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Mirror in Bedroom and Its Placement as per Vastu: Find Out the Truth!

Mirror in Bedroom and Its Placement as per Vastu: Find Out the Truth!

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A mirror is not just meant for dolling up or seeing yourself a hundred times a day. It’s also used to improve the overall aesthetics of the home. That’s not all! The mirror plays a vital role in Vastu Shastra as well. The wrong placement of a mirror in bedroom could welcome negative energies into the house. Nobody wants that! You may or may not believe in this, but we suggest homeowners to place the mirror correctly to avoid bad energies entering their home. 

Here’s an article that sheds light on some of the useful Vastu tips for mirror placement. We will also answer the most significant question: Where to put mirror in bedroom? 

Let’s get started! 

8 Vastu Tips for Proper Positioning of Mirror 

Mirror Vastu has the power to change the existing energies in your home. In case the position is wrong, negative energy can enter your home in no time. If positioned correctly, it will benefit you and the entire family. Thus, it’s important for you to follow the basic Vastu tips for proper positioning of the mirror. 

Mirror in Bedroom Vastu 

Your bedroom is a private space. This is where you are going to spend most of your time. Whether it is spending good moments with your beloved or narrating stories to kids, your bedroom needs to have positive energy. 

Ideally, you shouldn’t be placing a mirror in the bedroom. It is not recommended. You may ask how one could get ready for the day without a mirror in the room, but there is something you can do. 

If you have a dressing table, make sure it does not face the east or north side. In case you have a mirror in bedroom, it’s best to cover it with a bedsheet. 

The mirror should not be facing your bed. If you keep these pointers in mind, it will bring good luck and health to you and your family. 

Placing Twin Mirrors As Per Vastu 

If you have two mirrors in the room, please ensure that these do not face each other. Mirrors facing each other will cause harm to the family members, cause mental distress, and bring bad luck and negativity. 

You can keep both the mirrors in separate rooms. They don’t have to be placed together. 

The Perfect Height to Place the Mirror As Per Vastu

You may think that there are too many rules and tips to follow. However, this could also enhance the aesthetics of your home. It doesn’t hurt to place the mirrors strategically. If it brings good health and mental peace, you should consider following the tips. 

If you are placing mirrors in the home, make sure they are about 4-5 ft above the floor. Hang the fancy mirror, but never place it on a table or the ground. Moreover, you must never place your mirror near a study table. It brings bad vibes! Your kids might not be able to excel academically. 

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The Best Mirror Shape as Per Vastu

If you want to bring home a mirror, consider getting a rectangle or square-shaped mirror. These are considered auspicious. Circular or oval mirrors should be avoided as they don’t bring much positivity into your home. 

Here’s one Vastu thumb rule for keeping mirror in bedroom or anywhere else at home: Simpler the shape, the better it is! 

Ideal Mirror Size as Per Vastu

Here’s some good news: you can buy a mirror of any size. Vastu has not given any instructions or rules regarding the size of the mirror. But, please make sure they are rectangle or square-shape mirrors. The size doesn’t matter here but the shape does! 

Mirror Reflection As Per Vastu

Do you have a scenic view from the window? If the answer is a YES, you can place the mirror in such a way that the landscaping can be viewed in the reflection of your mirror. It will reflect the light and also create a positive environment. 

Do not commit the mistake of placing the mirror just in front of the bed. This will cause a lot of problems. 

Using the Mirror to Eradicate Negativity As Per Vastu

The mirror’s direction is very important in Vastu Shastra. So, make sure you position it in such a way that it does not attract bad energy. In case you feel there is bad energy in the house, try to change the position of the mirror and then notice the difference. 

Mirror Positioning Near the Dining Table As Per Vastu

You can beautify your dining space by placing a mirror. It is considered auspicious and will bring good health and heaps of wealth. 

Attracting Wealth & Positivity Using Mirrors 

Most builders would build a property that is Vastu-compliant. Did you know that you can double up your wealth using mirrors? You must keep the mirror in such a way that it reflects the locker inside your home. This is where you keep your belongings and wealth. 

However, please ensure that you keep the mirror clean. A dirty mirror is a big red flag according to Vastu. 

Summing Up: 

You have the power to attract negative or positive energy. How? You just need to place the mirror in the right direction and the apt rooms. 

By using the tips we have mentioned, you will be able to attract a lot of wealth. If you wish to reap the benefits, follow the Mirror Vastu tips and notice the difference in a couple of days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where should a mirror be placed in a bedroom?

The greatest place to install a mirror in your bedroom, according to our research, is away from your bed and not facing a window. This is a fundamental rule of Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of balancing energy in a space. Keeping your mirror and light away from your bed is thought to promote peace and sound sleep, which we all need.

2. On which wall mirror should be placed?

North-east – Ideal for round or rectangular-shaped mirrors
West – Ideal for square or round-shaped mirrors
South-east – No mirror should be placed here
South – Avoid placing any mirror here

3. Is having a mirror in your room bad luck?

In bedrooms, mirrors should be avoided since they can bring ill luck and nightmares. If you have a mirror in your bedroom, turn it away from the bed. During the night, you can cover it with a veil or curtain to prevent negative energy from multiplying.

4. Where should a large mirror be placed?

Generally, your mirror should be hung at eye level, about 60″-65″ from the floor. Place the mirror on the wall where you want it to go, centered on the wall or next to a piece of furniture (couch or console table).

5. How many mirrors can you have in a room?

However, don’t go insane by hanging mirrors on every wall in the hopes of quadrupling the size of your space; it won’t work! Having too many mirrors in one space makes people feel quite uneasy; as a general rule, limit your mirrors to two walls in a room.

6. Can we keep mirror in front of main door?

Mirrors should never be placed in front of the main door, which is the most essential portion of the house, because the positive energy that enters the house may be reflected back out. A mirror that faces south can be used to reflect the chest. It’s also a good idea to keep a mirror near the locker. 0