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A Complete Guide on Aries Ascendant, Aries Rising | Find Out If Zodiac Sign and Ascendant Sign the Same

A Complete Guide on Aries Ascendant, Aries Rising | Find Out If Zodiac Sign and Ascendant Sign the Same

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Astrology isn’t as simple as one thinks it is. It might catch you off-guard to know that there are actually 3 signs that rule your entire personality: the zodiac sign (also known as the sun sign), the moon sign, and the rising sign (also known as the ascendant sign). It means, you could be a Gemini zodiac but your ascendant sign could be Aries. Want to find out what the ascendant sign actually is and how is it different from your zodiac sign? Well, we have the answers. In this guide, we will be talking about the meaning of Aries ascendant and much more. 

Dive in to explore your personality in a new light! 

Meaning of Aries Ascendant – Is Ascendant Sign and Zodiac Sign the Same? 

The natives who are born on or between March 21st and April 19th have the Aries zodiac sign. But, there’s a catch. It’s not necessary that your zodiac sign and ascendant sign are the same

The Sun sits in a zodiac sign for almost 30 days. This means it could be in any of the 12 zodiac signs at the time you were born. 

Now, let’s take an example: Suppose, you were born on or between May 21st to June 20th. It means your zodiac sign is Gemini. But, if, at the time when you were born, the Aries zodiac sign was sitting in the 1st house in your natal chart, then, you’re an Aries ascendant. 

Aries ascendant individuals are those people who had Aries zodiac sign in the 1st house in their birth chart at the time of their birth. 

Facts About Aries Ascendants – How Does Your Ascendant Sign Affect You? 

The ascendant sign is also known as the rising sign or rising zodiac sign. In Hindi, it is known as Lagna. 

For the longest time, people thought that their zodiac signs defined them. Whilst part of it was true, yet, many people never found complete similarities with the traits of their zodiac sign. As weird as it sounds, they were right. There’s the moon sign and the rising sign that complete the personality of a person alongside the zodiac sign. 

  1. The Zodiac sign (sun sign) determines the true self of the native.
  2. The Moon sign determines the emotional state and the soul of the native. 
  3. The Ascendant sign (Lagna/rising zodiac sign) determines the social personality and physical body of the native. 

Needless to say, you’re a combination of your zodiac sign, your moon sign, and your ascendant sign

If you’re an Aries Ascendant Woman or an Aries Ascendant man, here is a little something about your personality:

  1. The ruling planet of Aries is Mars. This means the ascendant Lord or Lagna lord for Aries ascendant woman and man is Mars. A lot about your personality can be deciphered from this simple fact.
  2. Mars signifies courage, rage, confidence, ego, anger, giving and protective nature, and valor. These traits, thus, define you as a person. 

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Aries Ascendant Looks – Physical Features of Aries Ascendant Man and Woman 

An Aries Ascendant man usually sports a tough rugged body. These men have an athletic build and a characteristic prominent chin. They have an absolutely gorgeous tan. The scars on their bodies give them the intense look of a warrior as that of Mars, the Lord of war! 

An Aries Ascendant woman usually has average to medium height. These feisty ladies are blessed with beautiful brown curls, perfectly arched eyebrows, and an olive-gold complexion

Don’t believe us that the people with rising Aries in their ascendant are attractive beyond words? Well, maybe having a look at Aries Ascendant celebrities might settle the topic! 

  1. Aries Ascendant Woman Celebrities – Rhianna, Shakira, Kendall Jenner, Vanessa Morgan, and Kourtney Kardashian. 
  2. Aries Ascendant Man Celebrities – Big Sean, Morgan Freeman, and Chance the Rapper.

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Aries Ascendant Personality – Are Aries Rising Violent? 

Just because Mars is their Lagna lord doesn’t mean they go nuts in anger. The Aries Ascendant individuals do have a volatile nature but they don’t always retort to violence. 

  1. They’re Very Brave – These people are born with the soul of a warrior. They do not back out from tricky situations. They’re always the first people to sign up for challenging situations that others around them are scared of. 
  2. They’re Excellent Leaders – Being the first of all the other rising signs, they are born to lead. What makes them exceptional leaders is that they defend their team and never put others in the line of fire for their actions. 
  3. They’re Born Optimists – If there’s one thing that you can’t take out of the life of Aries ascendants, it’s their positivity. These people have a very optimistic outlook on life. 
  4. They’re Jealous Lovers – This is probably the hardest part of dating an Aries ascendant. Having said that, they’re not the crazy kind of jealous who would spy on you or check your phone. 
  5. They’re strong-headed and Successful – These people have a successful career run because they are focused and hardworking. They believe in chasing a goal until they meet it and complete it. 
  6. They Always Settle Scores – Despite the good qualities, these people are no saints. Hurt them or their loved ones, and they will hunt you down and make you pay. Precisely, they always settle scores. However, they do accept genuine apologies.
  7. They are Adventurous – Aries ascendants are very active. They’re always full of energy and looking for something adventurous to do. This is the one quality that they, especially Aries ascendant men, find attractive in others. 

Bear in mind, an Aries ascendant woman in love can be a little clingy at times. However, she’s very loyal. Plus, she’s so bold and intense in bed that she’s 100% worth a bit of trouble she brings along. 

