Libra Scorpio Cusp – Find Out Libra Scorpio Cusp Compatibility and Libra-Scorpio Cusp Physical Appearance

Libra Scorpio Cusp – Find Out Libra Scorpio Cusp Compatibility and Libra-Scorpio Cusp Physical Appearance

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A single factor never defines the entire personality of any person. You could be knowing your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign. Yet, there’s one more missing piece that’s known as the zodiac sign cusp. In this guide, we will discuss the facts such as Libra Scorpio cusp meaning, Libra-Scorpio cusp physical appearance, and much more. 

Dive in to find out the intriguing facts about Libra and Scorpio cusp!

Libra Scorpio Cusp Meaning – What are Libra Scorpio Cusp Dates? 

The Libra and Scorpio cusp (sometimes, pronounced as Scorpio Libra cusp) is called the Cusp of Drama and Criticism. There’s nothing measured about the people born during the Libra-Scorpio cusp. These people are extreme in every sense. 

Cusp is the period towards the end dates of one zodiac sign and the first few beginning dates of the next zodiac sign. It’s the same with Libra-Scorpio cusp too. 

Libra is the 7th zodiac sign (September 23rd to October 23rd) in the zodiac belt and Scorpio (October 24th to November 21st) is the 8th. Scorpio Libra cusp is the overplay time that falls between October 19th to October 26th.  

If you were born during the Libra and Scorpio cusp dates, you’re a tough nut to crack. You’ve got Libra’s sense of judgment and justice and Scorpio’s sense of revenge. 

Libra-Scorpio Cusp Physical Appearance – Are Libra and Scorpio Cusp People Attractive? 

Libra Scorpio cusp people are beyond beautiful. Venus blesses these people with grace and brilliance like nobody else. 

A Libra Scorpio cusp man is usually tall with a handsomely chiseled face. These men are blessed with a stunning sense of fashion and they have gorgeous hairlines. They’re either fair or they have an olive gold complexion.

A Libra Scorpio cusp woman is a darling with soft features. She’s got a warm loving smile, sharp eyes, and a flawless attractive complexion. These ladies look much younger than their actual age and they are very much aware of how sexy they are. 

Libra Scorpio cusp celebrities that just happen to prove our point include Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Ryan Reynolds, John Krasinski, and Seth MacFarlane. 

Libra-Scorpio Cusp Personality Traits – 3 Strengths of Libra and Scorpio Cusp 

Libra is ruled by Venus and Scorpio is ruled by Mars (according to Vedic astrology) and Pluto (according to Modern astrology). Hence, Scorpio Libra cusp people have the energies of all these planets. 

Libra and Scorpio Cusp People are Honest 

You will never find a Libra Scorpio cusp man or a Libra Scorpio cusp woman beating around the bush. Libra-Scorpio cusp makes these natives truthful, honest, and straightforward. Honesty, for them, is the biggest virtue. 

Libra-Scorpio Cusp People are Mysterious and Intelligent 

You can’t figure these people out unless they want you to. They are secretive and their imagination knows no bounds. These are no-nonsense kinds of people who like to engage in meaningful conversation. 

  1. They’re very witty and express what they think about a situation or person frankly. 
  2. They do not drop down their guard since they know better than showing their emotions to every person. 
  3. They make friends very carefully. 

Scorpio Libra Cusp People Have a Keen Sense of Justice 

These people are the torchbearers of justice. Not only do they defend their rights, but they also take a strong stand for people who they think are emotionally and mentally weaker. 

  1. They actively work against bullying. 
  2. They uplift the broken spirits of people around them.
  3. They don’t mind sharing their fortune with someone in desperate need. 

Money doesn’t buy the love and friendship of people born during the Libra Scorpio cusp. Being in their bad books will only bring harm to you.

Scorpio Libra Cusp Negative Traits – 3 Weaknesses of Libra and Scorpio Cusp People 

They are Judgemental 

Since these are people of bold opinions and they’re quite honest too, they tend to make opinions about other people way too quickly. Besides, since they’re straightforward, they express their disapproval openly. 

In the process of being themselves, sometimes, they end up hurting people around them. The worst thing is that they won’t regret one bit of their rudeness if they think you deserve it even if you don’t. 

