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Libra woman: Know the Libra woman Traits and Find Out What Makes Her so Special

Libra woman: Know the Libra woman Traits and Find Out What Makes Her so Special

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A friend in need is a friend indeed! This quote was probably written in the praise of a Libra woman. Her own wellness takes a backseat when it comes to helping her friends. If you have her in your life, you’re one lucky nut. It doesn’t mean that she won’t drive you crazy though. With a mystery of emotions under her wings, she can rule the world. If you want to decode the personality of these strong but subtle ladies, you need to work hard. They’re not open books for you to read.

It requires a great deal of effort to find the true nature of this woman who is a pile of emotional mess. We decided to dig inside the head and heart of a Libra woman and the facts we discovered will hypnotize you.

Let’s walk you through the realms of their impossible personality!

A Libra Woman at a Glance

Her scintillating eyes and dimple cheeks will hold your gaze the moment you lay eyes on her. If you’ve fallen in love with her, it’s not your fault. She’s this sweet and docile girl that’s a firecracker underneath. She will shock the life out of you as soon as she opens her intelligent mouth.

  1. She doesn’t speak much when she’s observing you.
  2. She will drive you crazy once she gets to know you and accepts you.
  3. She is passionate and has an uncanny urge to deliver justice.
  4. She cannot be bossed around. She’s her own master.

5 Libra Woman Traits That’ll Make You Want to Have Her in Your Life

Physical Features of a Libra Woman

The Ruling Planet of Libra Zodiac is Venus – the Planet of love and beauty. Let’s just say, she’ll make your heart flutter in your mouth. A Libra woman has large button eyes, slim and slender body, and a fair flawless complexion like milk cream.

  1. They have a sexy curvy body.
  2. They adore their hair and like them long.
  3. They experiment with bold looks. It makes them all the more desirable than they already are.

Career Goals of a Libra Woman

A Libra woman is a born leader. She won’t take unnecessary commands from anyone. Highly ambitious and motivated, you’ll find a focused intelligent girl in her.

  1. Excellent Communication Skills – You can’t win an argument with these women so easily. It makes them good lawyers.
  2. Peacemaking Mentality – Sorting out disputes, even if they don’t concern her, runs in her body like blood.
  3. A Desire to Deliver Justice – She is impartial and unbiased. If you find someone arguing in favor of people who are unable to defend them, be assured that you’ve just seen the feisty side of a Libra Woman.

Family Life of a Libra Woman

She’s complicated, charming, and mysterious. She will make you chase her for as long as she wants. Having said that, these women are diehard romantics. Sensible and rational otherwise, when it comes to love, they can be pretty stupid. What favors them, though, is that they’re very loyal. Despite most men desire them, they will never cheat on you.

Since Libra women give a lot, they expect a lot in return. That’s why they have many heartbreaking experiences in life. It won’t stop them from the desire to find their soulmate though – as we said, they are diehard romantics.

  1. They share a very strong bond with their mothers.
  2. They will walk Earth and Sky to protect what’s theirs.You may also like to read – Understanding A Cancer Woman and Her Conflicting Personality

The temperament of a Libra Woman

She’s going to confuse you since her temperament flickers from funny to cool and volatile in no time. It can be hard to impress these women since they know their worth and they just won’t settle for anything less. It’s their strength as well as their weakness.

We won’t call them selfish or self-indulgent since they’re very compassionate. But being in their bad books or breaking their heart will not be in your interest.

They can be extremely cunning, devious, and mean if they develop a disliking towards you. Since they are very adamant, it’s almost impossible to change their beliefs.

Uncontrollable Emotions of a Libra Woman

She’s fun and games for as long as she’s happy. But the moment she’ll feel sad or mistreated, she’ll create a mess that can be tricky to contain.

You can’t exactly wrap up the emotions of a Libra woman when she’s in her worst angry element. On the other hand, leaving her alone when she’s stressed, angry, and sad will make her aloof and bitter.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the worst Libra woman traits?

A Libra woman is very mean to people she dislikes. She can be easily triggered and isn’t rational when angry.

2. What are the best traits of a Libra Woman?

A Libra woman is a true friend. She’s unbiased and believes in making peace. She is extremely compassionate and helps the weak.

3. What is the Personality of a Libra Woman?

She’s funny and humorous. At the same time, she’s attractive and takes pride in her looks.

4. How is a Libra woman in marriage?

Loyal and honest. When a Libra Woman gets married, she loves her husband more than her own life. She will try everything to make the spark and passion alive.

5. How is a Libra woman in bed?

Curious and bold. She enjoys sex only after foreplay. You can’t expect her to drive you crazy if you want a quickie.

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