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Lunar Eclipse in 2022 | चंद्र ग्रहण

Lunar Eclipse in 2022 | चंद्र ग्रहण

If you’re fascinated by eclipses, this article on Lunar eclipse 2022 will provide you with all the information you’ll need to relive the thrill. One of the most sought-after natural phenomena in astrology is a solar or lunar eclipse. Despite the fact that they mostly prevent light from reaching us in some way, astrologers are nevertheless interested in determining the Solar eclipse or Lunar eclipse date in 2022. Why is this the case?

To be honest, eclipses aren’t always awful, even when they’re triggered by the malefic planets Rahu and Ketu. There are numerous times when an eclipse can be beneficial to you, and that is what we will discover in this article about the Lunar eclipse of 2022.

What is a Lunar eclipse?

A lunar eclipse happens when the earth’s shadow or obscurity blocks the sun from shining on the Moon, casting a reflection on it. And the most wonderful thing happens when we get a Full Moon night. It is a full lunar eclipse in all ways and manners because all three celestial bodies are perfectly aligned. If the positions of any of the three heavenly bodies change, a partial or no eclipse occurs.

For hundreds of thousands of years, Chandra Grahan, or Lunar Eclipse, has been a breathtaking sight. Some people think it’s just an eclipse, while others are terrified of the implications. While this article will go into great detail about all of these consequences, we must first comprehend the entire phenomenon of the Lunar eclipse.

When a Lunar eclipse occurs, the earth casts up to two shadows on the moon. These shadows fall on the moon’s surface. The umbra, or complete black shadow, is the first shadow, while the penumbra, or half outer shadow, is the second. In stages, the moon passes through both of these shadows. The first and last stages of an eclipse are not visible due to the lack of a prominent penumbral shadow. As a result, the eclipse is most visible when the moon is in the umbral shadow.

Lunar eclipses are less often than Solar eclipses, according to astrology. In 2022, however, the equation is leveled because there will be two solar eclipses and two lunar eclipses.

Lunar Eclipse 2022 Date

As previously stated, there will be up to two lunar eclipses in 2022. The dates of the 2022 Lunar Eclipse are listed below. Unfortunately, none of the two lunar eclipses scheduled for 2022 will be seen from India.

First lunar eclipse in 2022 – May 15, 2022
Lunar eclipse 2022 Dates:   May 15 and May 16, 2022
Lunar eclipse 2022 Time:    08:59 AM to 10:23 AM

Visible From West and South Asia, West and South Europe, the majority of North America, South America, Africa, and Antarctica can all see the eclipse. The eclipse could be viewed from the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean as a result.

More Info

  • In India, no Sutak will be present for the eclipse.
  • A Total Lunar Eclipse would occur.

Second lunar eclipse in 2022 – November 8, 2022

Lunar eclipse 2022 Dates: November 8, 2022
Lunar eclipse 2022 Time:  05:32 PM to 06:18 PM

Visible from: East and North Europe, the majority of South America, South America, Asia, Africa, Antarctica, and Australia can all watch the eclipse. The eclipse was visible from the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and the Arctic Ocean as well.

More Info

  • Sutak will take place in India from 9:21 a.m. to 6:18 p.m.
  • A Total Lunar Eclipse would occur.

Types of Lunar Eclipse in 2022

Once you understand what a Lunar eclipse is, you’ll want to know what form of Lunar eclipse will occur in 2022. Both lunar eclipses in 2022 will be total lunar eclipses, which is unusual.

There could be 0 to 3 Chandra Grahan or Lunar Eclipses in a given year. In 2022, Chandra Grahan will be one of two. The lunar eclipse begins at Moonrise when the Moon enters the Penumbral area and concludes at Moonset when the Moon enters the Umbral region.

Every year, some portions of the world witness a total eclipse, while others witness a penumbral or partial eclipse. As a result, there are three different types of Lunar Eclipses:

Total Lunar Eclipse: A total lunar eclipse happens when the Moon passes through the Earth’s umbral shadow. This is the one you name the “Blood Moon” or the “Red Moon.” The umbral shadow, which is actually the innermost and darkest portion of the shadow, gives the Moon its shade. Essentially, the Sun’s light passes all the way around the Earth’s surface.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse: When the celestial body Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon, this occurs. It does not appear to be aligned properly. On the other side, a Penumbral Eclipse occurs when the Earth covers the penumbral part of the Moon.

Partial Lunar Eclipse: When the Moon passes through only a portion of the Earth’s shadow, it is called a partial eclipse. In this situation, the Moon may or may not turn orange or red during the lunar eclipse. As a result, the Earth appears to be in the middle of the Sun and Moon, but it does not form a straight line.