Aries Ascendant Love Life – How Are Aries Ascendant Individuals in bed? 

It all depends upon the placement and condition of Venus in their birth chart. Venus shares a neutral relationship with Mars (the Lagna lord of Aries ascendants). If it’s strong and positively placed in the natal chart, it makes the natives super duper lucky in love. Aries ascendants (both man and woman) are passionate lovers. They take pleasure in satisfying their partners in bed. 

An Aries ascendant woman, in particular, is very naughty and doesn’t mind a bit of kink – the more the better. She’s bold and craves for a man who lusts her just as much as he loves her soul. 

Aries Ascendant Compatibility – Who should an Aries Ascendant Marry? 

Aries ascendants are straight-forward people and they’re somewhat dominant too. If you’re any of the following signs, you are the perfect life partner for an Aries ascendant. 

  1. Leo zodiac sign and rising sign.
  2. Sagittarius zodiac sign and rising sign.  
  3. Gemini zodiac sign
  4. Aquarius zodiac sign. 
  5. Libra zodiac sign. 

Aries Ascendant Health – Do Aries Ascendants Suffer from Many diseases? 

Aries rising individuals usually suffer from indigestion all their life. They’re not very lucky when it comes to health. These people might also have other digestive issues like heartburn due to rising bile and bloating. 

Mars is your ruler. Thus, your lucky color is Red and Red Coral is the gemstone for you. Astrologers suggest that wearing a red coral stone ring can offer some relief from health problems. 

Bird’s-eye View of Aries Ascendants

Connection of Planets With Aries Ascendants 

Mars, as you know by now, is your Lagna lord. Depending upon the relationship of Mars with other planets, some planets are beneficial for you while some others are harmful. 

  1. Friendly Planets for Aries Ascendants – The Sun, the Moon, and Jupiter are your friends.
  2. Malice/Enemy Planets for Aries Ascendants – Mercury is your biggest enemy. It can tarnish your relationship with your siblings. 

Professional Life of Aries Ascendants – What are the best Aries rising careers?

Saturn is the ruling body of your career if you are an Aries ascendant. And, Saturn is the ruling planet of the 10th House. So, if Mars is strong and benefic in the 10th house, you can become a successful politician. You can also join the Military and Police force.

 An Aries rising can also make a successful career in acting, singing, songwriting, and teaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the meaning of Aries ascendant?

Aries ascendants are people who had Aries zodiac sitting in their 1st house at the exact time of their birth.

2. What does an ascendant in Aries mean?

It means that the individual is brave. Also, it means that the Lagna Lord of these natives is Mars.

3. Are Aries rising attractive?

Yes. These people carry the rawness of Mars. Aries ascendant men are athletic, tanned, and muscular. Aries ascendant women have a beautiful olive-gold complexion.

4. Are Aries rising jealous?

Yes. Aries rising individuals are quite jealous in love. They’re though not psychos who would stalk you or pick a fight in public.

5. How is an Aries ascendant woman in bed?

An Aries Ascendant woman in bed is very bold. She likes some kink when making love. She enjoys sex when her partner lusts her body.

6. Who are Aries rising most compatible with?

Aries rising individuals make wonderful partners with Leo and Sagittarius zodiac signs and rising signs. Their marriage with the Gemini zodiac sign, Aquarius zodiac sign, and Libra zodiac sign is always successful.

7. What are Aries rising attracted to?

Aries rising women are attracted to kinky men who admire their looks. They are also always looking for loyalty.

8. What are Aries rising men attracted to?

Aries rising men are attracted to adventurous women. They love it when their ladies are faithful and fun-loving.

9. What are the best Aries rising careers?

Aries ascendants flare particularly well in the military and police force. They also excel as teachers, actors, politicians, singers, and songwriters.

10. Who is Aries' ascendant Lord?

Aries rising men are attracted to adventurous women. They love it when their ladies are faithful and fun-loving.

11. What is the lucky gemstone for Aries Ascendants?

Red coral is their lucky gemstone because it is the birthstone of Mars, and Mars is their Lagna lord.

12. Which are enemy planets for Aries ascendants?

Mercury can bring a lot of harm to Aries Ascendants.

13. Which planets are friends of Aries rising?

Other than Mars, which is their Lagna Lord, Jupiter, the Sun, and the Moon are extremely beneficial for Aries ascendants.

14. Are zodiac signs and ascendant signs the same thing?

No, not at all. Your zodiac sign (sun sign) is categorized according to the month you’re born in. Your ascendant sign is the sign that was present in the 1st house in your birth chart at the time you were born.

15. Are Aries rising violent?

No. Mars does make them aggressive and short-tempered. But, they don’t turn violent to prove their point.

16. Who are the most popular Aries ascendant celebrities?

Aries Ascendant Woman Celebrities include Rhianna, Shakira, Kendall Jenner, Vanessa Morgan, and Kourtney Kardashian. Aries Ascendant Man Celebrities include Big Sean, Morgan Freeman, and Chance the Rapper.

17. What is an Aries Ascendant marriage like?

When their Venus is strong, their married life is very blissful. They should always get married with the zodiac and ascendant signs they are most compatible with.

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