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Medical Astrology and Its Connection With Human Health

Medical Astrology and Its Connection With Human Health

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Astrology is mostly associated with the science behind the connection of human destiny with the planetary alignment in a kundali (birth-chart). 

Surprisingly, medical astrology is a significant part of astrology since every single house in a kundali (there are a total of 12 houses) has a ruling planet of its own and, according to Hindu beliefs, every planet affects the health of a person. 

In fact, even the 12 zodiac signs are connected with different parts of the body. These are the two terminologies – association of zodiac signs and houses with human health – that we are going to discuss and explain in today’s guide.

Zodiac Signs and Human Health

Not exactly a prediction of what diseases one might suffer from, but zodiac signs according to medical astrology actually govern different parts of the body. Here’s how astrologers associate the two – star signs and human anatomy.

  1. Aries represents the head, brain, and face of the person.
  2. Taurus represents the throat, neck, and lips of a person.
  3. Gemini represents lungs and arms.
  4. Cancer stands for stomach, chest, breasts, and ribs.
  5. Leo represents the heart, spine, and forearms.
  6. Virgo is for the intestines, lower spine, and spleen.
  7. Libra stands for kidney and skin.
  8. Scorpio represents the gallbladder, anus, and appendix.
  9. Sagittarius stands for hips, thighs, and nerves.
  10. Capricorn represents knees, joints, and teeth.
  11. Aquarius stands for legs, ankles, and blood circulation.
  12. Pisces represents feet, toes, and the lymphatic system.


12 Houses and the Human Health

Significance of the 1st House in Medical Astrology

 According to Vedic astrology, Mars is the ruling planet of the first house and the ruling zodiac of the first house is Aries. The 1st house in a kundali stands for the body and physique of a person. If the ruling planet (Mars) of this house is strong, then the person is bestowed with good physical and mental health.

Significance of the 2nd House in Medical Astrology

According to the Vedas in Hindu culture, Venus is the ruling planet of the second house and the ruling zodiac is Taurus. The 2nd house in a kundali stands for Money, job, and family. However, in terms of health, if Venus in the second house gets weak, there are high chances that a Taurean might have to suffer from:

  1. Leprosy.
  2. Heart diseases and high fever.
  3. Bone fractures.
  4. Brain disorders.

Significance of the 3rd House in Medical Astrology

The ruling planet of the house is planet Mercury and it is the hottest planet according to Astrology and even otherwise. The ruling zodiac is Gemini. If Mercury in this house gets weak, the person mostly develops skin disorders and sore eyes. A few other troubles that a Gemini might face in such scenarios are as follows.

  • Head injuries and wounds.
  • Fire accidents.
  • Blood pressure and even dangerous diseases like cancer and tumors.

Significance of the 4th House in Medical Astrology

The ruling planet of the 4th house is the Moon and it belongs to the Cancer Zodiac sign. In terms of health, this house is usually a cause of concern for women. If the moon gets angered or weak, it increases negativity and can also result in the loss of limbs.

Significance of the 5th House in Medical Astrology

 The ruler of the 5th House is the Sun and the ruling zodiac is Leo. This house, if not aggravated, is called the healing house. It brings good health and is known to cure a lot of heart diseases.

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Significance of the 6th House in Medical Astrology

Ruled by Mercury and governed by Virgo, the 6th house in a kundali is called the house of sickness and sufferings. If, for any reason, Mercury falls weak in this house, the person is known to fall sick very frequently.

Significance of the 7th House in Medical Astrology

 Known as the house of marriage, the ruling planet of the 7th house is Venus and the governing Rashi is Libra. Weakening of this house, thus, affects the married life of a couple in the form of the following disorders.

  • Impotency or reduced sperm count.
  • Inability to conceive.
  • Reduced sexual drive.
  • STDs like Gonorrhea and urethral disorders.

Significance of the 8th House in Medical Astrology

Mars being the leader and Scorpio being the ruling Zodiac, it is the 8th House that’s again associated with the sexual health of a person. If Mars gets anxious in this house, the person is also known to suffer from the following problems.

  • Depression and anxiety.
  • Long spans of sadness.
  • Feeling of worthlessness.

Significance of the 9th House in Medical Astrology

 The 9th House in a birth chart is ruled by Jupiter and the zodiac of this house is Sagittarius. If Jupiter gets weak in the 9th house, a person is known to suffer from a lot of problems like:

  • Blindness and cataract.
  • Serious mental degradation that can cause hysteria and paranoia.
  • Tumors and paralysis.

Significance of the 10th House in Medical Astrology

Ruled by Saturn (Shani) and governed by Capricorn, the 10th House, too, affects the vision. A person with weak 10th house can suffer from cataract and blindness. It is also associated with other problems like cuts and wounds of a serious nature, stomach pain, and even fractures.

Significance of the 11th House in Medical Astrology

The ruling planet of the 11th House is, again, Saturn and the native Rashi is Aquarius. This is the house that invites chronic diseases. If weak, the person suffers from a long-term illness.

Significance of the 12th House in Medical Astrology

The ruling planet is Jupiter and the Rashi is Pisces. If the 12th house is weak, it’s one of the worst situations. A person with weak Jupiter in the 12th house can suffer from a lot of stressful conditions like insomnia and physical disability. It’s the house of suffering in a way that if weak, it can cause death, lead to hospitalization and loss of property, and in some cases, even imprisonment.

To be precise, the health of a person and their fortune depends upon which house in the horoscope and kundali is weak. So, do get your birth chart read by an astrologer so that if any planet is aggravated, it can be calmed down before any serious problems fall on you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is medical astrology accurate?

According to Vedas, yes. Medical astrology is the study of how different Houses in a birth chart affect health. Every House has a ruling planet, and planets, as we know, have a major impact on health.

2. Which body part is Cancer ruled by?

Cancer zodiac sign is ruled by the chest, stomach, breasts, and ribs.

3. What is the significance of the 6th House in Medical astrology?

The 6th House in Medical astrology, ruled by Mercury, is the House of sickness and sufferings. If Mercury is weak in this House, the natives fall sick frequently.

4. Which planet causes death?

A weak Jupiter in the 12th House can lead to death. Also, enraged Mars in the 8th House (also known as the House of Death) leads to mental issues like depression, suicidal thoughts, and loneliness.