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Solar Eclipse in 2022 | सूर्य ग्रहण

Solar Eclipse in 2022 | सूर्य ग्रहण

In Astrology, What is an Eclipse?

For thousands of years, eclipses have been seen as a bad omen. According to tradition, the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu seek vengeance on the Sun and Moon by causing eclipses. They accomplish it by obscuring the Sun’s and Moon’s brilliant rays. When the rays are blocked, the same rays that illuminate the Earth are temporarily unavailable to us. This veiling of the Sun and Moon is a fact, but it is not necessarily a terrible omen.

Seeing an eclipse isn’t a negative or unlucky thing to do. At the moment of the eclipse, however, you must not gaze directly at the Sun or Moon. All you need to do during Eclipse 2022, according to astrologers, is make sure you don’t start any new tasks. The reason for this is that any good deed must always take place in the light. It doesn’t matter if it’s sunlight or moonlight. But never in the dead of night. So, if you want to view the Solar Eclipse 2022 in 2022, you can. However, don’t start a new project on these dates.

Solar Eclipse 2022 Dates: Solar Eclipse 2022 Timings

When the Moon blocks the Sun’s beams, a solar eclipse occurs, casting a shadow on the Earth. On a New Moon day, this occurrence can only happen (but not on every New Moon day). The same is true for 2022, as the Solar Eclipse 2022 dates coincide with the Moon’s new phase. Apart from being an amazing occasion, the Surya Grahan 2022 also serves as a period of positive development. The Sun represents human ambitions, the subconscious, accomplishment, and more in astrology. The Moon, on the other hand, represents people’s hidden passions and inner lives. A solar eclipse brings about beneficial changes in the environment and motivates people to pursue their goals.

So now that you know how beneficial a solar eclipse is to your mental health, you must mark the Solar eclipse dates in 2022 on your calendar. You will not miss the best parts of the solar eclipse if you do so.

In the year 2022, there could be two solar eclipses. In the year 2022, there will be two partial solar eclipses. Scroll down to learn more about a partial solar eclipse!

First Solar eclipse in 2022 – April 30, 2022

Solar eclipse 2022 Dates April 30, 2022
Solar eclipse 2022 Time  12:15 AM to 10:23 AM

Visible From – The eclipse can be seen from the continents of West and South America, as well as Antarctica. As a result, the eclipse could be observed from both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

More Info

  • In India, no Sutak will be present for the eclipse.
  • A Partial Solar Eclipse would occur.

Second Solar eclipse in 2022 – October 25, 2022

Solar eclipse 2022 date: October 25, 2022
Solar eclipse 2022 time: 02:28 PM to 06:32 PM

Visible From – South and West Asia, East and North Africa, and Europe will all be able to see the second solar eclipse of 2022. The eclipse could also be observed from the Atlantic Ocean as a result of this.

More Info

  • Sutak will occur about 12 hours before the Indian Grahan timings.
  • A Partial Solar Eclipse would occur.

4 Types of Solar Eclipse 2022

In a given year, there could be anywhere from one to four solar eclipses. But what kind of solar eclipse will we see in 2022? While the entire solar eclipse in 2022 will be partial, there may be different types of solar eclipses in later years, such as:

Total Solar Eclipse: A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon casts the umbral shadow on Earth, covering approximately one-third of the Earth’s surface in a few hours. The Sun’s outer layer, the corona, is revealed during this time. Furthermore, the majority of total eclipses are brief, lasting only about 8 minutes.

Partial Solar Eclipse: When a solar eclipse of this type happens, you will only see a partial shadow on the penumbra. The majority of the Sun’s surface was visible. It could, however, vary depending on the scenarios and the Moon’s location.

Annual Solar Eclipse: An annual one is a rare, but magical, find. It is a subdivision of a partial eclipse, as opposed to a total solar eclipse. It also happens when the Moon passes directly across the Sun in the middle. You might also see it referred to as “Ring of Fire.”

Hybrid Solar Eclipse: When the Moon reaches the edge of the umbral shadow and is about to strike the Earth’s surface, it is another unique sight to behold. Even if it misses the Earth entirely, it still passes right in front of the Sun. It appears to be a total solar eclipse. By the end of the event, though, it has reverted to an annular shape.

Effects of the 2022 Solar Eclipse on Each Zodiac Sign

Here’s a quick rundown of how the eclipse will affect your zodiac sign in 2022. The projections below are the combined impacts of both the solar eclipse in 2022 and the lunar eclipse in 2023.

