hold him and have patience. He’s into humor and adventure. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to go out a lot, he’s not the right guy for you. A Libra man loves adventurous women. Contrary to what most people believe, he likes to listen just as much as he likes to talk. So, if you’re a chatterbox, he’ll be all ears. 

Libra Man in a Relationship: Is Libra man a Womanizer? 

A Libra man carries the tag of being a womanizer, but that’s not true. He has a long list of girlfriends not because he cheats, but because he’s fearful of commitment. Since most women look to settle down with him, he keeps freaking out, breaking up, and moving on. 

Having said that, worrying that he might cheat on you isn’t entirely overthinking. As we said, he holds grudges. So, if he feels trapped or emotionally used, he will do everything in his power to hurt you, and that includes cheating too!

Libra Man Married Life: Is Libra man a Loyal Husband?

Here’s the thing, it takes a lot of courage for a Libra man to express his feelings, let alone get married. The very fact that he has married you means he’s desperately in love with you. He’ll never do anything to sabotage the relationship he’s so fond of. 

Indeed, a Libra man might not be 100% loyal as a boyfriend. But, he’s 100% loyal as a husband

Birds Eye View of a Libra Man 

Libra Man Compatibility Zodiac Signs

Check yourself out automatically if you’re impatient, impulsive, indecisive, or demanding. A Libra man is everything we just said, impatient, impulsive, indecisive, and demanding. So, he needs a woman who’s just the opposite. You’re his soulmate if you’re any of the following. 

  1. Libra man and Virgo Woman – This couple has sparks flying all over. They’re made for each other. They’re the missing pieces of each other’s life. 
  2. Libra man and Aries Woman – A Libra man has the least fights with an Aries woman. She’s his ultimate calling. 
  3. Libra man and Aquarius woman – They’re a perfect couple in every sense. Their rhythm matches. An Aquarius woman inspires passion in a Libra man. 
  4. Libra man and Gemini Woman – A Libra man has the most fun with a Gemini woman. This couple is crazy about each other. 
  5. Libra man and Leo Woman – The initial patch in their relationship is hard. But Libras are so attracted to Leos that they make the relationship work anyway. 

Libra Man Career and Work 

A Libra man is very creative. His big imagination finds acceptance in photography, singing, and writing. He’s the kind who is destined to become rich sooner or later in life. Yes, his attitude does create glitches in his career. But, nothing can stop him from earning name and fame if he decides to pursue his passion.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who should a Libra man marry?

Women who have the patience to connect with him emotionally are the ones he falls in love with. So, it’s mostly Virgo, Aries, Aquarius, Gemini, or a Leo woman who steals his heart forever.

2. How is a Libra man in love?

Confused and super nervous. He’s constantly fighting the weird emotions he starts feeling when he falls in love.

3. What is a Libra man weakness?

He holds grudges and refuses to let go of the past. It makes things ugly. He does poorly under the pressure of admitting his love. He ghosts out on women if he’s freaked.

4. How is a Libra man in bed?

Bold, intense, too much to handle, and extremely passionate. A Libra man makes love like it’s the last day of his life.

5. Is Libra man a womanizer?

No, he’s not. The long list of his affairs is because of his fear of commitment. He doesn’t switch from women to women because he can’t remain faithful to a single woman. He switches because he’s unsure and scared.

6. Is Libra man a loyal husband?

Yes. He can, very rarely, cheat as a boyfriend with a broken pride. But, he never cheats on his wife.

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