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Mars Venus Conjunction Meaning: What Happens in the 7th House, 8th House, and 10th House, when Venus Conjuncts Mars

Mars Venus Conjunction Meaning: What Happens in the 7th House, 8th House, and 10th House, when Venus Conjuncts Mars

Venus is the planet of love, desires, material possessions, luxuries, and passion. Mars, on the other hand, is the planet of rage, courage, war, and aggression. These two planets, Venus and Mars, are neutral for each other: they’re neither friends nor enemies. Hence, Mars Venus conjunction, in Vedic astrology, offers mixed results – it’s good for some areas of life and bad for others. Besides, the effects of the Mars Venus conjunction also depend upon the house.

The most important houses where the effects of Mars Venus conjunction are most significant are the 7th House, 8th House, and the 10th House. Want to know how it can affect your life? If yes, this guide is a treasure mine of all the answers. Dive in for more information!

In order to understand the effects of the Venus and Mars conjunction, it is very important that you understand the relationship of these planets with different houses.

  1. Venus and the 7th House – Venus is the ruling planet of the 7th house, and the 7th house is the house of marriage.
  2. Mars and the 8th House – Mars is the ruling planet of the 8th House, and the 8th house is the house of uncertain and unexpected events like accidents, deaths, and even sudden wealth gain.
  3. Venus and Mars and their Connection with the 10th house – The 10th house lord in astrology is Saturn, and the 10th house is the house of karma and profession. Saturn is a friend of Venus and has a neutral relationship with Mars.

As you already know by now, there’s no animosity or friendship between Venus and Mars. However, when Mars conjuncts Venus in the house of Venus (the 7th house), it brings rage and aggression. Hence, Venus and Mars Conjunction in the 7th house is bad for relationships with the spouse.

  1. Couples fight and argue over petty matters.
  2. It affects the sex life negatively. There’s no sexual chemistry and satisfaction between couples during this phase.
  3. The spouse of the native going through Mars and Venus conjunction in the 7th House is temperament and moody.
  4. This conjunction results in poverty and can also lead to a divorce.

Venus and Mars conjunction in the 7th house of females is the worst. It means that the husband can be physically violent and aggressive.

Venus and Mars conjunction in the 8th House isn’t an ideal one either. Whilst the exact effects can only be deciphered by having a look at the position of other planets in the D-9 and D-10 chart, the general effects are as follows.

  1. These natives are self-centred. They do acquire wealth but the means they acquire wealth with are mostly illegal.
  2. These natives do not think twice before cheating on their spouses.
  3. There’s a very high probability that these natives might suffer from sexually transmitted diseases since they are involved in sexual relationships with multiple partners.
  4. It’s highly likely that these natives might develop terminal diseases like cancer.

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The Mars and Venus conjunction in the 10th house means success, wealth, and fame. However, there’s much more that it affects and does to a native. Find out all the details below.

  1. These natives are extremely good-looking and very popular amongst the opposite sex.
  2. They are materialistic but excellent in money management. Hence, they end up saving immense wealth to own luxurious properties and vehicles.
  3. These people are boastful, extremely energetic, and adventurous.
  4. They usually excel in fields like finance, architecture, and administration.

The effects of the Venus and Mars conjunction in the 7th, 8th, and 10th house have more impact on some zodiac signs than the others.

In the case of males, it means that the wife might have an extramarital affair. In the case of females, it means that the husband might get addicted to p*rn. The chances of infidelity are high.

It makes married life dull and boring. There’s no sexual chemistry between the couples despite the natives will experience an intense sexual surge during this time. It can lead to extramarital affairs.

People do confuse this conjunction in Taurus as a sign of love marriage. But, it isn’t. Love marriage in astrology can only be predicted after a careful analysis of other planets like Rahu, Jupiter, and Saturn.

The cancer zodiac sign is probably the worst hit during this conjunction in the 7th house. These natives are very dominating and are more interested in sexual connection over an emotional connection. It can lead to detachment in the marriage. There are also chances of an extramarital affair that can ultimately lead to a divorce.

It indicates a late marriage and in some cases, no marriage at all. The natives are rich, but it’s highly advised to not get involved in sexual relations with females at work. It can lead to extreme defamation.

It’s a bad combination for both husband and wife. It means there will be disagreement over every matter. There will be a lot of mental tension between married couples and there is a high probability of extramarital affairs from the side of both partners.