Libra Scorpio Cusp People Can be Very Impatient 

Patience is the one virtue that Libra-Scorpio cusp people do not have and the main reason behind all the bad decisions these people make. 

In their eyes, the world is either colorful or black and white. In other words, they are either your friends or your enemies. There’s nothing in between. 

Scorpio Libra Cusp People are Bad at Forgiving and Forgetting 

Libra and Scorpio cusp people find it hard to let go of their past. They hold grudges and find it hard to forgive someone even if that someone is genuinely sorry. 

They seal shut the door to their hearts so tightly, once hurt, that they fail to find the strength in them to finally get rid of the poison of hate. 

Libra Scorpio Cusp Compatibility – What Do a Scorpio Libra Cusp Want in a Relationship? 

People born during the Scorpio Libra cusp are loyal and honest. What they look for in a relationship is emotional connection. Sex and sex alone cannot satisfy them no matter how many sparks fly between them and their partner. 

Even if you’re making efforts on your part to make the relationship work but Libra Scorpio cusp people feel you don’t care about them, they’ll become moody and very unpredictable. 

When in a secure relationship, Libra-Scorpio cusp people are very stable and romantic. They don’t hold back their partners, they don’t try to dominate the other person, and most importantly, they never cheat. 

Libra-Scorpio cusp compatibility is most genuine with the 3 Earth signs: the Taurus zodiac sign, the Virgo Zodiac Sign, and the Capricorn zodiac sign. 

How to Attract a Libra Scorpio Cusp Male? 

Libra Scorpio cusp men are disarmingly charming and they’ve got the best bodies in the world. So, if you are finding it hard to resist a Libra-Scorpio man, then the following tips on how to attract a Libra Scorpio cusp male will surely help. 

  1. Don’t be nosy since he’s a very private person. Give him time and stop spamming his phone. 
  2. Don’t show up on a date without getting groomed. Whilst looks don’t matter to him that much, but the fact that you made an effort to look nice for him will give you cookie points. 
  3. Don’t confuse him by sending out mixed signals. He likes simple yet bold women who know what they want. So, if you want him, don’t try to show otherwise. Instead of running after you, he’ll run in the opposite direction if he smells even one bit of doubt in your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is Libra Scorpio Cusp?

Libra Scorpio cusp dates fall in the range from October 19th to October 26th.

2. What is the Libra Scorpio cusp?

Libra Scorpio cusp is nothing but the overlap time between the ending dates of Libra zodiac and the first few beginning dates of Scorpio.

3. How to attract a Libra Scorpio cusp male?

Don’t send out mixed signals. If you like him, don’t hide it. If he ever asks you out on a date, make efforts to dress up nicely. Most importantly, don’t get too nosy or too bossy.

4. What do Scorpio Libra cusp want in a relationship?

People born during the Libra and Scorpio cusp want emotional connection in a relationship. They need appreciation and they want you to acknowledge their efforts.

5. What is Libra Scorpio cusp called?

Libra Scorpio cusp is called the Cusp of Drama and Criticism. Being born during this cusp means you’re exceptionally attractive.

6. What does Scorpio Libra cusp compatibility say?

It says that Scorpio-Libra cusp people are most compatible with the Taurus zodiac sign, Virgo Zodiac Sign, and Capricorn zodiac sign.

7. What are the positive personality traits of people born during Libra Scorpio cusp?

People born during the Libra and Scorpio cusp are intelligent and honest. They always help other people. They specifically take a stand to protect people who are bullied.

8. What are the negative personality traits of people born during Scorpio Libra cusp?

People born during libra-Scorpio cusp are judgemental and revengeful. They do not forget their past easily. Besides, they lack patience.

9. How is a Libra-Scorpio cusp physical appearance?

A Libra Scorpio cusp man is blessed with a handsomely chiseled face. He’s usually tall and has a stunning sense of fashion. He’s someone with gorgeous hair and gorgeous olive gold or fair complexion.

A Libra Scorpio cusp woman has soft features, a bright and brilliant smile, and curious inquisitive eyes. She has a sexy body and she usually looks younger than her real age.