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The Most Depressed Zodiac sign to  Happiest Zodiac sign Ranked ! Find Out Which One are You

The Most Depressed Zodiac sign to Happiest Zodiac sign Ranked ! Find Out Which One are You

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Depression is a serious mental disorder. According to Vedic astrology, a zodiac sign has a lot to do with depression. Every zodiac sign has different traits and they deal with situations very differently. Based on the true nature of zodiac signs at heart, we have ranked the most depressed zodiac to the happiest zodiac sign in this guide. Want to know who is the most depressed zodiac sign and if you’re the happy one or the sad one? If yes, just dive in and explore the answers. 

8 Most Depressed to Most Happiest Zodiac Signs Ranked 


Cancer zodiac sign individuals are the most caring and most giving people of all other zodiac signs. It is their natural inclination for bravery and valor that often leaves them in trouble. Brave on the front and sensitive on the inside, the cancer zodiac sign gets hurt easily. 

They give their 100% and they expect the same from others. This expectation leaves them vulnerable and makes them the most depressed zodiac sign ever. 

Cancer zodiac sign is also the most suicidal zodiac sign. Did you know that the Oscar-winning American actor, Robin Williams who was a Cancer zodiac sign committed suicide by hanging? 


The most dramatic of all zodiac signs, Pisces, is also the most depressed zodiac sign. These people have a constant turmoil of emotions going on in their minds. And the urge to please others is the most dominant of all those emotions. It makes a Pisces person very sad when someone doesn’t like them or doesn’t give them attention. 

It is very hard for the Pisces-born people to get a hold of their emotions once they get hurt. Sadly, that’s also the reason that people stay away from Pisceans – they’re possessive and require a lot of attention. 

Since Pisces-born people are very hard to handle because they’re over-emotional, they do end up feeling lonely many times. Pisces is certainly the most unstable zodiac sign ever.


The Scorpio zodiac sign is very focussed, driven, confident, and brave. However, these people are very loyal and truthful. They do not backstab the people they love. That’s exactly what they expect in return. This sensitive side of Scorpio-born people makes them one of the most depressed zodiac signs ever. 

Another trait that can lead them to their doom is that they do not express when they feel hurt. They’ll keep it inside and suffer in silence while putting a brave face for the world. 


The Capricorn zodiac sign gets hurt easily. The worst part being, they won’t express that they’re sad. The sadness gets so deep in their hearts that they shut out the world in an attempt to guard their feelings. 

Despite having many people surrounding them, Capricorn-borns feel lonely at heart. It makes them the most depressed zodiac sign. 


Libra zodiac sign knows no bounds. Most importantly, these people know how to let go of people and move on in life. They don’t grab on to their past and they can adapt very very easily. Yes, they’re very balanced, emotional, and generous, but they know when to stop in order to protect their own interest. 

Needless to say, balance is the virtue in Libra that makes this zodiac sign the happiest zodiac sign ever. 

No matter if someone tries to ignore them or pull them down, they have such an enigma and positive attitude that they’re never left lonely in life. 


Gemini zodiac sign individuals believe in living life to its fullest. No boundaries can hold them back from being optimistic. They’re social butterflies and party animals. There’s not a single hint of depression inside their soul. 

It’s not that Geminis don’t care about others, it’s just that they care the most about their feelings. They’re so full of hope and positivity, that they can instantly lift the mood of everybody around them.


Nobody can make Leo zodiac sign people feel lesser. They know their worth and are fully aware of their enigma and power. Leo zodiac sign is born to lead, not to follow. And that’s exactly what these people do. They are the most confident people in the world. 

Here’s the thing about the Leo zodiac sign – it’s impossible to fool these people; hence, impossible to hurt them. 

Bear in mind, these people won’t think twice before kicking you out of their life if you try to damage them intentionally. 


Sagittarius is one of the happiest zodiac signs. These people value the feelings of others, but not at the cost of their own emotions. Whether it’s love or friendship, even family, they give what they get in return. If you’re loyal to them, they’ll be loyal to you in return. But if you’re dishonest and you break their trust, they’ll be quick to move away from you. 

Bright as the day and positive as the summer sky, Sagittarius-born people are always cheerful and they don’t mind moving on in life for their own good.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most depressed zodiac sign?

The emotional vulnerability and self-sacrificing nature of Cancer make cancer the most depressed zodiac sign ever. Pisces and Scorpio zodiac signs follow the path of Cancer very closely.

2. Which zodiac sign is the most unstable?

Pisces is the most unstable zodiac sign ever. They get caught up in their emotions so deeply that they lose the power of reasoning. This makes them one of the saddest zodiac signs too.

3. What is the happiest zodiac sign?

Libra is the happiest zodiac sign. These people have so much balance and control over their emotions that they can come out of hurtful situations easily. They aren’t afraid to let go of people who are toxic no matter how much it hurts.

4. Which is the saddest zodiac sign?

Pisces is the saddest zodiac sign since these people can’t control their emotions. They’re too much of everything and that’s why people tend to stay away from Pisces.

5. Which is the most suicidal zodiac sign?

Cancer is the most suicidal zodiac sign ever. Scorpio and Capricorn are the next in line. The inability to let go of people and toxic relationships drive these zodiac signs towards suicide.