Solar eclipse 2022 for Aries – Aries inhabitants may have financial difficulties as a result of the solar eclipse in 2022. It is advised that you should not begin any financial tasks these days. Also, be careful about what you say.

Solar eclipse 2022 for Taurus – The solar eclipse of 2022 may leave you feeling low in self-esteem. As a result, you must avoid needless stress during the eclipse time of 2022.

Solar eclipse 2022 for Gemini – During the solar eclipses in 2022, Gemini locals should avoid congested areas. You must also prepare yourself for any possible conspiracies.

Solar eclipse 2022 for Cancer – In certain ways, the solar eclipses of 2022 are beneficial to cancer natives. Any marriage-related problem will get handled. Also, after the eclipse phase, there will be an improvement in terms of riches.

Solar eclipse 2022 for Leo – Because of the effect of the solar eclipse on Leo’s zodiac signs, you are more likely to succeed in business if you are a Leo. However, avoid making any new investments on the days of the solar eclipse.

Solar eclipse 2022 for Virgo – The Solar Eclipse of 2022 will be both challenging and beneficial for the Virgos. If you want something, you’ll have to put in some more work. However, it is not the best moment to change jobs.

Solar eclipse 2022 for Libra – The solar eclipse in Libra in 2022 will be somewhat bad. You must be aware of your health as well as any ongoing legal matters. Aside from that, stay away from pointless debates.

Solar eclipse 2022 for Scorpio – Due to the solar eclipse in 2022, you may experience difficulties at work or in your business. Scorpios should use the eclipse to reflect on themselves and quit being egoistic and nasty, according to eAstroHelp.

Solar eclipse 2022 for Sagittarius – In general, Sagittarius natives’ health will be fine in both Surya Grahans in 2022. During the eclipse, you will also be able to defeat your foes.

Solar eclipse 2022 for Capricorn – Capricorns must be concerned about their children’s health. During this time, make sure you don’t engage in any betting or gambling activities.

Solar eclipse 2022 for Aquarius – Aquarius may encounter negativity as a result of the solar eclipse in 2022, such as losses in investments, family problems, and project failure. To avoid any mishaps, it is recommended that you be patient.

Solar eclipse 2022 for Pisces – If you’re born under the sign of Pisces, the solar eclipse in 2022 will bring you good luck. Gains from previous investments will be realized. You’ll also be able to defeat your foes and gain respect in their social circle.

Health Recommendations for the 2022 Solar Eclipse

The Sun is the parent and fundamental representative of life and energy for everyone on this planet, according to Vedic astrology. There are numerous myths and realities associated with the Surya Grahan. While many of these are accurate and scientifically established, some are simply examples of people’s opinions.

Surya Grahan in 2022 will have an impact on your health in a variety of ways. You can see some of them below, and be aware of them ahead of time:

  • A solar eclipse has been linked to feelings of sickness and exhaustion, according to religious studies. As a result, you should not make any judgments hastily or during this period.
  • The following suggestion is for pregnant women. So, if you’re one of them, stay away from the sun’s eclipse’s rays. According to certain research, coming into touch with eclipse rays can result in babies being born with abnormalities.
  • Make sure you don’t get too close to the Surya Grahan 2022. The most reasonable way to witness the eclipse, according to scientific evidence, is to use safety glasses or a telescope. The more appealing a sight appears to be, the more harmful it may be to view it with the naked eye. As a result, avoid doing so as it may result in irreversible blindness.
  • If you are exposed to the solar eclipse, it is possible that you will get gastric problems. Some people fast or eat light meals on eclipse days because they have believed in this for years.

What should pregnant women avoid during the 2022 solar eclipse?

Surya Grahan is considered unlucky for pregnant women, according to popular belief. In addition, the beliefs are not false. According to astrologers, pregnant women should take extra precautions during the Surya Grahan 2022. This is because the light that is nourishing inside a woman’s womb needs to be protected from the damaging effects of darkness brought on by solar eclipses. It is not repairable since it is a shift in the usual nature of how things work on this planet. As the solar eclipse of 2022 approaches, here are certain precautions that women should take.

  • Make sure you don’t move out in the open during the solar eclipse if you’re a woman.
  • Also, do not attempt to see the solar eclipse with your naked eye.
  • After the solar eclipse has passed, avoid taking a bath. Before the Grahan, make sure you take a bath.
  • During the eclipse, avoid using sharp metal objects such as a knife.
  • During the solar eclipse of 2022, any metal objects in your vicinity are hazardous to your health. Make sure you keep your distance from them.
  • At the time of the solar eclipse, avoid taking a nap.

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