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The Meaning of Lucky Moles on the Female body

The Meaning of Lucky Moles on the Female body

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It’s a wonder that different people are born with different marks on their bodies by birth. One such mark is a mole. According to vedic Astrology every single thing about human life and existence has a meaning and so does a mole. Whether it’s a mark of good luck or misfortune, moles are one of the few fascinating ways to find out a bit about destiny and future. Hence, we have made this guide in regard to a lucky mole on the female body. If you’re a woman who believes in the power of planets and stars as much as we do you’ll surely find this guide about the hidden meaning of moles very intriguing.

It important to note that not every mole on the female body is a lucky mole. For a mole to be lucky it should be on the correct part of the body.

Meaning of a Lucky Mole on the Forehead of Females

A mole on the forehead of a female indicates confidence and poise in general. If the mole of the forehead is located right in the center of the median line, it means you’re going to get many opportunities to travel overseas.

Meaning of a Lucky Mole on the Eyebrows of Females

Eyebrow moles have many meanings depending upon their placement.

  1. If the mole sits right on the surface of the eyebrows (right as well as left), it means you’re going to get a lot of financial success; however, you will not be able to invest that money wisely.

  2. If the mole sits in the eyeball (left or right or both), its an indication of calmness and peace in life. This lucky mole on female body is believed to bring along a lot of wealth.

Meaning of a Lucky Mole on the Ears of Females

A general overview of the personality of a woman with a mole on her ear is that she’s blessed with a lot of intelligence. Such females are witty and humorous, very good at decision making, and highly intuitive. In fact, it is their intuitive nature that is the reason behind the name and fame they earn.

If the lucky mole on the left ear of the females means they’re going to get the joy of a happy and loving marriage. In other words, a Lucky mole on the ears means that the woman is self-made.

Meaning of a Lucky Mole on the Cheeks of Females

The meaning of a Lucky mole on the cheeks, in general, means companionship. If you’re born with one, you’ll make a lot of true and genuine friends throughout your life. Your loving personality will make you trustworthy, and people will do everything for you since they will believe in you.

However, women born with a mole on their cheeks have an irritating habit of gossiping. This is the one habit that can ruin their reputation. So, as long as you do not let this downside in your personality dominate your nature, you’ll be loved by everybody around you.

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Meaning of a Lucky Mole on the Lips of Females

The meaning of a Lucky mole on the lips of a female depends upon whether the mole is on the upper lip or the lower lip. Here are the specifics.

  1. A lucky mole on the top part of the upper lip, just below the nose, is an indication of attractiveness. Women born with a mole on the upper lip and some of the most beautiful women. Besides, they are very jovial and they make a lot of fruitful relationships in their life.

  2. A lucky mole on the lower lip of a female indicates hard work. These women are self-made, intelligent, and dependable. They get to experience a successful career and money is never an issue for them. They get to live a financially stable life.


Meaning of a Lucky Mole on the Neck of Females

As attractive as it looks, a lucky mole on the neck of a female reveals a lot about their future and destiny. If you have one, then, you’ll most likely get married to an extremely good looking and equally good-natured man. Also, your spouse will respect you a lot. This will make your marriage exemplary.

Other than the meaning of these 6 lucky moles on a female body, some others that matter as well are as follows.

  1. A lucky mole on the neck of a female indicates politeness and humility.

  2. A lucky mole below the nose of a female indicates financial prosperity.

To sum up, remember that no two moles in different parts have the same meaning. And the presence of a lucky mole on the female body can be explained only by an astrologer at length.

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