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Death Prediction: Answers Related to the Mystery About Death

Death Prediction: Answers Related to the Mystery About Death

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Chasing mysteries and finding fascinating answers has always been the one constant in human DNA. One such mystery is death. The fear of death makes people keener to get a death prediction to prolong life. Vedas usually touch this subject in order to reduce the fear of death. One such incident recorded in Mahabharata is Lord Krishna preaching to Arjuna that though the body is destructible, the soul continues to live. But curiosity and fear still follow humans.

Naturally, after the preachings in Vedas that people tend to forget, the next best place to find out more about death and life after death is astrology, the science behind the mysterious ways in which stars and planets affect life on Earth.

If you too find yourself wondering a lot about the questions like, when will I die or how will I die, then this guide about death prediction is something that you must read. It will take you through the planetary involvement that decides the time of death and the different doshas that define the cause of death.

Let’s begin with the first mystery, When will I die?

Predicting Death Astrology is one of the hardest things. Planets keep changing houses in a natal chart every second. A lagna that might be inauspicious and an indication of death befalling on you might just change entirely if the planets realign themselves. So, while nothing can be predicted with certainty about death, there are some other things that might increase or decrease the chances of sudden and violent death. Want to know about such a death prediction? Then just gaze on.

  1. If you’re not suffering from Kuja dosha but your partner is, you’ll most likely risk your life. Planet Mars in the wrong houses in the natal chart can bring violet death. So, one death prediction that can actually save you is to not marry a Manglik (someone who has Kuja dosha) before they turn 28.

  2. Another death prediction that can turn out to be true is based on the karma that follows you from all your past lives.

So, getting your natal chart read by an astrologist will give you some warning signs about your death – at least the kinds of prayers you can offer to make the death a peaceful one.

Next in the line about a Predicting Death Astrology is the role of different planets in conspiring about death. Not all planets are the bearers of death, but some are. Let’s address this question about death prediction too.


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Planets that Can be Used as an Instrument to Predicting Death Astrology

  1. Sun – While all the planets change houses from time to time, the sun is the one constant. So, it’s one of the sources that astrologers use for death prediction.

  2. Neptune – A comparatively forgiving graha that stays dormant for the most part of the life, if Neptune gets active, then it indicates that the person might unexpectedly die due to drowning.

  3. Uranus – Uranus is the one planet that’s behind unexpected, untimely, and sudden death.

  4. Mars – Planet Mars is the bearer of strength and power. When it turns against you in your kundali and sits in the wrong house, you have to face violence and extreme destruction. By and large, this is the godly planet that’s behind the most violent and grotesque kinds of deaths.

  5. Pluto – Running just along the similar lines of fury as Mars, Pluto is another planet that is the reason behind a violent death.

  6. Venus – One of the kindest of all planets, Venus (Shukra) brings along peace and lessens violence and pain. Its activation thus means that the person is going to die a painless death, probably while asleep.

  7. Jupiter – Fear this planet for it’s the fore bringers of slow painful death.

  8. Saturn – Also known as Shani, the planet Saturn is actually the planet of death.


Causes of Death According to the Zodiac Signs

  • Death Prediction for Taurus – It’s mostly diabetes and kidney-related issues that kill Taureans.
  • Death Prediction for Aries – Infections, if you’re a child or old, and kidney failure in general.
  • Death Prediction for Leo – Comorbidities in combination with diabetes.
  • Death Prediction for Cancer – Gastrointestinal diseases and events like falling from a height.
  • Death Prediction for Virgo – People with Virgo as their star sign are prone to death by falling, fire, and weapons like a gun.
  • Death Prediction for Gemini – Same as Cancer.
  • Death Prediction for Libra – Drugs, alcohol, and neck infection. Suicide or murder by rope is also one reason.
  • Death Prediction for Scorpio – Poison or drug overdose.
  • Death Prediction for Sagittarius – Most prone to death by drowning.
  • Death Prediction for Aquarius – Drugs and medicines.
  • Death Prediction for Pisces – Alcohol poisoning and death by STDs.
  • Death Prediction for Capricorn – Fever, stomach injection, and ulcers.

And with this, we come to an end to our guide about Predicting Death Astrology. However, remember, no planet, no star, and no astrologer can predict the exact time and cause of death. These are the references that astrologers use to reach as close to the mystery of death as possible.

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