Effects of the Lunar Eclipse in 2022 on Each Zodiac Sign

While we’ll go into the implications of Lunar eclipse 2022 on each zodiac sign in greater detail in a later article, here’s a quick rundown of how Lunar eclipse 2022 will influence each zodiac sign for now. Note that these projections only show the combined effects of both the complete lunar eclipse in 2022 and the total solar eclipse in 2023.

Lunar eclipse 2022 for Aries – On the days of the Lunar eclipse, health will be the most important issue for Aries locals. Though your financial situation will stay stable, you must avoid making any purchases on Chandra Gahan Day in 2022.

Lunar eclipse 2022 for Taurus – On Lunar eclipse days, Taurus inhabitants’ marital life may be disrupted. On these days, make an extra effort to pay attention to your partner.

Lunar eclipse 2022 for Gemini – Geminis will benefit from the Lunar eclipse of 2022. Your financial problems will deteriorate. A little bit of effort will go a long way toward protecting you from a variety of difficulties.

Lunar eclipse 2022 for Cancer – As the Lunar Eclipse 2022 takes place, your spiritual side will blossom. Even if you have some small health difficulties above your stomach, reciting Lord Shiva’s name might help you a lot.

Lunar eclipse 2022 for Leo – Business prosperity will be at your doorstep after the Grahan time. You can give wheat during the Lunar eclipse 2022 days to aid yourself even more with the benefits of the Lunar eclipse.

Lunar eclipse 2022 for Virgo – If you’ve been suffering from exhaustion or mental stress, you’ll appreciate the mental steadiness. You might also benefit from chanting Lord Vishnu’s name.

Lunar eclipse 2022 for Libra – During the lunar eclipse of 2022, Libras may see changes in their professional lives. Because of the possibility of health difficulties, chanting Shree Sukhtam paath can be beneficial.

Lunar eclipse 2022 for Scorpio – On the day of the Lunar eclipse, Scorpio natives would suffer the most. You will face issues relating to your marriage, health, and finances. Hanuman Bahuk is recommended by astrologers.

Lunar eclipse 2022 for Sagittarius – It’s important to keep your hatred and anger under control. Your adversaries will be unable to hurt you after the eclipse period if you can do so.

Lunar eclipse 2022 for Capricorn – Though you may experience some health problems on the day of the Lunar eclipse 2022, your family life will blossom. There will be much-needed highway improvements coming your way.

Lunar eclipse 2022 for Aquarius – Financial borrowing and lending issues will inevitably arise. Make sure you say the Vishnu mantra on the day of grahan to avoid them. Also, try to spend more time with your family.

Lunar eclipse 2022 for Pisces – Land deals will benefit Pisces residents. If you’re looking to buy land, the Lunar eclipse is one of the finest times to do it. Donating gram flour has additional advantages.

Lunar Eclipse 2022: Sutak Kaal Period

According to the Sanatan Dharma, the Sutak Kaal of Lunar Eclipses is the time when all pious and auspicious actions should be avoided. It is also proposed that some people receive more attention. Sutak time for the Lunar Eclipse of 2022 begins about nine hours before the eclipse. However, it has no scientific significance. On the other hand, you must adhere to certain regulations. Pregnant ladies must take extra care and precautions during Chandra Grahan in 2022.

The Dos and Don’ts of the Lunar Eclipse of 2022

There are a lot of myths about eclipses and what to do and avoid when one occurs that have persisted for years. Every eclipse, according to Hinduism, brings a “Sutak Kaal.” They think that in order to wear off the negative energy that eclipses bring, you must avoid doing certain things and execute some simple rituals. The following is a list of things to do or avoid during the Lunar Eclipse of 2022:

  • The Lunar Eclipse in 2022 can be seen with the naked eye. Seeing one through a telescope will undoubtedly be awe-inspiring to witness.
  • In addition, following the eclipse, you must bathe and donate endowments in the quantity you desire.
  • As soon as a Lunar Eclipse begins, all religious and holy activities such as Pooja, visiting temples, and so on are prohibited. However, you might use the time to chant Mantras or meditate in order to gain some positive energy.
  • A magical shadow falls on the Moon during the Lunar Eclipse of 2022. Because of this, elderly people feared that walking outside their homes was risky. So, during the Chandra Grahan in 2022, desist from doing so.
  • The final item on the list is eating or preparing food. Many people believe that the Lunar Eclipse emits negative energy even now.
  • As a result, preparing or consuming food during the eclipse may expose you to some of the eclipse’s harmful energies. Refrain from eating for several hours.

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